July 2015 Edition


From the Baron...


Unto the Populace of Selviergard,

The Barony of Selviergard welcomes Miles and Ariela, our Royal Prince and Princess of the West! Long live the Royal Prince and Princess of the West! Long live the King and Queen of the West!

Thank you to everybody who was able to attend and help out with the Three Baron's Renaissance Faire demonstration hosted by the Barony of Eskalya. Your efforts help the future in all groups across the land. With the fighters drawing in a crowd and many volunteers sharing information about what we do in The Society; I feel that we made great strides to show the best of Oertha and, hopefully, encouraged more people to explore the Society for Creative Anachronism.

The next several events fall quickly upon us: The Barony of Selviergard's 4th of July Parade, Oertha's Summer Coronet, and Selviergard's Warlord Tournament. Come out and enjoy the Fourth of July with Selviergard as we partake in a parade, or join us as together we witness the selection of the Heirs to the thrones of Oertha, or partake in the tournament to determine the next Warlord of Selviergard…there is so much to do and see and experience; why choose only one?

As always, if you have award recommendations please let me know…it is hard to be everywhere at once and I know without a shadow of a doubt that there are many worthy gentles deserving of recognition in our great land that we call Selviergard.

In Service,


Barônos of Selviergard


From the Prince and Princess...


Unto the populace of Oertha,

We have traveled far and wide and have met a great number of wonderful people from many different places, at the time of Our writings We are joining our kingdoms in battle at West/An Tir War. We are proud to have represented Oertha in distant lands. Her Highness was blessed to see the birth of a Kingdom in Avacal. We have enjoyed getting to know the wonderful people of Oertha

In Service to Oertha, Kingdom of the West, and the Dream

Shawn and Arabella

Prince and Princess of Oertha



Event: Summer Coronet Information

With the successful conclusion of a most excellent Winter Coronet (seriously, what a blast!!), our minds now turn to thoughts of summer! We therefore invite you to join us at Oerthan Summer Coronet and Investiture, to be held at the France Equestrian Center within the Palmer Fairgrounds on July 17-19, 2015. Come witness the selection of the heirs of Their Lupine Highnesses, Shawn and Arabella, Prince and Princess of Oertha.

***So that all are aware, no animals besides service animals will be permitted on site. This is a prohibition of the site's owners and we will therefore be strictly enforced.***

So that we may adequately plan space around the list field for Oertha’s various baronies, shires, and colleges, please contact Kginalaska(at)gmail(dot)com with your group name and amount of frontage space needed. These spaces will be clearly marked with the group name. All other list field space will be on a first-come basis for period-looking encampments. There is a lot of space around the area we have designated so there should be room for everyone that would like to be located on the field.

Please be aware that the location of the event has changed slightly, rather than being in the horse arena, we will be across the way in a large grassy field, in front of the stadium stands. This will afford us more space and better parking. We will still have access to the flush toilets and the small log cabin for classes and meetings. Porta-johns will also be available

Please be aware that space around the list field will be reserved for period-looking encampments. Space nearby will be available for modern tents and RVs.

The Stewards' Whim is a period camping accessory (table, chair, bench, lantern, etc.). We look forward to seeing what is created!

We look forward to seeing you all this summer!  More information may be found on the event's Facebook page.

Site Information:  Alaska State Fairgrounds, 2075 Glenn Highway, Palmer, AK 99645.  Site opens at 12pm (noon) and closes at 8pm.

Event Fee:  Adults: $15, Children: (ages 10-17) $10, Under 10: Free.  Family Cap: $50.  $5 non-member surcharge applies. 

Food:  The Incipient Shire of Ravensfjord will be hosting a fundraiser breakfast on Saturday morning.

The Barony of Selviergard invites all to join in camaraderie and feasting on Saturday evening of Oertha Summer Coronet as they host a community meal. Three meat dishes will be served: Moroccon Leg of Lamb, Prime Rib, and a chicken dish. Those individuals and groups planning to join the community dinner are asked to contribute a side dish that will serve the number in your family. Please list the ingredients on a card that can be placed with the dish. Dinner is tentatively scheduled for 6:00pm.

The Barony of Eskalya will be hosting a fundraiser breakfast on Sunday morning.

Autocrat:  Clare Prima et Clare Secunda



Event: Warlord's Tournament

Along with finding a new Warlord, and Rapier Champion Saturday, there will ALSO be Prize tournaments Sunday for both Heavy and Rapier.
We will have Selviergard's famous Rock as a team competition and a team Prize Quest to see how much you know about Selviergard's history.

A&S competition: create a period useful item made of wood for a prize.

What could be better, Food, Fighting. Bardic and Prizes (maybe dancing).

Site Information:  Lake Lucille Campground, 1401 S. Endeavor Street, Wasilla AK 99654.  Site opens at 5pm on Friday and closes at 5pm on Sunday.

Location/Directions: Take Glenn Hwy North from Anchorage and connect with Parks Hwy. Or From Fairbanks take the Parks Hwy South to Wasilla. Drive into the center of the Town of Wasilla to Knik Goose Bay Road and turn Left from the south or right from the north.. Go approx. 2.1 miles, entrance to park is on the right. Follow the signs toward the back of the park beyond the ball field and the gravel pit

Event Fee:  Adults: $12, Children: (ages 5-15) $6, Under 5: Free.  $5 non-member surcharge applies. 

Autocrat:  Rolynnda of the Azurestone (Rolinnda Standridge)


From the Deputy Autocrat...

Come camp with us! We are going to have GREAT fun. Rolynnda has put together an awesome schedule. I’m planning on keeping us on schedule… but more importantly, I have managed to get us pictures of some of the PRIZES!

Remember the Pouch from Coronet that Yuki did the stairs like a bajillion times collecting Kudos?
It could go home with YOU!


This is Sir George, he has been upgraded with a chainmaille coif (not pictured), and is also being offered up as a prize.
Come play, he might go home with YOU!



Event: Baroness' Champion

The time has come once again for Her Excellency Elspeth to choose her Heavy, Rapier, and Archery Champions!

She has decided to truly test the skills and stamina of the fighters. Therefore; there will be a 30 minute Bear Pit for both the Heavy and Rapier fighters; broken into three 10 minute rounds (5 Minute breaks between each round) of the following styles: Round 1 will be Fighters Choice; Round 2 will be Mass Weapons, Round 3 will be Dagger and Buckler For our Rapier Challengers the rounds will be: Round 1 Fighters Choice; Round 2 Two Swords; Round 3 Dagger and any Defensive Item of your choice.

She also feels the Archers should be challenged! Therefore; a Wreath Shoot will be had for the Archers. Archers will be given time to practice during the day, but when the tourney starts each Archer is given 2 Arrows. The Archer who's arrow lands the truest wins the tournament!

A&S Competition: Make an item to be donated to the Eskalyian largess. Her Excellency's favorite entry will gain a prize!

Youth Combat, and Youth Archery will take place as well as other fun and exciting things!

Join us as we celebrate Baroness Elspeth and the Barony of Eskalya with fun and fighting!


I urge you ALL (fighters and consorts; even those not interested in the fighting aspect of what we as a Society do...) to start practicing your deaths. This will come in VERY handy for a Secret Happening that will take place during this event!

Site Information:  Ruth Arcane Park, 3766 Abbott Rd, Anchorage, AK 99507.  Site opens at 11am and closes at 7pm.

Directions: Make your best way to Anchorage. Take AK-1 S/Glenn Hwy and Muldoon Rd; Make your way to Doctor M.L.K. Jr Ave; turn left. Drive until you come to Elmore Rd; turn left. Drive until Abbott Rd. Turn Right on Abbott. Ruth Arcan will be on the left.

Event Fee:  Adults: $8, Children: (ages 12-18) $5, Under 12: Free.  Family Cap: $30.  $5 non-member surcharge applies. 

Food:  Potluck with the barony providing the main dish. Please bring enough to feed 6-8, and bring a list of ingredients so we can properly appreciate your skills (and the allergic know what to beware of).

Autocrat:  Viscountess Isabella Hawke (Melissa Snyder)

Last year, Aldyn, acting champion, became Baroness Champion. Photo by Marjorie de ffeyrefeld



Three Baron's Fair Demo a Success

The demonstration by the Principality of Oertha at the local Renaissance Fair was quite a success this year; garnering interest from countless people across the land. With many volunteers, things to see, and moments of high chivalry; the Principality was in full force at the Three Baron's Renaissance Faire.

The Three Barons Renaissance Faire has been staple in Oertha for over twenty years. The various groups, especially the Barony of Eskalya and in recent years a good showing from the Barony of Selviergard, have used this venue to showcase the Society at large and attract possible newcomers to the Principality and the Society as a whole.

The demonstration, this year headed by Lady Celestria Textrix, featured a plethora of arts and sciences that members of the local groups graciously lent for display. These exhibits garnered keen interest from many people, especially Baron Rodrigo de Reinosa's ballista which was a huge draw for young and old alike. But the big draw for many was the fighting

Crowds gather to watch the fighting demonstration at the Three Baron's Renaissance Fair.  June 6, 2015.  Photograph by Halfdan Ozurrson.

Scheduled demonstrations of both heavy and rapier fights easily drew in the crowds from all over the Renaissance Fair. The fighters put on a great show of skill and prowess much to the delight of the crowd

Rapier fighters entertain the crowd at the Three Baron's Renaissance Fair. June 13, 2015. Photograph Marjorie de ffeyrefeld.

A demonstration, however, is nothing without the hard work of volunteers greeting people and answering questions about what we in the Society do. Many people took the time to answer those questions and share about what the SCA is all about to all interested.

Baroness Aislynn Denard of Dragon's Lair greets people at the Three Baron's Renaissance Fair. June 6, 2015. Photograph by Halfdan Ozurrson.

As Baron Halfdan mentioned in his missive to the populace shortly after the final "Health to the Company" had been sung, "Thank you for helping out in this endeavor and sharing 'The Dream' with other people."

So what is planned for next year? A more colorful encampment, more displays, and more people to help out. Together we will work to spread the word that there is a place for people who want to explore what it means to live in the Current Middle Ages.

The Selviergard Associated Press



Fighter Practice Invades Eagle River

Fighter practices are a wonderful activity for many people; fighters and non-fighters alike. For those who fight it is a way to practice skills and learn new things and swing sticks at each other. For those who do not fight it is a chance to watch the fighters and to spend time with each other outside of an event. The middle of last month saw a well-attended fighter practice held in the Town Square Park in Eagle River. It was an opportunity for new people to get into armor and enjoy some of the fun that many people in the Society enjoy. It was also an chance for people interested in what we were doing to ask questions about the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Fighters take the opportunity to learn skills at the Baronial Fighter Practice in Eagle River. June 16, 2015. Photograph Marjorie de ffeyrefeld..

Selviergard's Fighter Practices will be held on Tuesday evenings at the Town Square Park in Eagle River starting around 6:30 PM. This gives a chance for our Eskalyan brethren to come out and enjoy time with us as well. Questions regarding Fighter Practice can be directed to Viscount Fergus mac Thomais, the Baronial Marshal. In the case that Fighter Practice is postponed, cancelled, or when we switch to the Winter schedule there will be notification on the e-lists and on Facebook.

Come out and join us!


SCA Awards Demystified - Problems, Questions, and Concerns

When I first started writing this article, I thought Part 3 was going to be Kingdom level awards. But after getting some feedback from the populace, I realized that an FAQ would probably be more useful. So if you want to learn about the Kingdom of the West Awards, please visit http://www.sca.org/awards/west.html for a complete listing of the awards.


Why isn’t my award listed on the Order of Precedence?

First, the “Official” list of what you have received is on the Order of Precedence which can be found here: AWARDS LIST

This theoretically includes Kingdom, Principality and Baronial awards.

Next, if your award isn’t listed, it isn’t because someone is out to get you. Remember we are a volunteer organization and occasionally the ball gets dropped. If it has been less than three months since you received the award, be patient.


I got an award, but (insert reason) and I don’t have the token. What do I do?

Guess what, you are not alone! Please fill out the following form http://heralds.westkingdom.org/AwardTokenRequest.htm


Um, it’s been (insert ridiculous amount of time) since I got an award and I still don’t have a scroll. When or will I get my scroll?/em>

This one is a multi-part answer.

For BARONIAL scrolls, come to scribe practice, it will accelerate the process. Selviergard has been a barony for 12 years, and we’ve been actually giving out the scrolls for the awards for about 5 months. So please be patient.

Principality Awards – Technically these get scrolls. But (Except for Award of Arms, Leafs, and higher) the West Kingdom Scribes do not do scrolls for these awards. So talk to a scribe, bribe them, become a scribe or otherwise help us get scrolls going in the Principality. There is lots of opportunity for volunteers here.

Kingdom Awards – Only get scrolls for Award of Arms, Leafs and higher AND you have to request the scroll. This can be done here http://scribes.westkingdom.org/AwardsList/RecipientFindName.php

Still no guarantee on time, but it puts the scroll in the queue to be done. Which will help you get your scroll faster. Again, talk to a scribe, that is the best way to get your scroll quickly (and by quickly, I mean within a year of you talking to the scribe). Each scroll is a work of art. Remember that and thank your scribes.



Business Meeting Notes - June 2015

In attendance: In attendance: Clare, Halfdan, Margery, Moira, Alissa, Cru, Vicana, Gregor, Isabella

Officer Reports:

Seneschal: Reminder to use report forms to submit a report if you are not able to attend a meeting. Make sure you have a minor form if you are bringing a child to an event that is not yours. membership lists have been requested. We need to recruit folks for vacant office positions.

Arts & Science: No report. An individual has expressed interest in serving as deputy. Members in attendance would like to see a regular arts and science activity.

Herald: Three courts held at Pas d’Armes event.

Exchequer: Moira will be taking over as exchequer. A date has been set to transfer all of the books and materials. Signature cards will be updated.

Constable: Vacant. Position needs to be filled.

Chatelaine: Report has been submitted to Principality Chatelaine. Participated in first weekend of Three Baron’s Fair and helped with quest and greeting newcomers.

Marshal: Report sent in via email. Several events and practices. Fighter practices are still scheduled for Wonderland Park in Wasilla. The Pas d’Armes had 14 heavy fighters and three rapier fighters. About 12 adults participated in archery. A children’s archery shoot was held on Saturday. The Kingdom Thrown Weapons Marshal will be up at Coronet and will teach a class on thrown weapons. He will also authorize marshals so this activity can be held at official events.

Chronicler: As always “stuff” is needed for newsletter.

Web Minister: Website is current.

Rapier: Website is current.

Autocrat Reports: Pas was well attended: 54 attendees. People enjoyed themselves, much fighting was held, archery shoots were held. The quest for the chalice was well received. The Baronial pavilion was set up for the first time and looked grand on the eric.


Upcoming Baronial Events

**All autocrats, unless your budget has been approved at a business meeting at least one month prior to your event, your reimbursement may be delayed**

Event Event Date Event Copy Due Budget Due Date Autocrat(s)
Wasilla 4th of July Parade July 4 N/A N/A Rolynnda
Warlord Tourney August 1 June 27 July 1 Rolynnda, Marjorie, Brann
Bi-Baronial Feast September 19 July 27 August 1 Vicana and Anna Neri
Samhein October 31 August 27 September 1 Aislynn
Yule December 12 October 27 November 1 Etain and Brann

Warlord Tourney will be held at Lake Lucille group campground area. Event copy was submitted.


Words from the Baron: Thank you for support at Three Barons Fair. Appreciation was expressed for those officers who regularly attend business meetings and have reports submitted.

Unfinished Business: None

New Business

Still looking to have a fighter practice in Eagle River. Will continue to investigate that possibility.Discussed holding business meetings with fighter practices but event conflicts could be a challenge. For now, meetings will continue to be held the second Monday of each month alternating between Palmer and Eagle River.

Next meeting, Tuesday, July 13 at 6:30 pm Eagle River Town Square Park.


July Business Meeting will be to discuss 2016 Calendar!

Event 2015 Date 2016 Date
First Choice
2016 Date
Second Choice
Bi-Baronial Collegium (with Eskalya) March 21    
Fabric War April 4    
Pas May 23    
Warlord Tourney August 1    
Bi-Baronial Feast (with Eskalya) September 19    
Samhein October 31    
Yule December 12    

If you want input on the calendar, or want to autocrat an event, or want to have input on the direction the barony is going to take in the next year, this is THE meeting you don’t want to miss!



Charity Fundraising Tournament

All heavy and rapier combatants are invited to participate in the first fundraiser tournament (one of each combat style) to benefit the Providence Children's Hospital.

For a $10 entry donation you will have the opportunity to fight for the honor of your consort, help a local cause, and win a prize. Consorts are encouraged to stand by their fighter and be of utmost inspiration. Prizes will be awarded for most chivalric fighter, most inspiring consort, and highest donation, as well as the overall victor of the tournament. There will be a special entry token for each of the combatants.

Tournament will be standard style double elimination.

Contact Anna di Caterina Neri for further information or if you would like to donate a prize.



Archery News

Unto the populace does Baron Stephen de la Bere send greetings and tales of great deeds.

The current IKAC scores for Kingdom of the West  has many Oerthan archers. Out of 44 scores in the combined list we have nine archers listed. Two in the top 10, one in the top 20, and two in the top 30. Congratulations on all the hard work.

Youth Archers shoot at Pas d’Armes with Fergus mac Thomas' guidance.  Photograph by Halfdan Ozurrson.

Summer Coronet is coming up and an Archery/Thrown weapons range is going to be set up, the Archery range is scheduled to be open from 11 to 5 additional time will be allowed if needed and people are interested. I plan to shoot Royal Rounds for submission to the score keeper. In order for scores to be submitted you must use wood arrows.

If you just want to practice you can use other arrows but the scores cannot be sent in. (IKAC will be shot if the range has a small turnout or later in the evening if you still have the energy.

In West Kingdom Royal Rounds we currently have 8 archers with scores that have achieved rankings in the event. (note – if you want to get a score on the board you need three shoots, Royal Rounds can only be submitted once in a 24 hour period so your high score is all that goes in, You may also shoot an IKAC and I will sent those scores in for a total of three).

THANK YOU Viscount Fergus for you awesome work with all the smalls on the archery range – your dedication to archery and the future archers is very appreciated. Also thank you to Lord Gavan Woodward for all you time spent on the range assisting me as an archery marshal.

Viscount Fergus MacThomais posted to the archery face book page the following: The Kingdom Thrown Weapons Marshal, Baron Ryan of Rickford will be coming to Coronet to teach a marshals class and authorize thrown weapons marshals. We are planning the class for Sunday morning, he expects it to last about 1 hour or so. I would encourage all branch marshals to attend this authorization so your groups can have thrown weapons activities. All who are interested should plan to attend this class.

Learn Archery.com web site has a great deal of information for the archer – start with basic stance.



Bardic: Warlord's Song

Yearly we gather 'neath Sable and Gules,
Battle born and ever ready; warrior's tools.
To the bears we will go with swords held high,
The best are sought, a new Warlord to find.

Selviergard cries out throughout the hall,
And who among you will answer the call?

The populace do watch eager to know,
The Baron sees all from upon his throne.
A deafening clash of sword, axe, and spear
The voice of battle to sound far and near.

Selviergard cries out throughout the hall,
And who among you will answer the call?

I give all tribute to thee on the field
Your favor is with me and polished shield
For Warlord's honor to battle I go
A chance to serve all Selviergard so



Baronial Business

Next Business Meeting

The next Selviergard Baronial Meeting will be TUESDAY July 14, at 6:30 pm at Eagle River Fight Practice in Town Square Park. All members of the Barony are encouraged to attend. This is where we plan stuff for our Barony, if you want a voice or a vote you must be there to be counted.

All officers are expected to attend meetings OR send reports to the seneschal before the meeting begins.

This is a Calendar meeting.


Baronial Position Available

The following officer positions and/or deputy positions are currently open or looking for a replacement within the Barony of Selviergard. Please take a moment to look over the current listings and see if you would like to help our group grow.  For most cases training is available. If you would like to determine what the job entails and how you can help the Barony then please feel free to contact the officer or the baronial Seneschal.


Applicants for this position are asked to send a Letter of Intent / SCA Resume to the Baronial Seneschal for consideration to: seneschal@selviergard.westkingdom.org


Baronial Pavilion Usage

The Barony of Selviergard's pavilion will be made available to all who are in need of shelter from the weather and is intended as a place to enjoy watching the various activities on the Eric at Oertha's Summer Coronet Investiture. Please bring something to sit on and make yourself comfortable.


Scroll Cases Needed

Scroll cases – please bring your empty scroll cases, either the fabric and cardboard ones OR the tagboard West Kingdom Scribes ones to Coronet, or drop them with your local Baron/ess. The Stellanordica scribe has been working with local people and we need more scroll cases so our new scrolls can make it home safely!


Scribal Gathering

The next scribal gathering will be Sunday, July 26 from 2-6pm at Viscountess Heleyne de Avebury’s home in Palmer. Please contact Marjorie de ffeyrefeld for more information, contact info on last page of the chronicle.

People of ALL skill levels are invited to attend. Desire to learn preferred. We will be working on scrolls which will be given out at Warlords.


Historical Items Needed for Project

The Selviergard History Project is in need of many items to help define the history of this group. Photographs, stories, old newsletters, and other historical items are requested. These items will be scanned or photographed, notated, and published on the History website so that they can be seen by others and preserved for future generations.

If you haven't visited the history site lately you may want to. Simply follow the link to see what we have preserved so far.  We are always looking for more items. If you are interested in helping out, please contact the Baron of Selviergard who will assist you.


Baronial Progress

Wanna be a Baronial Groupie? Stalk the Baron? Explain to His Excellency why he should make a marital alliance with Eskalya? Regale the Baron with the minutiae of your Persona? Well you’re in luck! This is Where and When you can find His Excellency to interact, speak, oogle, or otherwise give him your attention.

 *Disclaimer – Schedule subject to change without warning due to, um, life*

Baronial Progression of Halfdan