From the Baron...


Unto the populace of Selviergard,

Snow has reached the lands of our Barony; officially heralding in the season of Winter for us. This is the time that we work on projects, enjoy the warm fire in our halls, and take pleasure in the company of family and friends over food and drink. It is a time to move our activities indoors as we try to stay warm during the colder months ahead until the sun once again warms our land and the snow recedes.

I thank all Selviergardians who were able to attend the Michaelmas Feast in Winter's Gate and the Evening at Inverness in Eskalya with me this past month. It is the simple act of attending our Cousin's events that help grow the bonds of friendship between our groups; strengthening the Principality as a whole. There are many events planned throughout this season, both in our own barony and in our neighbors, and I look forward to enjoying these events with you.

Selviergard's Yule is fast approaching; an event that is both near and dear to my heart. It was a combined Yule event in which the history of our Barony was started and many great and wondrous things came from that event. I have no doubt that our Yule will be no different. I look forward to celebrating the Yule season with all of you. You can find the event information for Selviergard's Yule in this edition of The DragonTale so you too can plan for a fantastic event held in our own lands with mirth, munchies, and perhaps a little mayhem as well.

In Service,

Barônos of Selviergard

Feast of the Four Crowned Martyrs

The Barony of Eskalya
November 6, 2014

oin the Barony of Eskalya on November 8, A.S. XLIX, at a celebration of the calamitous Fourteenth Century. The focus of this event will be an evening feast, prepared by the estimable Mistress Clare Elena and served within the trappings of a fourteenth century English manor hall.

Classes will be held through October to help everyone prepare!

A tentative menu is as follows:

Pottage Remove
Pork egredouce Broth Pottage of turnips

Chicken in Saracen sauce Royal Tarts Vegetable stew

Dariole Apple tart Fruit and Cheese

The goal of this feast is to have a pleasant dinner, perfect for a well-to-do yeoman or merchant family. We aim to be both frugal and perfectly period!

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Autocrat: Cynehild Cynesigesdohtor (Claire Knudsen-Latta).


Barony of Selviergard
December 6, 2014

Join your fellow Selviergardians as we mark the end of another year and celebrate the joy of the season. His Excellency, Halfdan, invites you to embody your favorite holiday carol and partake in trollish fun!

The traditional Lord and Lady of Misrule rock/paper/scissors contest, as well as a Viking gift exchange, heavy and rapier tourneys will be the highlights of the day. Holiday singing and cookie decorating will round out the activities. Feast is a sponsored potluck with turkey and roast pork being provided by the barony. Heavy and rapier tourney fee is one unwrapped toy to be donated to Toys for Tots. For the Viking gift exchange, all gifts must be wrapped, suggested 10 dollar limit, rules will be announced at the event.

Food: Please bring potluck contributions to feed 8. By mundane last name: A-D Appetizers, E-M Side Dish or Salad, N-S Bread and cheese, T-Z Dessert

Site Information: Houston Community Center Hawk Lane, Houston. Site opens at 10am

Site fee: Adult to 13 years: $5: 12 and under free. $5 NMS applies.

Autocrat: Dagmar the Red (Cindy Edmonds).


Oerthan Winter Coronet Arts and Sciences Competitions


This is the complete list of Arts and Sciences Competitions at Winter Coronet--with a total of 18 separate competitions to date and covering almost every possible subject—come and enter as many as possible. If you just want to show off a project, finished or not, an A&S display table will be available.

Some items may be entered into multiple competitions (given sufficient creativity)…with the exception of the two brewing competitions—it is asked that separate brews be used for each. A strong suggestion is that if you do a multiple category entry, please provide separate documentation for each category.

If there are any questions, please contact the Oerthan A&S Officer Bránn Mac Finnchad or the Coronet A&S Coordinator Margery Garret.

Dust off those tools, and get to crafting, punning, and general mayhem!

Principality A&S Competition: Manuscripts as…documentation! The competition is to produce an item based on an example from a period illumination. This can be clothing, tools…even a display of nasty martial arts techniques (as long as they are safe for participants and onlookers); another option is the scrollwork route—make a scroll in the style of a specific example (or a bound book!); and lastly (for the moment), you could decorate an object in the finest manuscript style—whether it is a chest, plate, or…err…banner!

A copy of the inspiring page or pages must be included in the entry. As always, written documentation is appreciated, and garners extra points. If you have any questions about your idea, and whether it counts, please contact Brann mac Finnchad forthwith—particularly if you get your heart set on a piece reproducing a piece which is found in artwork which is not actually a manuscript page (such as a woodcut, or tapestry…but no portraits).

His Highness’ Whim: Norse (or Viking) Armor in Any Mode. This can be actual armor, something bardic, or even a subtlety that looks like armor. Documentation is, of course, a bonus.

Her Highness’ Whim: “Viking” Accessories. Anything and everything Norse (Belts, Bags, Jewelry, horns were all specifically mentioned).

Their Highness’ Whim: They would like to see Banners at Winter Coronet. The Banners should be no larger than 2' wide by 4' long, and can be made using any materials and techniques you want to use. Classes on silk painting will be offered at the William Tell and/or Fall Captaincy events.

Autocrat’s Whim: 15th and 16th Century clothing, complete with headgear. Think English Tudors and Elizabethan, Flemish, Germans, Italians….The desire is for a full outfit, top to bottom, so headwear is a must. Documentation is desired.

Winter’s Gate's A&S: This challenge is in the form of Breads. Hard breads, soft breads, rolls, buns, sweet, and/or savory; all breads are welcome! Try your hand at a period recipe and give baking a go. Tweak a period recipe to fit modern needs if you need to (gluten free, no eggs, etc) and just state in your documentation the changes made and reasons why you chose the substitution you did. Documentation is strongly encouraged. If a recipe has already been redacted, or if you redacted it yourself, state that in your documentation.

Eskalya’s A&S: Challenge in the theme of alcohol. This year the focus is metheglin and its various sub-categories (for questions contact Leona the Mouse). Documentation is a huge plus. The judging panel looks forward, as always, to seeing what the brewers of Oertha can create. While the entry does not have to have been made specifically for the competition (i.e. after Summer Coronet this year), no examples which are sold commercially may be entered. In addition, it is asked that you do not enter the same brew into both brewing competitions.

Selviergard’s A&S: Tabletop Catapults. The challenge is to build a working siege engine (trebuchet, onager, or ballista) in fun size. The competition is for distance, so wind up those torsion skeins and dig out your weights. The ammo used will be standard Oerthan (Stale marshmallows), and the catapult must fit within a One Foot Cube.

Pavlok Gorod’s A&S: Bears in Any Mode—bonus points if the entry is fuzzy, furry, and possibly cuddly. As always, documentation also garners points.

Gryphon CellarMasters (brewers guild): Meads, Beers, and Cysers. Period recipes with documentation is a plus, but taste is paramount! Shake off those carboys, clean out the bottles and get brewing! One bottle (12 oz) will suffice, but two is better!

Ivory Thimble (needle-workers guild): A piece of finished period embroidery. Examples include (but are not limited to) napkins, clothing, favors, hats, and gloves. Bonus points for documentation.
Arachne’s Web (lace-makers guild): A sample of period Lace. Extra points will be given for documentation and additional points if it is finished in a period manner (on clothing, napkin, etc). Examples of period lace include: woven netting, cutwork, woven lace, needle lace (Punto in Aria), and bobbin lace. Fillet Crochet and Hardanger are both acceptable as lace, but their period use is gray…if you find documentation of pre-1600’s use, you will receive extra, extra bonus points

Herbalists & Leechcraft guild: Bruise balms. Documentation is encouraged and safe to use brews are a must.

Measure for Measure (cooking guild): Desserts. Create a dessert from a period recipe. The dessert will be judged on its documentation, whether it was redacted or from an already redacted recipe, its appearance, and its flavor.

Silver Spindle (spinner and weavers guild): Wool in any mode…Spun into yarn, woven, felted, and/or sewn into something. Be creative. It’s a fiber guild so needs to incorporate weaving, spinning or felting into the contest entry. Buying wool fabric and making something nifty will look cool but not meet the intent of the contest. However, spinning wool into yarn and embroidering something, felting wool into fabric and embroidering on it with purchased string, or weaving a piece of fabric with purchased yarn are all acceptable entries. As always, documentation is strongly encouraged.

Sticks and Bones (gamer's guild): A Byzantine Chess Tournament shall be run through during the Coronet event by Mistress Étaín O'Rowarke.

Bards of Oertha: This challenge is for the retelling of a Norse Myth or Saga. Any method of "telling" allowed (mime, puppets, play, song, etc.), with a 10 minute maximum time for the performance. Entries may be done singly or in teams. There will be bonus points given for authenticity of the performance and also for documentation of the tale and/or performance.

Guild O’Radnor (the punster’s guild): Dust off your silly hats and come up with a Viking themed Filk….If you don’t know what a filk is, ask your local bard However, there are lots of filk in your songbook, like “Colorful Bruise”, “Here Comes Kylson”, and even “The Barneybub Song”. Have fun and be creative!


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