June 2015 Edition


From the Baron...


Unto the Populace of Selviergard,

Thank you to everybody who attended Selviergard's Pas d'Armes as together we searched for the Chalice of Peace. Activities like these are my favorite type of event where we all strive to epitomize the Chivalric and Courtly graces that are important to our Society. Thank you to the fighters, both heavy and rapier, and to the archers who demonstrated skill and virtue upon the field. Thank you to those who witnessed such events and, with elegance and courtly graces, gave tokens of ribbon to others in recognition of those virtues displayed. Thank you to the Autocrat of the day's event, Viscountess Isabella Hawke, for her hard work in creating memories that will be remembered fondly. Last, but not least, thank you to Their Highnesses and Baroness Elspeth for attending our event.

This month we see the Three Baron's Renaissance Fair upon us. This is a great opportunity to show off what the Society for Creative Anachronism is all about as we join with other Oerthans and have fun while letting people know what we do in the Current Middle Ages. I encourage all of Selviergard to attend this activity as new people in any group keep Oertha strong and enhance The Dream for us all.

Finally, I wish to once again encourage you to participate in Summer Coronet's Nifty Nine Largess Derby. Show off you skills and help fill the Prince and Princess' Largess coffers. This is a wonderful opportunity to help out the Principality for a worthy cause.

In Service,


Barônos of Selviergard

From the Prince and Princess...


Unto the populace of Oertha,

Greeting all to whom these letters come, We want to thank our populous for a wonderful winter with the melting of the snows we look forward to spending time with everyone at upcoming events in the warmer weather.

Attention all fighters, if you plan on fighting in summer coronet Letters of intent should be submitted no later than June 17th 2015, Coronet Tournament shall consist of multiple qualifying tournaments each using a different weapon style, each fight shall be the best 2 out of 3 with the victor moving on to the next round. Depending on the number of fighters in the list will determine the number of tournaments that will be fought prior to the final

Tournament 1: Glaive ( 6’ to 7.5’)

Tournament 2: 6’ and under 2 hand weapon (great sword, Axe, Hammer, Maul)

Tournament 3: 9’ Spear (possibly over a barrier)

Tournament 4: Florentine (weapon in each hand, ie 2 swords, sword and dagger, inverted sword and broad sword)

Tournament 5: will be as Her Highness chooses

Final Tournament shall be weapon of choice and the number of fighters moving on to the final tournament will be determined by the number of fighters in the list.

In Service to Oertha, Kingdom of the West, and the Dream

Shawn and Arabella

Prince and Princess of Oertha



The Dream Thrives in Selviergard

Banners fluttered in the light breeze and ladies fair gazed upon the tournament field as fighters, with polished helm, entered the field ready to do honor to their opponents and those who witnessed the tournament.  Selviergard's grand Pas d'Armes was indeed an event that will be well remembered.

The event opened with archery as those with bow, arrow, crossbow, and bolt took to the range to partake in a favorite pastime in Selviergard…archery competition.  A total of fifteen adult archers took to the field to participate in Royal Rounds and the Inter-Kingdom Archery Competition.

After the archery concluded it was time for the opening court.  Court was held under the new Baronial pavilion amid the warmth of a beautiful Spring day.  In his court, Baron Halfdan welcomed both Shawn and Arabella, Prince and Princess of Oertha as well as Baroness Elspeth of Eskalya.  From there, His Excellency welcomed all to the event and expressed his excitement to start the day and celebrate the Chivalric and Courtly virtues so important in our Society.

Before the start of the Pas d'Armes Baron Halfdan asked the fighters to introduce themselves to the Gallery so that they would be known better to those gentles watching their valor and skill.  From there, he made a short speech welcoming them to the tournament field and briefly told the tale of the lost Chalice of Peace and his desire for its safe return to the lands of Selviergard.

Sir Søren introduces himself and his squires at the beginning of Selviergard's Pas d'Armes.  May 23, 2015.  Photograph by Halfdan Ozurrson.

The following heavy fighters took to the tournament field: Prince Shawn of Oertha, Sir Cyrus Aurelius, Sir Søren j Alborgh, Sir Kenric Maur, Sir Gregor Hawke, Dominus Sextus Valerius Crusillus, Lord Ulfgar Torkson, Lord Nikor from the Isle of Oaks, Hraði Kötter, and Sean McCarty,

The following rapier fighters took to the tournament field:  Donna Etain O'Rowarke, Tiarna Brann mac Finnchad, and Lady Angela of Eskalya.

Throughout the tournament both the fighters and the Gallery were encouraged to bestow ribbons to those whose words or deeds best exemplified the Society's period values.  They included courage, justice, mercy, generosity, faith, nobility, and hope.  Noble traits, often termed courtly graces, were also determined by those in attendance.  They included style, charm, grace, elegance, eloquence, élan, and artistry

There were several different types of battles to participate in the Pas d'Armes.  These included a Grand Melee, The Giant, various Barrier Fights, and the Courteous Knight setting. These scenarios offered different opportunities for both heavy and rapier fighters to show off their skills and graces as they had fun and entertained the gallery.

Knights vs. The World; the Bridge Battle scenario of Selviergard's Pas d'Armes.  May 23, 2015.  Photograph by Halfdan Ozurrson.

The Rapier community also took to the field and participated in the same scenarios as their Heavy counterparts.  While smaller in number, the Rapier fighters made up for their numbers with enthusiasm and skill which made it fun to watch and quite entertaining to behold.

The Rapier Fighters duel with blades over the barrier at Selviergard's Pas d'Armes.  May 23, 2015.  Photograph by Halfdan Ozurrson.

Towards the end of the day, after the tournament, five children participated in youth archery.  The smiles on their faces, readily apparent to all, showed how much they enjoyed the activity and a chance to take part in competition as well.  Under the watchful eye of Viscount Fergus MacThomais and Baron Stephen de la Bere the children learned skills important to all archers and had a wonderful time doing so.

Selviergardian feasts, well known throughout Oertha, are a wonderful affair with plenty of food to eat.  While the Barony provided the meat, it was the populace that brought out dishes to share which made the meal quite a wonderful experience.

After feast, Lord Sevastian Agafangelovich Golystin was ushered to the Autocrat, Viscountess Isabella Hawke.  It was there that she told him that he was determined by the Gallery as the most honorable fighter of the day, and as such, would present the Chalice of Peace unto Baron Halfdan.  From there she told her tale: the Chalice of Peace was never lost at all, but held safely by herself until such time a worthy person could be found to deliver it to its rightful owner.  Lord Sevastian Agafangelovich Golystin immediately sought out the Baron of Selviergard, and in a grand show of honor, presented the Chalice to His Excellency.

Bardic was held at the end of the day.  Songs and stories were told around the fires with gusto and skill to the delight of all in attendance.  Comradery and friendship reigned as the day ended and progressed into a glorious night.

The next day of Selviergard's Pas d'Armes brought several activities amid the breaking down of camp.  Mistress Anna di Caterina Neri led dancing on the tournament field much to the delight of those who, after relearning some dance moves, moved with grace and style.

Afterwards, the final court of the event took place under the baronial pavilion.  Baron Halfdan thanked all who were in attendance and, after a brief announcement from the autocrats of Summer Coronet, proceeded with baronial business as needed.

The Autocrat for the day's event was brought forward for her final announcements.  The declaration that the Chalice of Peace had been found by Lord Sevastian Agafangelovich Golystin was made much to the delight of the populace.  Additionally, a skilled youth archer who attained the most points in her division, Elsa MacThomais, was recognized and gifted a strand of pearls in court.  Lady Ciara der Alcan was recognized as the populace's choice as the most gracious lady and received a strand of pearls from the Baron as well.  Viscount Fergus MacThomais was recognized as the most Chivalrous lord for the day and gifted a strand of jasper beads for his chivalry an honor.  He also received a gift of beads from the Baron as a thank you for his work as the Marshal for the tournament.  The Autocrat was thanked with a bronze Norse ring for her hard work and dedication, as is Baron Halfdan's custom.

The Chalice of Peace; the goal of Selviergard's Pas d'Armes.  May 23, 2015.  Photograph by Halfdan Ozurrson.

Pas d'Armes are a great way to showcase those values which make the Society for Creative Anachronism whole; a fertile place for The Dream to thrive.  Selviergard's Pas d'Armes was no exception.  It was an event where all virtues were displayed and acknowledged.  There are no winners or losers in a Pas; the tournament is simply there to entertain the gallery while having fun and showing off the virtues of all…a perfect activity to showcase all of Oertha.

At the end of the day, Baron Halfdan was heard to say "I am so very proud of Selviergard.  I am so very proud of Oertha.  Today, The Dream thrived here."

The Selviergard Associated Press


SCA Awards Demystified - Principality Awards

Principality awards are generally considered a higher honor than Baronial awards. They are awarded by the Prince and/or Princess of Oertha. As of this writing, there are 21 Principality Awards (including Viscount/ess which is arguably a Kingdom award) and 5 Recognitions. For a complete listing of the awards, please visit http://oertha.westkingdom.org/awards.html

The four Principality awards most commonly awarded are:

The Companions of the Diamond Willow this award is for Service to the Principality. Generally, it is awarded for Autocratting Principality level events, holding Principality office, or actively serving the Principality not just in your Barony.

The Order of the Snowy Owl this award is for enriching the Principality through Arts and Sciences. There are many ways in which to get noticed for this award. Past recipients have contributed largesse, sewn clothing for Their Highnesses, or crafted regalia.

The Oerthan Order of Grace this award is for exceptional courtesy or chivalry. Recipients of this award exemplify the traits which we as a society would like to encourage, and serve as an example to newcomers of what we strive to be as members of the current middle ages.

The Order of the Raven’s Heart this award is for youth who have made exceptional contributions to the Principality. There is a wide range of ways to be noticed for this award, from serving feast, to running errands, the youth of our Principality can make a difference. This award is to recognize them when they do.

If you want to know if someone has an award, or if you want to see your awards, please visit http://heralds.westkingdom.org/Awards/oerthadsc.htm for Principality Awards.

Principality Awards, in general, are considered higher level than Baronial Awards. Principality awards, even more than Baronial Awards, rely on members of the populace to submit award recommendations. Our current Prince and Princess, Shawn and Arabella, are an excellent example of why this is important. They are recently arrived in Oertha (they have been here a year) and live in the incipient Shire of Ravensfjord. This means that, barring Winter Coronet (where they were understandably busy), they haven’t had the opportunity to meet many of the people in the outlying Shires, and their interactions with the people of the various Baronies has been limited primarily to their reign. They don’t know everyone in the Principality, and heavily rely on populace recommendations for awards. To recommend someone for an award please visit http://heralds.westkingdom.org/Awards/oerthadsc.htm

This form is good for Baronial, Principality AND Kingdom award recommendations. As a reminder, just because you recommend someone, does NOT mean they will automatically get the award. It is just a way of bringing that person to the attention of the Prince and Princess. Award recommendations should be resubmitted each time the coronet changes, as they do not always get forwarded with the coronets; unless of course, that person is presented with the award you recommended them for.

As always, our organization is volunteer driven. Please support our volunteers by recommending them for awards, by helping where you can as you are able, and by thanking the people who make our events and our society possible, more beautiful, and more engaging.



Business Meeting Notes - May 2015

In attendance: In attendance: Clare, Halfdan, Rolynnda, Brann, Etain, Rodrigo, Fergus

Officer Reports:

Seneschal: Would like to see support for activities in the Eagle River area. Town Square Park is an excellent site for fighter practices and there is a covered pavilion for arts and sciences activities also. Oberg Field in Chugiak is also a great place for fighter practices and has great visibility with a lot of traffic. There are also porta potties on site and a covered pavilion for arts & sciences activities. A reminder to all officers to please send reports both to seneschal and your principality “boss.” If you are not sure what to report please use the officer report form that is available in the file section on the Yahoo groups page. Each officer should also be recruiting a deputy!

Arts & Science: No report. Again members in attendance are asking for regular arts & sciences activities. Ideas that were mentioned were a regular monthly activity with a theme, i.e., largess, heraldry, wood working, cooking, personal project night

Herald: Report submitted via email (Thank you from Seneschal.) One event over the past month, that being Fabric Wars. Halfdan did not give any awards yet there were two scrolls given for past awards: Cynehild for her Leaf of Merit and Vicana for her Gules Claymore. Autocrat words were given and Isabella announced info for the Pas.

Exchequer: Bank account balance is $1,568. Quarterly report submitted to principality and kingdom. Rolynnda submitted her resignation as exchequer and all exchequer records and supplies were given to Clare. Clare will contact Moira to confirm she will be able to serve as exchequer. Officer will pass at next event where Moira is in attendance.

Constable: Vacant

Chatelaine: No report. Baron Halfdan mentioned he had been contacted by three possible newcomers. Rolynnda will continue to keep Gold Key boxes.

Marshal: Report sent in via email (Thank you from Seneschal.) No activity in April. Two fighter practices at Wonderland Park in May but have been lightly attended with other events occurring at same time. Regular fighter practices are 11am on Saturdays at
Wonderland Park.

Chronicler: Report sent in via email. As always “stuff” is needed for newsletter.

Web Minister: No report but website is updated. Calendar is still being worked on.

Rapier: Nothing new to report.

Autocrat Reports: Fabric War - see The DragonTale for the full event report.


Upcoming Baronial Events

**All autocrats, unless your budget has been approved at a business meeting at least one month prior to your event, your reimbursement may be delayed**

Event Event Date Event Copy Due Budget Due Date Autocrat(s)
Pas May 23-24 March 27 April 1 Halfdan and Isabella
Wasilla 4th of July Parade July 4 N/A N/A Rolynnda
Warlord Tourney August 1 June 27 July 1 Rolynnda, Marjorie, Brann
Bi-Baronial Feast September 19 July 27 August 1 Vicana and Anna Neri
Samhein October 31 August 27 September 1 Aislynn
Yule December 12 October 27 November 1 Etain and Brann

The Pas will be held at France Equestrian Center at the Fairgrounds.

More discussion held about Warlords location at Houston site (Yule). Camping area is small. Site at Eklutna Lake where Coronet was held in Summer 2013 was discussed.

BiBaronial Feast will be at Palmer Train Depot.

Words from the Baron: Thank yous given for support of activities in Barony. Please consider suggestions for future events. Looking forward to seeing new pavilion set up at Pas at the end of the month.

Unfinished Business: None

New Business

Discussed holding business meetings with fighter practices but event conflicts could be a challenge. For now, meetings will continue to be held the second Monday of each month alternating between Palmer and Eagle River.

Next meeting will be Monday, June 8, 6:30pm at Palmer Masonic Lodge.



Archery News

May has been a very busy month for archery. I have hosted 5 practices at my home and the icing on the cake was the Pas D Armes. First I need to thank a few people. Cruscillius and Brann for helping with range set up. Next Galvin for assisting with the marshaling and Celestria and Fergus for helping with the youth archery. Fergus did an extraordinary job coaching the youth archers. And not to be left out Etain for hauling a lot of the stuff back home that I was too tired to pack back into my car.

During the event the IKAC was shot 10 times by 9 different archers, Royal Rounds was shot 15 times by 14 archers. The youth fun shoot from 10 yards out was attended by 6 young archers and all scored points on the target.
The Groups were well represented archers from Ravensfjordr, Eskalya, and Selveirgard all took to the field. The Prinipality Archery champion Celestra also took to the field to uphold the honur of the Princess. High score from the IKAC were Rodrigo for cross bow 106, Fergus MacThomas for hand bow 92.

Archers and a crossbowman take aim in the morning of the Barony of Selviergard's Pas d'Armes.  Photograph by Halfdan Ozurrson.

Prince Shawn and Princess Arabella presented scrolls to five archers who have achieved an official rank on the West Kingdom Royal Rounds shoot. They are as follows: Archer Stephen de la Bere, RodrigoDe Reinosa. Novice Archer Fergus MacThomas, Brann Mac Finnchad and Etain O’Rowarke.

Viscount Fergus Mac Thomais works with the youth archers.  Photograph by Halfdan Ozurrson.

At the time this is being written 35 scores are waiting for approval on the West Kingdom royal rounds site and I expect more archers will be recognized on the site soon http://scores-sca.org/public/scores_current.php?R=12&Shoot=280&W=814.

If everything is approved I am expecting to be releasing some archery news about Coronet in the very near future. Two target stands used at the event were given to local area shooters one went with Galvin for Eskalya and 1 went with Etain for Selveirgard.

As a reminder to keep in the spirit of period archery “wooden” arrows are the principal arrows for the shoots. The archery marshal can make exceptions to that but even that has a limit and only for practice. ALL SCORES have to be shot with wooden arrows. So please try and use wooden arrows whenever possible.

Thanks for coming out to shoot –

In Service,

 Stephen de la Bere



Bardic: I Went Down To The Sea

Oh, I went down to the sea,
Just to see what I could see
And I danced all night
And I played all day
That is the life for me!

I took berth on a corsair,
She was fast as she was fair
With a villainous crew
Sailed the ocean blue
Dry land can not compare!
Yo-ho, Yo-ho, Yo-ho!


Oh the Captain he was grand
He only had one hand
The ladies adored
How he slung his sword
Bold leader o’ the pirate band!
Yo-ho, Yo-ho, Yo-ho!


Made prisoners walk the plank
And whistled while they sank
Sharks would gather near
When that board ‘d appear
O what a glorious prank!
Yo-ho, Yo-ho, Yo-ho!


Old Frank was our feline
His smell was so malign
That the rats in the hold
Wished they had a cold
When he came down to dine!
Yo-ho, Yo-ho, Yo-ho!


Made Eskalya our next port
Snuck in while they’s at court
Frank’s stink gave us ‘way
Sorcha yelled “Let’s play!”
Gave chase with her armed escort
Yo-ho, Yo-ho, Yo-ho!


Headed next to Winter’s Gate
Where winter stays so very late
We’d have plundered their halls
But froze our cannon balls
So much for tempting Fate
Yo-ho, Yo-ho, Yo-ho!


Finally wint down to ol’ Sel’gard
Georg’s got a huge backyard
That he defends with whacks
From his mighty war axe
And never lets down his guard
Yo-ho, Yo-ho, Yo-ho!




Baronial Positions Available

The following officer positions and/or deputy positions are currently open or looking for a replacement within the Barony of Selviergard. Please take a moment to look over the current listings and see if you would like to help our group grow.

For most cases training is available. If you would like to determine what the job entails and how you can help the Barony then please feel free to contact the officer or the baronial Seneschal.


Applicants for these positions are asked to send a Letter of Intent / SCA Resume to the Baronial Seneschal for consideration to: seneschal@selviergard.westkingdom.org