January 2017 Edition


From the Baron...


Unto the Populace of Selviergard,

The Yule season winds down to a close, and recollections of the past month are still fresh in our minds. So many activities in December led to fun and adventure and many of the memories that we made together are near and dear to our hearts. May the holiday season continue to bring you joy and happiness no matter where or how you may celebrate it.

Congratulations are in order for the new Sister Baronesses of the Barony of Eskalya. I look forward to continuing to work with our Cousins to make our Principality amazing and the jewel of the Kingdom of the West. Congratulations also go to both Gavin Woodward from the lands of Eskalya and Fergus mac Thomais from the lands of Selviergard, newest members of the Order of the Pelican and Duncan Ap Llewellyn from Winter’s Gate the newest member of the Order of Chivalry. Congratulations to all of those who were honored by the King and Queen of the West these past several weeks. You all have made this Baron a very proud one. Your works and efforts not only in this Barony but the Principality and Kingdom as a whole are well known and help add to the word-fame of your local groups and Oertha.

Oertha’s Winter Coronet and Investiture is later in the month of January and right in our own Barony of Selviergard. I look forward to seeing you all there as we celebrate the reign of Kenric and Dagmar and welcome Their Heirs to the Thrones of the mighty Principality. If you are able to help in any way to ensure that this event is a spectacular one please reach out to the Autocrat of Coronet and offer your services. This is how great events are made—when we all come together for a common goal.

In Service,


Servant of the Crown, Baronos of Selviergard

Event:  Oerthan Winter Coronet and Investiture

O Januarie, what myghte thee devinaille
To them who to Oertha on shippes saille?
What delices and mirth dust you see
At Oerthes corounet feste and reveli?

Corious pilgrym, herk to my propheci,
Of excellent fode and good compaignie.
At Corounet all this and moore I quidde,
No mervilnes fro thee do I bihidde.

Than longen folk to goon on pilgrimages,
And comen acrois from her fremed strondes,
To halles couthe in sondry sowþrene londes;
And specially, the baronries and shires sende
To Oertha, for Winter Corounet they wende,
Ryghtwis and worthi heires for to seke,
Doughti of dedes, wlonke, and full reke.

Event Registration:  $20.00. Non- Member Adult Registration $25.00, Child Registration $8.00 for children aged 6-16, Children under 6 free.

Feast Registration:  $15.00, Child Feast Registration $10.00.

Site Information: St Therese’s Camp ( 7180 E Twin Lakes Dr, Wasilla, AK ).

Cabin Rental Information: All Beds are $10.00 per night. Cabins may be rented by groups. Please fill out the information provided on the event website to reserve your cabin.

Event Steward:  Faunus de Arden





Selviergard Celebrates Yule with Traditions and Mirth

The winter winds blew hard outside, and snow, already deep in some places, threatened to engulf festive attendees to the Barony of Selviergard’s Yule celebration. However, indoors in the large and spacious hall, the warmth of not only family but friends as well, brought out the reason for the event—gathering together with laughter and cheer.

This year’s Yule was autocratted by Baroness Aislynn Denard of Dragon’s Lair who brought a bit of fun and mischief alongside some very honored Selviergardian traditions to the event.

Opening court took place before the official start of the event. In his court, Baron Halfdan welcomed all to the day’s activities, welcoming not only Baroness Elspeth of Eskalya, but Kenric and Dagmar, the Prince and Princess of Oertha as well. From there, the Autocrat was invited to give announcements regarding her event, in which she too welcomed all..

Baroness Elspeth of Eskalya and Baron Halfdan of Selviergard are ready to get court started at the Barony of Selviergard’s Yule celebration. December 3, 2016. Photograph by Yamano Yuki.

A lot of the day was spent visiting with others and eating snacks and delights brought by others. Children, and some adults as well, took this opportunity to paint Christmas ornaments provided by the Autocrat team. The designs painted ranged from the traditional to the more unique and afterwards many of the ornaments were hung on the tree as part of the traditions of the Barony.

The Rapier Tournament was held indoors in the lower part of the hall. The space was cleared so that the three fighters who were in attendance could take part in the tournament. The fighters were Duke Skeggi Nyewcombe, Lady Kharakhan Saran, and Tiarna Bránn mac Finnchad. As always, the combatants fought with ferocity and skill; proving their prowess for all to see. In the end it was Duke Skeggi Nyewcombe who took the day for his skill on the rapier battlefield.

Tiana Brann mac Finnchad and Donna Étaín O’Rowarke fight on the rapier field at the Barony of Eskalya’s Hop-tu-Naa event. October 22, 2016. Photograph by Halfdan Ozurrson.

The Barony of Eskalya’s Hop-tu-Naa had two marshal tournaments held at the event. There were three Rapier fighters who took up blades to duel. Donna Étaín O’Rowarke, Lady Angela of Eskalya, and Tiarna Brann mac Finnchad. The fights were close and at the end of the Round Robin tournament and it was determined that there was a three-way tie. The final bout, which was a grand melee, ended up determining the winner of the tournament; Lady Angela of Eskalya. There were only two heavy fighters to take part in the tournament; Lord Sevastian Agafangelovich Golystin and Lord Hraði Kǫttr. Both fighters fought well in a grueling tournament. In the end, it was determined that Lord Sevastian had won the tournament.

Duke Skeggi Nyecombe and Tiarna Bránn mac Finnchad face off against each other in the Rapier Tournament held at the Barony of Selviergard’s Yule celebration. December 3, 2016. Photograph by Rainna Fathirsdottir.

Tiarna Bránn mac Finnchad held a class in between activities in which he taught the technique for period button holes. The class was well attended by those who wished to learn more period techniques for such an important and useful part for many clothes. Armed with thread, needle, and fabric, the class attendees learned valuable skills taught by a notable teacher.

A time-honored tradition, celebrated for many years in the Barony of Selviergard, also took place—The annual Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament to determine the next Lord and Lady of Misrule. Baron Halfdan noted the history of the activity to those assembled to take part in the tournament: many years ago, there was a Yule that didn’t have any fighters to partake in the tournament so the Autocrat of the event decided to have a different type of competition instead; one that everybody could participate in. The activity quickly became a tradition in the lands known as Selviergard. Baron Halfdan noted “You help continue one of the more unique and exciting traditions of this group by participating.” Indeed, with a large list of contestants each vying for the title of Lord or Lady of Misrule alongside their consorts; the activity was fun to watch as participants limbered up and took to the field for honor and glory. In the end it was Rosalinda Lopez fighting for Fergus mac Thomais who would be crowned as the Lady and Lord of Misrule!


Viscountess’ Arabella Eleanor Hamilton and Isabella Hawke take part in the Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament at the Barony of Selviergard’s Yule celebration. December 3, 2016. Photograph by Halfdan Ozurrson.

Feast was a selection of foods brought by the populace as part of a potluck. Meats were provided by the Barony of Selviergard and prepared by the talented Mistress Clare Elana de Montfort. There was a lot of food for everybody as well as many desserts to delight any fancy.

To close out the day’s event the Baron of Selviergard, alongside the Prince and Princess of Oertha, held a closing court. The children were called forward to receive holiday treats from Baron Halfdan as well as the Prince and Princess of Oertha. Baroness Aislynn Denard of Dragon’s Lair was also gifted with a bronze ring from the Baron’s own hand as is his tradition to give to those who autocrat events. From there the announcement for the “Whack and Snack” was noted by Mistress Margarita di Calvi and the officers of the Barony of Selviergard were gifted with chocolates and bear bells in which Baron Halfdan noted that “it would be a shame to have one of your eaten by a bear; so here is a bear bell to help keep you safe.”

In addition, in his closing remarks, Baron Halfdan thanked all those in attendance to a Selviergard Yule—a worthy event to be listed in a long line of spectacular and fun Yules from the past; especially one of what is commonly referred to as The First Yule in which the Canton on Inbhir na Dá Abhann and the Shire of Selviergard came together to celebrate the season as one group.

With court ended, and the cold winds having stopped, it was time to clean up the hall and prepare to go home. The work was quick as many hands made the task a lot easier to do. Joyous faces filled the hall, and it was evident that all the people that attended this Yule had a lot of fun.

The Selviergard Associated Press




Yule Celebrations Include a Royal Visit, a Peerage, and New Baronesses

The second Yule on the Oerthan calendar was celebrated in the Barony of Eskalya this year. The Yule, hosted by Viscountess Isabella Hawke, was full of a variety of different things to participate in to celebrate the season. In addition to the elevation of new Baronesses for the Barony, the Yule celebrated the season with a visit from Alfarr and Eilis, the King and Queen of the Kingdom of the West, who enjoyed the day with members from around the Principality of Oertha.

The day opened with a Baroness’ Tea; held to celebrate the reign of Elspeth as Baroness of Eskalya. The Tea had many delights and delicacies offered to the participants as they enjoyed each other’s company while waiting for the opening court of the day.

With the arrival of the King and Queen of the West, as well as the Prince and Princess of Oertha, the opening court began to take shape as heralds were consulted and the populace was gathered to start the day.

King Alfarr and Queen Eilis watch the proceedings of the opening court at the Barony of Eskalya’s Yule. Photograph by Rainna Fathirsdottir. December10, 2016.

In the opening court, Baroness Elspeth took the time to thank everybody for attending the event. The autocrat was called forward with her announcements, and the royalty addressed recent law changes for the Principality. From there, the populace was released to partake in the activities.

The Barony of Eskalya hosted two tournaments for the day. Entrants to the list field for both Heavy and Rapier fighters were tasked to bring an item that could be used in the Society for Creative Anachronism in which were offered up as prizes—many, if not all, were handmade. The winner of each tournament would have first choice of items and so on down the list so that all combatants received something. The tournaments were well attended, and with each fighter taking the opportunity to show off their grace and style, it was a marvel to behold.

The autocrat of the day’s event contacted two of the historians from the Barony of Selviergard to see if they would be able to take some posed photographs of the celebrants of Yule. Armed with lights, cameras, and a beautiful backdrop, Baron Halfdan of Selviergard and Yamano Yuki-san took time for group photos. At first, the poses were quite tame, but with the addition of His Majesty, Alfarr, the photos soon became a wonderfully fun part of the day with people laughing and having a good time.

King Alfarr and Prince Kennric lift up Viscount Fergus mac Tomais during the Photo Shoot activity at the Barony of Eskalya’s Yule. Photograph by Halfdan Ozurrson. December 10, 2016.

Throughout the day, people took the opportunity to visit with friends that they do not normally see except a few times a year. The sound of laughter in the hall was a delight to listen to as stories were passed around, food was shared, and the bonds of family and friendship were renewed once again.

In the final court of Baroness Elspeth of Eskalya her Excellency took the opportunity to award several members of the populace with Eskalyan awards for merit and service. From there, with kind words from the King and Queen of the West, Baroness Elspeth stepped down as Baroness of Eskalya. After her release from the baronage, Elspeth walked under an arch of swords provided by members of the Barony as a sign of esteem for her faithful service rendered to the Barony.

From there, Clare Elana de Montfort and Cynnehilde Cynesigesdottir were called forward to accept the baronial circlets at the Sister Baronesses of Eskalya. Witnessed by the members of the Barony and all those in attendance at court, King Alfarr and Queen Eilis transferred the station and duties, and passed the circlets according to the wishes of the populace of the Barony of Eskalya.

Many awards and recognitions were given by Their Majesties after the baronial court. Elspeth Bouchanan was awarded a Grant of Arms for her faithful service to the Barony of Eskalya and the Kingdom of the West. Cynehild Cynesigesdohtor was awarded the Western Lily; an award bestowed for teaching the arts, sciences, and other activities that strengthen the Kingdom as a whole. Leaves of Merit were given to Bartram Sinclair, Ciara der Alcan, and Kolskeggr Ungi for their various good works and constant service. Yamano Yuki and Rin McCray were honored as well with the Rose Leaf for their artistic works. Additionally, Leonia the Mouse was recognized for her target archery skill and awarded the Queen’s Arrow. Other notable honors bestowed by their Majesties included the inclusion of Clare Elana de Montfort , Ana di Caterina Neri, Angela of Eskalya, and Cynehild Cynesigesdohtor as Queen’s Treasures, Joanna of Oertha as a Royal Page of the West, and Ally of Selviergard was honored with an Award of Arms.

One of the many reasons for the visit to Mighty Oertha by Their Majesties was to elevate Gavin Woodward to the Order of the Pelican. In a beautiful ceremony, Mistress Elspeth released her protégé from his oaths to her and prepared to welcome him as a Peer. As Gavin’s Spokesperson, Mistress Elspeth cited the many good works of Gavin Woodward in the Principality of Oertha. From there, the King and Queen of the West bestowed great honor to Gavin and elevated him to the Order of the Pelican. Master Gavin Woodward was draped with the Oerthan Pelican cape and given Gronk, the Oerthan Pelican, to hold until another Pelican was elevated in these lands.

Gavin Woodward is inducted into the Order of the Pelican at Eskalya’s Yule. Photograph by Rainna Fathirsdottir. December 10, 2016

After court, feast was celebrated by all in attendance. With the scrumptious delights created by the Feastocrat and her talented team and brought out by faithful servers, the wonders of the kitchen were enjoyed with enthusiasm. Toasts and poems and songs were presented to the populace as they dined on the delicacies from the kitchen.

After feast the hall was cleaned up for the end of the first day of activities.

The second day of the event, while smaller, was quite enjoyable to attend. The historians from the Barony of Selviergard again set up the photo booth for those who did not get an opportunity to have their photos taken while King Alfarr conducted a Fighter Class outside in ‘warm’ Oethan weather. Inside the hall, finger foods and other snacks were laid out while those in attendance waited for the Peerage meetings to start.

The Yule season is always a wonderful time of the year when we take the opportunity to spend time with friends from around the Principality of Oertha. Gifts are usually given, kind words exchanged, and bonds renewed. The Barony of Eskalya’s Yule was no different this year.

The Selviergard Associated Press




Whack and Snack a Success; Includes Fighting, Food, and an Elevation

As their Majesties Alfarr and Eilis made their way north through the Barony of Selviergard towards the Barony of Winter’s Gate for the Yule celebration there was an activity to entertain the King and Queen of the West and the assembled populace. The activity came with food, fighting, and even a Kingdom court all of which, when combined together, helped make the activity quite a success for those who could attend the mid-week gathering.

With the King of the West visiting it was a great opportunity for fighters to come together and learn new skills and techniques that would benefit them both on and off the battlefield. Many fighters from both the Barony of Selviergard and the Barony of Eskalya joined together for a memorable fighter practice and training.

Lady Mor and Master Sextus Valerius Crusillus trade blows in the fighter practice and the Barony of Selviergard’s Whack and Snack activity. Photograph by Halfdan Ozurrson. December 13, 2016.

For those who did not fight, and for the fighters afterwards, there was ample food to satisfy even the greatest of hungers. Bratwurst and latkes were brought out and, coupled with other foods brought by those in attendance, the amount of food was a delight to behold. Served as a potluck, there was hardly any food left at the end of the activity ensuring that Selviergard once again followed tradition in making sure that nobody left hungry.

Their Majesties desired to hold a court towards the end of the evening in which several members of the populace were honored. Delphine de Grenada was awarded the Queen’s Arrow for her skill with target archery, while her sister, Rosalinda Lopez, was made a Royal Page of the West. The Autocrat of the activity, Mistress Margarita di Calvi, was also gifted with items of esteem from the hands of the King and Queen of the West.

Fergus mac Thomais was called forward by their Majesties and offered admission into the Order of the Pelican, in which Fergus stated that he would like to go ahead with the ceremony right then and there. Baron Halfdan of Selviergard stepped up as the Spokesman for the ceremony expounding on Fergus mac Thomais’ worth and abilities within the Kingdom in front of all gathered. Amid the assembled Pelicans of Oertha, King Alfarr and Queen Eilis acknowledge Fergus mac Thomais worthy of great honor and admitted him to the Right and Noble Order of the Pelican. The medallion of the Order was provided by his Mistress Margarita di Calvi from her own person, and with the cheers of the populace Master Fergus mac Thomais greeted his fellow peers.

Fergus mac Thomais becomes a member of the Order of the Pelican. Photograph by Bránn mac Finnchad. December 13, 2016.

With the cheers still ringing in the hall, the event was officially over as people helped make quick work of cleaning up the site.  Items were quickly loaded into waiting vehicles, the floors cleared, and the kitchen were cleaned in record time.




Oerthan Arts and Sciences Championship Schedule

Winter Coronet ( 1/21/2017 )
a story of a hero, saint, or God (Performing Arts)

March Madness ( 3/?/2017)
Open topic (Research Paper)

Spring Captaincy ( 5/?/2017)
Bone, Antler, or wooden combs (Technological)




Happy New Year


Baronial Business

Selviergard Yule Thanks

Thank you to everybody who was able to attend Selviergard's Yule celebration. It was a wonderful event and I had so much fun spending my time with friends and family. Special thank you goes to the Autocrat of the event, Baroness Aislynn Denard of Dragon's Lair for her efforts and skill to put on a memorable event, and to the visiting royalty, Kenric and Dagmar our Prince and Princess of Oertha and Baroness Elspeth of Eskalya for attending our event. Each and every one of you who attended made this event a wonderful experience.

Halfdan, Baron of Selviergard


Selviergard Whack and Snack Thanks

I would like to thank everybody who made it out to Selviergard's Whack and Snack on Tuesday evening. It was a wonderful time to spend fighting with the King of the West and decorating cookies with the Queen of the West, and to spend some time with you all.

Thank you to Mistress Margarita di Calvi for putting this all together for us. Congratulations to Delphine de Grenada who was awarded the Queen's Arrow and to Rosalinda Lopez who is the newest Royal Page. Congratulations also to Master Fergus mac Thomais the newest member of the Order of the Pelican.

Halfdan, Baron of Selveirgard