From the Baron and Baroness...


Unto the populace of Selviergard, do we Fathir and Étaín, Freiherr and Banbharun send word.

It tis the wondrous time of the summer months when the days run long and the nights are short, the fish run plentiful in the rivers and the elk have started growing antlers to impress the ladies of their eyes, to the hunter’s delight. It is a time we all strive to fill our larders before the long, dark, cold winter months. I wish you all well in your hunting and fishing endeavors that your families may be well fed during the cold months. Also stack the wood high that you may keep warm till the spring thaws.

But summer is also a time of fighting and honing our skills, testing our might and endurance in long tournaments. Soon to show one’s skill at the Coronet Tournament; to be crowned and to crown your consort. Coronet will be on the far off Island of Pavlok Gorod. We do hope that many of you will make the lengthy journey across land and sea, to visit the island home of our good friends. Come and show the Knowne World what Oerthans are made of! Test your mettle against the knights and their squires; show honor and privilege to your consort! Make your Prince and King proud of the mighty North. Bring your artistic skills and show off the wares that have been made over the year by your very own hand.

Shortly after we have all made the long voyage back from Pavlok Gorod, a new chapter will begin in the Barony of Selviergard, heralded in by Halfdan as the newest Baron. He follows a strong linage of Barons and Baroness’; Fergus and Margarita, Georg and Katarzina, and Fathir and Étaín. The changeover event shall be at Lake Lucille at a somewhat primitive site. It is recommended to bring your best bug repellant to ward off the swarming hordes that linger in the woods. The site should allow us to be noisy throughout the night, so bring your drums, your loud bellowing voices, your finest drink, your favorite games and your good cheer. This should be a most festive event with fighting, singing, gaming, and whatever merriment that one may think of to entertain the people of Oertha. Also for those who are marshals and fighters, the Kingdom Knight Marshal shall be up to teach marshalling and fighting classes. We also believe his Lady may be coming up and teaching classes as well, therefore this should be a good learning opportunity for all.

We would also like to thank Halfdan for running the Summer Hunt. It may have been a small event compared to what we have been having lately, but it was filled with lots of fun. The fighting was enjoyable to watch both the heavy and the rapier. We observed many people playing different games throughout the day, laughing and having a great time. We also saw several people who have played in the past, come out and enjoy the day with us, if even for a short while. We do hope that we will see much more of them and also of many others.

The Fourth of July Parade will be Friday, July 4th, please come out and march with us and entertain the city with fighting along the parade route. Afterwards, we will be at the Mayor’s picnic; showing off our armour and arts. We shall have a game of skill for the children to play. We cannot fight at the Mayor’s picnic, but if the fighters do wish to do a fighter practice…we can do it, just past the main picnic area or were we have practice on a normal basis. This parade and picnic is a friendly way to meet more of our local community and tell them about ourselves. So bring your best and your happy cheery faces to show the people of the Valley what we do and how much fun we have doing it.

Fathir and Étaín,
Freiherr and Banbharun of Selviergard

Oerthan Summer Coronet

July 18-20, 2014

Join us as we celebrate the reign of Prince Kenric and Princess Dagmar and the selection of Their Heirs. Enjoy the salt air and nearby beach, revel in the mountains, shop at the traditional Kodiak Islander Saturday market, and walk along the trails between the pastures.

There will be an A&S display. Please bring lots of things. Show off all the hours you've worked over the long winter months!! A&S competition: Period headwear. Their Highnesses Whim: Viking clothing. Fabric is available for those who are making the items specifically for Their Highnesses to keep. Autocrat's Whim: displayed representations of the chivalric virtues. Herbal and Leechcraft guild competition: a first aid item, with documentation explaining its uses in period and current efficacy in the Knowne World.

On Saturday at 9AM there will be two West Kingdom Provost Royal Guild of Fence Prizes fought.

The Roses Tournament will commence for heavy and rapier fighters immediately following the Coronet Tournament upon the Eric.

Saturday night is a potluck feast, and following after diner Dona Etain O'Rowarke is sponsoring a Rapier Tournament.

Site information: Kodiak Fairgrounds and Raceway / Fairgrounds Access Rd / Kodiak, AK 99615. Directions from the airport: Turn left onto Rezanof Drive. Drive about five minutes. Watch for the Kodiak Fairgrounds and Raceway sign. Turn right. You are there. Directions from the ferry dock: Turn left, follow the curve around until you reach the one and only stoplight. Turn left onto Rezanof Drive. Follow the road for about 10-15 minutes until you pass the airport. Drive about five more minutes. Watch for the Kodiak Fairgrounds and Raceway sign. Turn right. You are there.

Site opens at NOON on Friday and closes at Sunday at 5PM.

Site is wet; please police age restrictions. Additionally, guns are prohibited on site. Bears should be reported to the Fairgrounds caretaker. Dogs are okay, but must be on a leash.

Please bring your leather or wooden dishes. Glass is not allowed out of vehicles due to horses, cows and goats.

Event Fee: Adults: $22 (ages 12 and up), Children: $12 (ages 6-11), children under 6 are FREE.

Autocrat: Tama Katerina Evstokh'eva (Tamie Everton Fogle)

Selviergard's Baronial Changeover

August 8-10, 2014

Come celebrate the reign of Baron Fathir and Baroness Étaín and help welcome Their successor, Halfdan, with banners, fighting, pageantry, activities, songs, and tales in a full weekend camping event!

Activities include: A Bear Pit Tournament to determine the next Warlord of Selviergard, Bears in Any Mode Competition, and much more. Additionally, we are looking forward to a visit from the Kingdom Earl Marshal and his Lady. This is a great opportunity to learn and have fun!

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Site Information: Lake Lucille Campground / S. Endeavor St. / Wasilla, AK 99654. Directions: Head east on AK-3 S / George Parks Hwy / E Parks Hwy toward Main St / Wasilla-Fishhook Rd, and go East on S Knik-Goose Bay Rd for about 2.9 miles. Turn right onto S Endeavor St and follow it down to the end to the campground. Follow SCA signs from there arrive at Group Campsite C.

Site Fee: $10 for adults and $5 for children (up to age 12), Family Cap is $30. Please note that the $5 non-member surcharge. Please make checks payable to "SCA, Inc. - Barony of Selviergard."

Autocrat Team: Étaín O'Rowarke (Crystal Nelson), Fathir von Trier (Bryan Nelson), and Halfdan "Two Bears" Ozurrson (Travis Abe-Thomas).


Eskalya's William Tell Event

August 23, 2014

The Time has come to test our Archery, Endurance, and Marksmanship as our ancestors of old used to, in games of skill that challenge our abilities. Come join us at the Ruth Arcan Park for the day.

There will be a Baroness Championship Gauntlet style tourney for both Heavy and Rapier. Tourney will be based on a point system for each contestant:

Gauntlet Obstacle Course -- engage guardian of the bridge; run the bridge and at the end throw a spear at the Troll; circle the 'lake' jumping from stone to stone, at the end of the stones shoot bow at the poisoned apple; dance one dance with the "lady of the lake". this will be followed with a 30 minute bear pit fighting one for rapier and one for heavy.
Archery Contest
Playing a game of strategy at the tables.
Your consort and family can earn you points by entering into any of the challenges as well.

There will be available for all to participate in: Archery Contest for Adults, Children's Archery Contest, Tables will be set up for Games of strategy -- 9 man morris, checkers, mancala. There will be Dancing -- note to fighters: you get points for dancing!

Feast -- your choice pot luck, bring enough to feed 8-10 people with ingredients list for any allergies.

Dress warm and in layers in the chance the weather may be contradictory.

Site Information: Ruth Arcan Park. Directions to site will be forthcoming

Site fee: $10 adults; $5 ages 10-15; children under 10 are free. $5 Non Member fee applies.

Autocrat: Syr Verica de Lighthaven


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