Here Recognize Halfdan, Baron of Selviergard!

Many years for Halfdan, Servant of the Crown!



Upcoming Events: Warlords

Warlords Tournament
August 1-2, 2015
Barony of Selveirgard

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Recent Event:  Pas d'Armes: The Chalice of Peace

Greetings Unto the Populace,

Thank you to everybody who came out to enjoy the day with us; your skill, chivalric, and courtly graces inspire all of us. If you participated in the fighting, be it Heavy or Rapier, you were amazing to watch and I had many very memorable moments witnessing your prowess. If you were part of the gallery; your grace and courtly style was an inspiration not only to myself but to many others.

Thank you to Their Highnesses for attending the event; your Grace and Chivalry were truly inspiring. Thank you to my sister Baroness, Elspeth for enjoying the day's activities with us; your Charm and Generosity brings glory to you and your people. I would also like to thank the Autocrat for the event; Viscountess Isabella Hawke. She was able to provide us all with a exciting and memorable event that will be fondly remembered by many. Huzzah and thank you for your work.

Thank you to all who helped with the event; be it behind the scenes or in full view. Events do not "just happen" and it takes work and dedication from many people to ensure a successful event such as this one.

In Service,

Halfdan, Baron of Selviergard

The Barony of Selviergard is rich in history, pageantry, acts of Chivalry, and having fun.  Check out the Selviergard History Project to see what we do!  Photos are updated on a regular basis for a variety of past years.

You can visit the Project Page here.