From the Baron...


Unto the populace of Selviergard,

The Barony of Selviergard welcomes Shawn and Arabella, our 61st Prince and Princess of Oertha! Huzzah to our new Prince and Princess! Long may they reign!

This Winter Coronet, held in the lands of Winter's Gate, was complete with pageantry, honor, chivalry, and splendor as we celebrated thirty years as a Principality. To those that fought on the lists in the Coronet Tournament, the Roses Tournament, or with the Royal Guild of Fence on Sunday: your skill, bravery, and nobility bring honor to these lands and her people. To those who lent a hand at Oertha's Winter Coronet in any capacity: your service and compassion are what makes this group strong and vibrant.

This will be a very busy year for us with many events within the Principality of Oertha and here in the lands of Selviergard. pas d'armes, tournaments, demonstrations, feasts and more await us! I encourage everybody to attend these upcoming events so that we can enjoy The Dream together as family and friends.

In the coming month Selviergard and Eskalya will be hosting a Collegium with many classes to attend. This is a great opportunity to learn new things and to teach each other skills that you have learned along our shared journey together. I look forward to seeing everybody there and to learning something new.

In Service,

Barônos of Selviergard

From the Prince and Princess...


Greetings from Their Highnesses…

We are humbled by the warmth and welcoming arms in Oertha and are proud to be Your 61st Prince and Princess.

Since we have only been in these lands a short time and so few people know us, we thought it proper to do a small introduction. I am Sir Shawn Robert of Kilkenny and have been active in the SCA for 20 years. I am a Knight made of the Kingdom of Atenveldt and born of House Inverted Norse-Irish. My lady love is Her Ladyship Arabella Eleanor Hamilton of Rosewood and has been active in the SCA for over 18 years. She is Protégé to Vis Count Sir Gerald the Inverter of Kilkenny. She was Apprentice to Bannthegn Mistress Penelope Dowell of Avonsford, whose light now burns as bright as the sun from the heavens above. She has been taken under the wing of her former Apprentice Sister, now Mistress Ealasaid nic Suibhne. She was captured during a raid by my people in Scotland, I fell in love with her, and took her for my bride. We were heads of House Inverted for many years which is a large household once known only for heavy combat which has branched into youth fighting, archery, rapier, arts and sciences, and service.

We hope to make as many events as possible and look forward to getting to know everyone and posting our progress. We have started with a very modest Court, as we are looking forward to getting to know the warm people of Oertha. Viscountess Lilla aet Sceaphylle is our Head of Court. Viscountess Dagmar the Red is the head of Her Highness’s Guard.

We do not have any allergies or dislikes, love the colors blue and white, and enjoy having fun. My princess does have a small appetite so please do not be offended if she only takes a few bites.
We can be reached via,, Facebook, or calls or texts.

We look forward to a wonderful and fun Reign.

In Service to Oertha and the dream,

Shawn and Arabella
Prince and Princess of Oertha

Event:  Ball at Caernarfon

Barony of Eskalya
February 7, 2015

Let it be known throughout the Principality that Edward, King of England, has promised us a Welsh Prince, born in Wales and who speaks no English! We have received word that this prince will be invested with his new estate at Lincoln on the Saturday just following the feast of St. Dorothy. We therefore invite all to a ball at Caernarfon to celebrate this wondrous happening. Dancing will be led by the illustrious Mistress Anna Neri.

Food: Please bring a light snack to contribute to the board.  Beverages will be provided by the Hall.

Site Information: Anchor Lutheran, 8100 Arctic Boulevard, Anchorage, AK 99518.  Site opens at 2 pm and site closes at 8 pm.

Directions: If travelling from the north side of Anchorage, take Arctic Blvd towards Dimond Blvd, just before you reach Dimond, turn right on to 81st Ave and then immediately left into the parking lot. If travelling from the south side of Anchorage, turn north onto Arctic Blvd from Dimond Blvd, and turn left on 81st Ave and immediately left again into the parking lot.

Site fee: $7 ($12 for non-members), Youth 12 and younger $5, Family cap of $24.

Event Steward: Cynehild Cynesigesdohtor (Clare Knudsen-Latta).


Event:   Bi-Baronial Collegium

Barony of Selviergard
March 21, 2015

Spring has sprung and knowledge is in the air! Join your fellow scholars in the Baronies of Selviergard and Eskalya for a day full of classes at the 2nd Annual Bi-Baronial Collegium! Learn a new art, how to host an event, or just enhance a skill you already have. There will be something for everyone!!!

Site Information: Boys and Girls Club Wasilla 3700 Bogard Rd. Wasilla, AK 99654.  Site opens at 10am and closes at 8pm.

Site fee: $10 for adults ($5 non-member surcharge applies), $5 for children 10-18, under 10 free.

Event Steward: Nemonna Vicana (Bobbie Sampson)

Class Coordinator:  Anna di Caterina Neri (Georgia Pfile)



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