Here Recognize Halfdan, Baron of Selviergard!

Many years for Halfdan, Servant of the Crown!



Upcoming Event: Fall Fling

Fall Fling
October 10, 2015
Barony of Selveirgard

Come join the Barony of Selviergard for the Fall Fling, an event focusing on archery and thrown weapons. The Fling will feature multiple archery events for all ages, as well as several classes, including a meat shoot, a William Tell shoot, a thrown weapons class, coloring activities, Robin Hood felt hat making, bobbing for apples, and arrow making and more. His Excellency, Baronos Hafdan will hold a competition for the Baronial Archery Champion.

There will be a contest for best fall themed table centerpiece and a best fall-themed pies contest following a potluck style feast.

Site Information:  Fronteras Spanish Immersion Charter School (on Bogard Rd., in Wasilla).  Site opens at 9AM and closes at 8PM.

Event Fee:  $10 Adults (12+), $5 Kids (5-12), babies/littles FREE.  $5 non-member surcharge applies. 

Autocrat:  Fergus mac Thomais (George Thompson)




Recent Event:  Winter's Finding Feast

The Barony of Selviergard is rich in history, pageantry, acts of Chivalry, and having fun.  Check out the Selviergard History Project to see what we do!  Photos are updated on a regular basis for a variety of past years.

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