December 2015 Edition


From the Baron...


Unto the Populace of Selviergard,

Winter is here; the gates of the Cold North have been flung wide open allowing the icy winds to sweep over the land.  Warm halls, fine foods, and good cheer are the Selviergardians way of staying warm and happy while outside the snows sit heavy around us.  Are you prepared for the myriad of different indoor events coming up?  Are you ready for the Yule season?

Thank you to those who ran and attended the Arts and Sciences Extravaganza earlier last month.  Many showed up to schmooze and work on projects and to come up with ideas of personal and baronial importance.  Activities such as these, with little or no formal schedule, are indeed relaxing and fun as they allow us to visit and exchange ideas freely and without constraint. 

In other related news; this Yule I will be sponsoring an Arts and Sciences table that will be at every Selviergardian event hereafter during my reign as Baron.  I ask that you bring your projects that you would like to show off alongside any information, research, or notes on the subject.  More information can be found in this newsletter about this new exciting ongoing venture in Selviergard.

As Selviergard's Yule and Winter Coronet is fast approaching if you have award recommendations for Baronial, Principality, or even Kingdom-level awards please contact me.  The populace of Selviergard is rich and vibrant and greatly deserving of recognition and I would like to ensure that our people are recognized for their great efforts in the Kingdom of the West as a whole. 

In Service,


Barônos of Selviergard


Event: Yule

This is the time of year to spend in good cheer; When neighbors, friends and family gather to meet and celebrate.  We look forward to an evening of food, fun, fighting and frivolity.

Activities include the traditional Master/Mistress of Ambrosia contest, (this year’s theme is cranberries!).  A & S competition for Winter garb accessory, A & S decathlon – Board games, an Ice Bog bear pit tourney for both heavy and rapier, “Argent Olyphant” gift exchange (feel free to ask if you’re not sure what this is-we did one last year) Quick the bard, Beaded snowflake class and maybe more if we can find the time.

Feast will be potluck with meats provided. Please bring a dish to share.

Site Information: Jewel Lake Parish (3833 Strawberry Rd, Anchorage, AK  99502).  Site opens at NOON and closes at 8PM.

Site fee: by donation of needful things.  Examples are non-perishable food items – NOT expired, warms clothing/accessories (hat/scarf/gloves/socks/etc.) sample size toiletries.  If you believe a homeless person or shelter has need of it, we will take it!

Autocrat: Celestria Textrix (Dawn Quick Bates) and Ciara der Alcan (Jennifer Rynearson)




Event: Yule

Join the Barony of Selviergard for a day of revelry, dancing, and exhibition fights by the rapier community. Wear your best late period fashions and Venetian masks! Dust off your fanciest fencing garb to give exhibition fights for the entertainment of the populace.

Bring period games to gamble away the coffers (we are all noble, right?)!

There will be the usual rock/paper/scissor tournament to determine the Lord and Lady of misrule.

Food will be a sideboard, with soup and bread provided—so bring finger food offerings. Entries for the Autocrat’s Whim (Best period finger foods) should be marked as such. Please label all ingredients, per custom

Site Information: Wasilla Boys and Girls Club (3700 Bogard Rd, Wasilla AK  99654).  Site opens at 10AM and closes at 8PM.

Site fee: Adults aged 14 and up - $7, Youth under 14 - $3

Autocrat: Brann mac Finnchad


Principality A&S Championship

Greetings Oertha! It is my honor and privilege to announce the beginning of the Principality-wide Arts and Sciences Championship. The championship will last over the course of a year, in the future from Summer Coronet to Summer Coronet and events will be spread across all three baronies. The first set of contests will be as follows:

1/16/2016 – Winter Coronet – PRIN – Original Morality Story or Play (Performing Art)
2/13/2016 – Death by Chocolate – ESK – Needlebooks (Textile)
4/2/2016 – Bi-Baronial Collegium – ESK/SEL – Open Topic (Research Paper)
5/?/2016 – Spring Captaincy – WG – Chain or Chainmail (Technological)

The contests are being drawn from six categories (one contest representing each category): Textile - Clothing, weaving, needlework, etc. Domestic Arts and Sciences - Small items, cooking, herbcraft, brewing, etc. Technological - Armor, casting, metal working, skeletal materials, etc. Studio Arts - Bookbinding, glass work, calligraphy.

*  Contestants for the championship must enter at least four of the categories.
*  Contestants may enter only one item per event (no double dipping).
*  Incomplete projects may be entered, so long as the part of the project being judged is complete. For example, if you want to enter a scroll in the calligraphy contest but the illumination isn’t complete, you may enter it so long as the calligraphy is complete.
*  At least minimal documentation is required. Minimal documentation will be considered one 3x5 card and one primary source. More documentation is suggested.

Research papers should be between 1,500 and 2,500 words, or four to six pages, double spaced. Papers should be submitted by email one week before the event, to allow judges sufficient time to review the paper.

If there are three or more entrants in a competition, the winner is the entry with the highest score. If there are fewer than three entries, the winner is the entry with the highest score over 66% of the available points. If there is only one entry, the entry will be judged, but there will be no competition – however, the points will count towards the Championship. Whoever racks up the most total points wins.

Please send any questions or concerns to

I look forward to seeing the talent and skill of Oertha's Artisans and wish all the entrants the very best of luck!


Cynehild Cynesigesdohtor
Craeftwicnestre Oerthas




Arts and Sciences Abound

While somewhat sparsely attended; the Arts and Sciences Extravaganza was a great opportunity to bring projects to work on with others doing the same.  It was also an opportunity to brainstorm new things for not only personal use as well, but baronial as well.

Fabric was brought out, sewing machines and threaded needles were in full force, and food was set in the kitchen to munch on throughout the day.  People discussed their projects, asked for advice, and had a wonderful time at an activity focused on the arts and sciences.

A business meeting was held as well, utilizing not only the space but the fact that officers were present as well.

As the snows fell towards the evening the site was quickly cleaned up so that those that had to travel great distances home could get there before a winter storm hit.

The Arts and Sciences Extravaganza was a wonderful chance to visit with friends and family, a grand opportunity to work on those projects put off for far too long, and a prospect for brainstorming new ideas and projects…perfect for Selviergardians as we progress further into the colder months where we tend to stay indoors until the Spring comes around again.

The Selviergard Associated Press



Boniface Host Collegium

The College of St Boniface hosted a Collegium in the Far North for those interested in learning more about different arts and sciences in the Society for Creative Anachronism.  The classes ranged from Leather Turn Shoes to Calligraphy, from Mittens to Marshalling, and many things in between.

The event was well attended by those from the Barony of Winter's Gate in addition to some visitors from the Barony of Selviergard.  And while the weather outside was cold (it was called it a tropical heat wave by those who live in the area) the classrooms were warmed by the friendship of those in attendance and quite comfortable.


Baroness Ellisif a Reikiavik starts her class at the St. Boniface Collegium.  November 14, 2015.  Photo by Halfdan Ozurrson.

With so many interesting classes, as with all Collegiums, difficult decisions had to be made as to what class to attend while asking for notes from those classes missed.  There were simply too many classes to choose from which shows the depth and breadth of talented people in the Principality of Oertha.

The Autocrat for the event, as well as all the instructors, should be commended on such a wonderful Collegium with a diverse selection of things to learn about.  Many left the event with new ideas for old projects and new projects planned for the winter months ahead…exactly the way a Collegium should be!


Preserving Foods in the Current Middle Ages

This paper is written to assist individuals in preparing foods for feasts by preserving. Whether the feast be one for camping or an event feast, these dishes will allow the maker to do so ahead of time and without need of ice to keep the dish. There are several period recipes for preserving foods, I have included a few here, but I have added the aspect of using modern canning methods as a way to utilize period recipes in order to ensure food safety and extend their shelf life.

Period preservation methods include drying, salting, pickling and spicing, smoking and candying with honey or sugar. Modern methods include all of these and add high pressure canning, hot water bath canning, freezing and chemical preservation. In this paper I will cover hot water bath canning and modern pickling as well as a period recipe for preserving meat using spices and vinegar.

The following information is taken from the handbook “Canning, Freezing and Drying, Pickling and Smoking” edited by Sunset Books; What happens when canning?

There’s no special magic to canning. Fruits, vegetables or meats are packed into canning jars, which are fitted with self-sealing lids and then heated. Sustained high heat kills dangerous organisms that could cause food spoilage in the jars, it also causes the gases in the food and in the jars to expand, driving out most of the air left inside. Hot jams, jellies and other preserves are cooked first and then packed, hot, into hot jars.

When a jar cools the vacuum created inside pulls the lid down against the jar mouth to make a tight seal. Unless the seal is broken, none of the organisms that can cause spoilage can enter.


Wardens in Conserve

Original Recipe as found in “A Collection of Medieval and Renaissance Cookbooks” first compiled by Duke Cariodoc of the Bow and the Duchesa Diana Alena, Fourth Edition, 1987.

Source document: A Proper New Booke of Cokerye (of the sixteenth Century), edited by Catherine Frances Frere, Cambridge 1913.

For to Make Wardens in Conserve

Fyrste make the syrope in this wyse, take a quarte of good romney and putte a pynte of claryfyed honey, and a pounde or a halfe of suger, and myngle all those together over the fyre, till tyme they weeth, and then set it to cole. And thys is a good sirope for manye thinges, and wyll be kepte a yere or two. Then take thy warden and scrape cleane awaye the barke, but pare them not, and seeth them in good redde wyne so that they be wel soked and tender, that the wyne be nere hade soked into them, then take and strayne them throughe a cloth or through a strayner into a vessell, then put to them of this syroope aforesayde tyll it be almost fylled, and then cast in the pouders, as fyne canel, synamon, pouder of gynger and such other, and put it in a boxes and kepe it yf thou wylt and make thy syrope as thou wylt wourke in quantyte, as if thou wylt worke twenty wardens or more or lesse as by experience.

Recipes under two names (pears in confit, and wardons [or pears] in syrup) can be found in Form of Curye (#136), an Ordinance of Pottage (#86, #65), MS Harley 5401 (#44, #60), MS Arundel 334 (#120), and both the manuscripts in Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery-Books (firstMS, Pottages Diverse #10; second MS, #96). Bartlett (Williams Bon Chretien) of ancient origin may or may not be pre-1600.

Adapted Recipe Makes 4 quarts preserved fruit

10 lb. firm but ripe pears, peeled, cored and sliced in half soaked in a 1 cup red wine/1 cup water solution.
This substitutes for lemon juice in keeping the fruit fresh and adds flavour and colour to the pears.
1cup honey 1 cup white wine
1 cup sugar 10-20 cloves (depending on taste)
3 cups water 6-8 2 inch pieces of whole cinnamon

Modern Canning Method

Combine the honey, sugar, water and wine. Bring to a boil. Add 10 cloves and 3 or 4 sticks of cinnamon.. In the meanwhile have 4 -quart canning jars cleaned, sterilized and ready with 2-3 cloves and 1-2 cinnamon pieces in each. Place 6-8 pear halves into each jar. Pour the syrup over each to within 1/4 inch from the top. Seal with proper canning lids (sterilized of course) . Place into a hot water bath and bring to a boil for 25 minutes. Remove, cool and store.

If you do not wish to use a modern canning method the above noted recipe easily converts by simply boiling the fruit in the syrup for 5 minutes, jarring and storing only 1 week in a cool place. Never take chances with canning of any type, if the food appears to have turned scummy or releases a bad smell upon opening or the seal is broken or bubbled DO NOT EAT IT.


Take 2 pound of apricocks or pear plums & put them into a deep dish withe a pinte of fair water, in which boyle them tender. yn wring yeliquor from them thorough a fine cloth into A basin, & put into it a pound of sugar well clarified, & let it boyle in a [posnet] till itcomes to its full thickness, then [put it in yr] moulds, and soe box it.

Candied Orange Peel Original recipe: Le Menagerie De Paris 1393

To make Candied Orange Peel, cut the peel of an orange into five pieces and scrape away the loose skin inside with a knife, then se them to soak in good fresh water for nine days and change the water daily then boil them letting them come once to the boil only, in fresh water and this done spread them on a cloth and let them dry thoroughly then put them in a pot of honey until they be quite covered therewith and boil on a slow fire and skim. And when you think that the honey is cooked ( to try if it be cooked, have some water in a spoon and pour a drop on the honey into the water and if it spreads it is not done and if the drop of honey remains in the water without spreading then it is done), then you must take out your pieces of orange peel and set out a layer in order and sprinkle poudered ginger thereon then another layer and sprinkle etc, usque in infinitam, and leave them for a month or more and then eat them.

Redacted Recipe: Candied Orange Peel

Combine 3 cups sugar and 1cup of water or 3 cups of honey with 3-4 slices of fresh ginger if desired. I chose not to add ginger as many of my feast recipes included the spice and I was trying not to use overkill on the flavour.  Heat the syrup to a slow boil. Have ready 8 oranges peeled with the inner rind removed, boil for 15 minutes, remove dry and set aside. The original recipe calls for soaking the peels in fresh water changed daily for 9 days, but for a quicker product I chose to only boil the peels in order to remove any impurities and create a softer peel that would absorb more spice and sweetener. Add the sliced orange peel to the syrup and bring to a boil, keep uncovered until syrup is medium thick.(a drop will remain a soft ball when dropped into a glass of cold water). Again bring the mixture to a boil, until the syrup forms a medium-hard ball in water. Remove the rind and let cool. Dip in granulated sugar and let dry. Powdered ginger can be sprinkled over the layers of peel if you like. Store in a cool dry place.

This same method and basic syrup recipe was used for sliced ginger, anise seeds, coriander seeds and caraway seeds. However do not boil the seeds first, simply soak in the sugar water or honey, boil and coat. .


Regarding the Arts and Sciences Display

When I first stepped up as Baron of Selviergard I had envisioned a way to promote all three aspects of The Dream; the marshallate, the service facet, and the Arts and Sciences community. After much thinking, and some false starts, I am pleased to announce the Arts and Sciences portion of a grand plan to make our Barony a fun and exciting place in which to reside.

At every Selviergardian event from Yule this year on during the duration of my reign I will sponsor a table where you may display your works. These items will not be judged and are separate from other competitions that may be held at any event. You may bring projects in progress, recently finished projects, or even projects completed in the past.

This is an opportunity to show off your skill and handiwork as well as inspire other people in our group.

There is no theme and there is no requirements; I encourage everybody to take part in this new and exciting part of our group. With that being said, I too shall
participate in this activity and look forward to seeing what you create, craft, and care about as we showcase Selviergard's finest at each and every event. If you have any questions or comments please contact me. I am more than happy to answer questions and listen to your comments on this matter.

Halfdan, Baronos


Ivory Spoon Competition

It is time for the Winter Coronet Ivory Spoon Competition. The competition is open to all ... even if you don’t live in the Principality of Oertha. In keeping with the season of winter, the Ivory Spoon competition will be a choice of a preserved food or a dish utilizing preserved foods. No recipe is provided; you may choose your own. The intent of this theme is to think of foods available in the "dead of winter" when the larders may be getting a bit lean. The choice of dish is up to the participant but be prepared to explain how this is a dish that might be found on the winter table.

This competition will be judged by the participants in the contest. Each person will be asked to explain/share the recipe they used, what they did to create the dish and how that relates to period food and food processes.  To help you get started, here are a couple of web sites to help you consider a preserved food dish:

Preserving Foods in the Current Middle Ages
Medieval Cookery

Some examples of dishes that could be prepared: Candied Orange Peel, Compost.

Please direct any questions to Mistress Clare Elena de Montfort.



Baronial Business

Baronial Positions Available

TThe following officer positions and/or deputy positions are currently open or looking for a replacement within the Barony of Selviergard. Please take a moment to look over the current listings and see if you would like to help our group grow.

For most cases training is available. If you would like to determine what the job entails and how you can help the Barony then please feel free to contact the officer or the baronial Seneschal.

Deputy Exchequer
Web Minister

Applicants for these positions are asked to send a Letter of Intent / SCA Resume to the Baronial Seneschal for consideration at:



The DragonTale Newsletter

Please send your artwork, articles, pictures, recipes, tales, and rhyme to feed the Dragon! Submissions for the newsletter are due by December 20th.  The next edition of the DragonTale, the newsletter for the Barony of Selviergard, will be published in January.