March 2017 Edition


From the Baron...


Unto the Populace of Selviergard,

The sun has started to warm up the lands of the Barony of Selviergard and while for some it seems that winter is here to stay know in your heart that very soon spring will clothe the land in verdant green and warmer weather will be fast upon us. Until then, we shall stay in our warm halls working on projects and artworks for the coming season—a season of camping and bardics, a season of celebration and revelry, a season of great deeds and many stories that will echo into the coming years.

Consider, for a moment, of contributing to this newsletter. Articles that you have written, artwork crafted by your own hands, stories and poems to inspire those reading it--are all encouraged and needed. This newsletter is a great way to encourage others and I am sure that the Chronicler would appreciate items to include in this magnificent publication.

There are several new award ideas that I am working on as our group has within it diverse and talented people that should be noticed and celebrated. At the next several business meetings I will talk about these new awards to get peoples advice and commentary. In the meantime, if you have award recommendations for awards that we currently have please let me know so that those good gentles can be properly thanked and noticed for their service and skills.

In Service,


Baronos of Selviergard, Tyrant of the Eagle River

From the Prince and Princess of Oertha...

The days are growing longer and the snow beginning to melt in Our beautiful Oertha, a land rich with the talent of its people. It is Our wish that the artisans and craftsmen of fair Oertha take advantage of the ever-lengthening days to explore their creativity and practice new skills. Opportunities to practice the arts abound, We would encourage everyone to participate in the ongoing Principality Arts and Sciences Championship, the next contest of which is Open Topic Research Papers at March Madness (please contact Our Arts & Sciences Minister, Baroness Cynehild, at cynehild(AT) with any questions).

Additionally, Lord Hraði Kottr has laid a challenge at the feet of Oertha's Scribes to complete scroll blanks for Our reign. Finally, Duchess Eilis has asked for contributions to the Kingdom for gift bags to be provided to the King and Queen Artemesia for Estrella and The King and Queen of the East at Gulf Wars (please contact Mistress Vicana at with questions).

Within Oertha, we are looking forward to seeing friends both old and new as we travel to Oertha's great baronies and beautiful shires. Our first event will be in Winter's Gate at Heart's Revel and we hope to see many of you there.

Outside of Our Principality, we are looking forward to journeying south to attend March Crown bearing witness to the selection of Their Majesties' Heirs. We also hope to muster a force of Oerthans to demonstrate the Wolf's ferocity on the fields of West/An Tir War in July.

In the coming months, we look forward to seeing the talent and artistry of Our people. Oertha blooms as the Arctic Rose in the Western Crown, fair and beautiful to behold, and we could not be prouder to be your Prince and Princess.

Soren and Alienor

Prince and Princess of Oertha



March Madness

Come and enjoy and great start to spring in Eskalya. The Sister Baronesses invite you to come witness their new heavy & rapier champions. The tourney will be a prize fight. All fighters
entering will submit a prize and choose one at the end of the tourneys.

Mistress Caitriona Inghean Ui Chionaodha will holding a class on regalia care.

There will be a potluck dinner at 5pm. The Barony will be supplying two soups, a potato soup and a vegetable soup. Those who wish to join in the potluck please bring what is in your name group.

Mundane last names
A-F will be Salads,
G-L will be breads,
M-Z will be desserts.

Please bring a 3x5 cards of ingredients for those who have allergies will know what they can and cannot have.

Site Information: Jewel Lake Parish (3833 Strawberry Rd. Anchorage, Ak 99502).

Site opens at 11AM and closes at 7PM.

Driving directions: Make your best way to Dimond Blvd and head west to Jewel Lake, Make right onto Jewel Lake. Make right onto Strawberry Rd. Will be first left.

Site Fee: $15.00 non-members, $10.00 members, $5.00 children 5-10 years

Autocrat: Bartram Sinclair (Bret Clark)



Newcomer's Feast

Come and show the newcomers what the SCA is all about. We will have stations where people can experience little projects that can be done at any event and will provide a great introduction to the SCA.  Come support the Shire and help greet folks new and old.

Site Information: Soldotna Library (Soldotna, AK)

Site opens at 1PM and closes at 5:30PM.

Autocrat: Lady Sylvia of Thrace



Spring Offensive

Once again the Warlords Horn will sound to call the fighters of Oertha together for the annual Spring Offensive. Join the Bar-ony of Selviergard on the field of battle and prepare your units for the upcoming Wolf Wars.

We will be running a number of scenarios to prepare all fighters for the war field. There will be open field battles a woods battle and bridges to fight for control. Now is the time to breakout your camping equipment and repair your armor and weap-ons, test your skills on the battlefield and see how comfy your camp can be. There will be a potluck feast with the main meats sponsored by the barony. We will have archery and thrown weapons competitions, cooking contests and the offensive garb wars and children’s activities. All fighting will include heavy and rapier scenarios.

Mark your calendars for this annual event in Sunny Selviergard.

Additional details will be published in future DragonTales.

Site Information: Houston Campground (Houston, AK).

Autocrat: Viscount Fergus mac Thomais (George Thompson).



In Period

Spring is will be here before you know it. Here we are in February and coming up on March it’s time to think about upcoming camping events we a several to plan for this year. The first big camping event will be Spring Offensive on May 20-21st, the next will be Wolf Wars on Memorial Day weekend May 26th -29th, In July we have summer Coronet and finally Purgatorio in August.

Now is the time to begin your camp projects to get ready for the summer, by starting now you can spread the cost of repairs or new purchases out over the next 3 months. Things to consider for projects are anything to improve the function and looks of you camp at events. One of my projects this spring is to make all new ropes and sliders for my pavilions, after 25 years they are showing their age and we had several break at 50 year due to the high winds and rain. Here are some ide-as for getting ready for the summer camp season.

Pavilions: Do you have one? If so what condition is it in, how are the ropes and ties? Better to find out before you need to set up at an event. If you need new ropes what better time than on a cold day to sit inside and make new ropes, it’s also good to have several spares just in case. De-pending on the age and condition of your tent it may be time to clean and re-waterproof your can-vas. Setting up your tent in the yard on a sunny day and use lemon juice and water to scrub the canvas, then let sit and air dry it will brighten the canvas and prepare it for waterproofing. I would recommend Canvac, it is available from Alaska Tent and Tarp.

Chairs: One of the hardest camp items to get are period chairs, many use folding camp chairs and put covers on them. Do you have a chair cover? Now is the time to make some to im-prove the looks of your camp. Period chairs are great and look good, we spend a lot of time and money on our pavilions and gear, let’s have some nice chairs to go with it.

Pageantry: Do you have banners? Do you have a passed device? If so it’s time to make those banners and put your device on display for all to see. Decorating your camp will make it stand out for all to see, this is really important when newcomers are present, the more pageantry the better. Another item to consider is running walls, these can really create a great atmosphere in camp and are inexpensive to make. Running walls can define a space and be used to hide mun-dane items or tents.

Furniture: if you are handy with wood now is the time to plan out your projects making your camp comfortable. Trestle tables, benches, chairs, tourney boxes, now is the time to plan and build them for the upcoming season. There are many resources available to help you with the design, lucky for us there are plenty of examples of period furniture available along with plans and material lists to construct them.

Happy Camping.



Creating a Running Wall

Here is something that can add to the pageantry and grandeur of our camps at events. One of the sim-plest items to dress up a camp are running walls. They can be used to define an area and cover mun-dane items like modern tents. One of the things you will see at large outside events are wall around en-campments, these serve to define their space and limit entry to a single gateway, most kingdom en-campments have a gate or wall to define their areas.

Building running wall panels is simple and inexpensive, some panels are painted to look like stone walls of wood walls, others are painted with the devices of the occupants, and anything you can think of can and probably has been done. I have seen the 10’x20’ carports painted to look like a stone cottage with windows added, from 20 feet away they look solid. The best materials to use for these walls are queen size bedsheets, you can buy used ones at thrift stores for just a couple of dollars, depending on what you are going to paint on them will determine the base color, or get plain white or off white sheets and dye them the color you want. Once you have your fabric roll two opposite edges and sew them full length to make a sleeve on each side that will fit up to a 2”x2” wood pole or a 1” pvc pipe. When that is done, make a cut every 6” along the sleeve, this will make tabs that can be interwoven to add multiple panels. (See Drawings) Next find a wall that you can hang up the fabric on tightly and draw your device or other decoration onto the fabric, once you have your drawing, use latex paint and paint your panel, be sure to put plastic sheeting behind your fabric as it will bleed through.

Frames and portable holes will give rigidity to your panels, most frame types are cheap to build, and each wall section will need 2 upright poles either 2x2s or 1” PVC pipe. Your choice of materials will dictate the size of portable hole you will need. By using portable hole the number of tie down ropes is reduced.


Any kind of design can be painted on a panel to fit your personas time frame and artistic desires.


Standard Queen Size Sheet, painted as needed. Note: be sure all your panels are the same size to avoid assembly problems later.



Cooks Corner:Viking Age Cooking

Coarse Wheat Loaf Bread

1 cup cracked wheat
1 cup boiling water
Sourdough and a little brewer's yeast
2 cups cow milk or cultured milk/Acidophilus
2 cups wheat flour

Put the cracked wheat in a pot and pour over the boiling water. Leave to soak for about 1 hour.

Mix the soaked cracked wheat with salt, sourdough, yeast and milk. Add the wheat flour and knead it all together. Let the dough rise somewhere a little warm until the next day.

Form the dough into one large round loaf and place it into a floured bread rising basket. Score the bread and then let it rise once again. Carefully turn out the yet unbaked loaf onto a floured, wooden peel and place it in the oven. Bake for 1.5 hour approximately.


Chicken Stew with Beer

1 chicken, about 2 to 2-1/2 lbs.
3-4 carrots
3 yellow onions
1 turnip, about 1 lb.
1-1/2 teaspoon salt
Dash black pepper
6-8 whole allspice
1 bottle (12 oz.) dark beer

Chop the chicken into 8 pieces. Peel and cut the vegetables into pieces. Fry the chicken in butter, about 5 minutes on each side. Season with salt and pepper and place in a pot. Add the vegetables, thyme, allspice and beer. Let boil for about 15 minutes or until vegetables are tender. Serve the dish with bread.

Makes four servings.



Oertha Shines at Winter Coronet

“O Januarie, what myghte thee devinaille
To them who to Oertha on shippes saille?
What delices and mirth dust you see
At Oerthes corounet feste and reveli? ”
-Faunus de Arden, Autocrat

In the snow-washed days of the beginning of the new year the Principality of Oertha once again held a great tournament to determine the next Prince and Princess of Oertha by Right of Combat. While the outdoors was cold; many stayed warm with fine wools and furs as well as by the warmth in the hearts of many as the populace came out to witness a grand event. This Winter Coronet and Investiture, an event celebrating the reign of Kenric and Dagmar and welcoming in the new Heirs, was a diverse and exciting event and one that will be remembered fondly by many people.

Alongside many Oerthans from around the Principality there were many notable visitors from the other expanses in the Kingdom of the West. Our esteemed visitors included Roger and Zanobia, the King and Queen of the West, Princess Helga of the Mists, as well as long-time Oerthans including Viscountess Aryana Silknfyre and Mistress Anne of Bradford, as well as a variety of visitors grand and noble from far off and distant lands.

People entered the Great Hall and signed in and visited before things got started; all of them ready for the weekend’s activities to take part in and experience. People gathered and visited as they waited for the opening court of the day to start the event. Before opening court, Lord Sevastian Agafangelovich Golystin was named as a member of the Queen’s Guard, an honor bestowed by Queen Zanobia’s own hand.

Opening court took place amid the beauty of a mechanically devised aurora borealis accented by candles—one of the most stunning and beautiful hall decorations seen in a while. From the opening statements from the Prince and Princess of Oertha, as well as Baron Faunus de Arden, the Autocrat for the event, the Invocation for the Tournament was begun with pageantry and splendor. Each fighter presented his or her inspiration for entering the tournament. Banners were processed in with some of the fighters and grand speeches were made including one, while not extravagant with words, was quite memorable—when presented for the invocation; Lady Úlfhildr Sverradóttir, who was being fought for by Lord Nikor of the Isle of Oaks, told the royalty in perfect Nikorian fashion that “Nikor fight…for me.”


Those who fight in the tournament take the Oath and prepare for the tournament. Photograph by Yamano Yuki. January 21, 2017.

With the end of the Invocation Court, the fighters prepared to head outside where the tournament would take place.

Thirteen fighters took the field that day. The populace, bundled in many layers of clothing to keep warm, witnessed a delightful tournament filled with chivalry, skill, and valor both on and off the field. The tournament was started by the invocation and at the words of the marshals the Coronet Tournament began.


Lord Hans Shaefer and Lord Sevastian in the Coronet Tournament. Photograph by Halfan Ozurrson. January 21, 2017.

The fights were crisp and quick, and a single bout and by double elimination determined who would progress in the tournament. The fights showcased very skilled and talented fighters from around the Principality who fought in the tournament to name their inspiration as Prince or Princess of Oertha the next day. But as with all tournaments, there could be only one winner. The populace watched the number of entrants dwindle slowly down to the finals.

The finals came down to Duke Skeggi Nyewcombe and Sir Søren j Alborgh. In the first fight Sir Søren landed a good quick shot on Duke Skeggi. The second round saw both fighters testing each the other with blows and blocks until Sir Søren landed a beautifully placed blow against his noble opponent, thus landing him the fight and the Coronets of Oertha for him and his lady amid the cheers of the populace watching the tournament.


Sir Søren names his Lady, Mistress Alienor, as Lady Borealis at the conclusion of the tournament. Photograph by Halfdan Ozurrson. January 21, 2017.

There was hardly a dry eye to be seen as Sir Søren j Alborgh received the token of the The Borealis and conferred unto his inspiration, Mistress Alienor Fitzhenry, the title of Lady Borealis to be crowned the next day and to sit as his side as Princess of Oertha.

A series of pickup fights took place shortly after the Coronet Tournament as the fighters wanted to continue having fun in the snow. Additionally, many Rapier fighters took the opportunity to have fun outside as well. Many of the populace braved the weather to watch both groups.

After the fighting there was an evening court held for both the Principality of Oertha and the Kingdom of the West. This court would see many individuals recognized and honor for their effort and hard works.

In the Court of Kenric and Dagmar it was Lady Mór ingen Donnchada who was bestowed the Diamond Willow for her service to the Principality. Afterwards, Lady Elena verch Rhys and Lord Hans Shaefer were noted for their great hospitality and awarded the Argent Flame. From there, the Oerthan Order of Grace was then bestowed upon Viscountess Violet Tailyeaour and Lady Elena verch Rhys—both noted for their courteous behavior to all. From there the Prince and Princess of Oertha invited Fella-Bjorn Gunnarsson into the Order of the Oerthan Sword for his skill in combat on the field.

The Sister Baronesses of Eskalya had business in the Court of Kenric and Dagmar as well. Trailed by two youths carrying the Ancient Coronets of the Barony of Eskalya, Baroness Cynehild and Baroness Clare returned these relics to their rightful owner; Viscountess Aryana Silknfyre. Her Excellency, Aryana, gave kind words unto the Baronesses and to the populace and received the storied historical items unto her person.

From there the Court of King Roger and Queen Zanobia started with Sorcha Caraman and Duke Skeggi Nyewcombe, escorted in by the members of the Guild of Defense, being brought forward before Their Majesties. Both Mistress Sorcha and Duke Skeggi were offered elevation into the Order of Fence, and both were quite honored with the decision by Their Majesties. Mistress Sorcha agreed to be elevated the next day while Duke Skeggi asked for admission at a later date.

Last but not least Mistress Saphira the Navigator was called forward and elevated to the position of the King’s Huscarls. The Huscarls members are asked to serve as the King’s house guard, specifically during war time and is, indeed, a most notable honor.

In the evening and after court, the Autocrat invited those who purchased feast tickets to enjoy the Tattered Tabard Tavern held in the hall downstairs in preparation for the grand meal. With specially selected music and the hall lit only by candles, the tavern was a beauty to behold and evoked a wonderful atmosphere for an amazing set of period dishes and delights.


High Table is ready and The Tattered Tabard Tavern is all set for feast to begin. Photograph by Yamano Yuki. January 21, 2017.

All of the items for feast were based on period foods from a variety of sources. Each dish was only modified slightly for the modern palate and then only with items that would have been a normal substitution in the time period. The first course consisted of artesian breads and Oyle Soppes, a version of onion soup served with stale bread underneath the soup. The second course was Roast Fowl with bread stuffing, vegetable fryttors, and baked root vegetables. The Roast Fowl was brought out with great pageantry to be displayed at High Table dressed as a goose—a fantastical illusion to behold. The third remove was Roast pig alongside Rysshews of fruyte and a custard of squash. The final remove saw a selection of scrumptious tarts.

Tales and songs were presented alongside the courses in the Tavern; and the entries for the Principality of Oertha’s Arts and Sciences Competition also took place at that time. The whole tavern atmosphere was immensely enhanced by these additions and made a very memorable experience.

The day ended with many people headed to homes or to their cabins to continue the celebration of the day’s event and to prepare for the next day. In the upper hall, Sir Duncan ap Llywellyn and Master Rodrigo de Reinosa took the opportunity to duel with miniature siege weapons. Marshmallows flew back and forth and there was much laughter by those witnessing such an event.

The next day opened with cold outside in typical Oerthan fashion; but that didn’t stop the activities planned to conclude the event. There were plenty of things to witness and partake in including a showcase of rapier skill, the final court of Kenric and Dagmar, the first court of Søren and Alienor, and a Kingdom court as well.

The Rapier Community, led by the West Kingdom Guild of Defence honored the Queen of the West with a display of period techniques from a variety of different Masters of the later time frame of the Society. The Queen braved the temperatures so different from her homelands and was amazed and quite pleased with the skill and prowess of the various Oerthan rapier fighters in which she gleefully noted in a later missive that “The enthusiasm for their martial art, and the research and execution of the various masters of defense was a joy to behold.”


A demonstration of Fencing Masters is put on by Lord Sevastian Agafangelovich Golystin and Mistress Sorcha Careman. Photograph by Yamano Yuki. January 22, 2017.

As with all Coronets there is an Investiture Court towards the end of the event. It is here that, witnessed by the populace and following tradition and ceremony, the Prince and Princess acknowledge the victor of the tournament and proclaim them as the new Prince and Princess of Oertha.

However, before the Investiture of Their Heirs, Kenric and Dagmar had a few other items of business in court. The Diamond Willow was bestowed to both Viscountess Isabella Hawke and Baron Faunus de Arden for their services to the Principality. Afterwards, there was a presentation of new regalia for the Principality; two new haversacks crafted by Viscountess Violet Tailyeaour, Baroness Elisheva bint Sitt al-Sirr and Lady Elena verch Rhys who presented it to Their Highhnesses amid great “oohs” and “ahhs” from all those witnessing. Mistress Margarita di Calvi also received the Silver Ulu for her work in the kitchens at many events for creating delectable edible wonders.

Principality business was also conducted in court in which Sir Duncan ap Llywellyn stepped up as the new Knight Marshal for the Principality of Oertha thus relieving Sir Cyrus Aurelius from his long and honorable vigil.

More awards were presented afterwards with Mikael auraprestr, whom many in Oertha know as Father Mike, and Duchess Eilis ni Roibeard O'Boirne being admitted to the Oerthan Company of Wandering Wolves—an award for those who have contributed greatly to the Principality of Oertha but do not reside in these lands . Additionally, Lady Mór ingen Donnchada was acknowledged with the Coronets Favor for great services rendered unto the Prince and Princess. Last, but not least, The Shield of Chivalry was bestowed upon Lord Bartram Sinclair who showed great prowess and chivalry on many fields of battle. From there, and after the court was released, Prince Kenric gave his final words to the populace of Oertha and the Coronets of Oertha were passed unto the Heirs, Søren and Alienor.

After the Coronets were passed, there was a change in the Princess’ Champions, new lords and ladies of the court were named, new guardsmen selected for duty, and talented artisans were called to take their place in the court. Prince Søren thanked the populace for attending and stated that he and Princess Alienor looked forward to traveling throughout Oertha, seeing his beloved populace, and meeting new people during his reign.

After the Investiture Court notable events took place in Their Majesties court. The first of which was the admission of Mistress Sorcha Careman into the Order of Defense; the first person be elevated to the Order in the lands of the Principality of Oertha. Her ceremony was quite beautiful, and included kind words from many people, the gift of white silk scarves as a sign of her elevation, and a token that had been made the night before by Duke Skeggi Nyewcombe, The Honorable Lady Kharakan Saran, and Lady Cassandra of Winter’s Gate.


Duke Skeggi Nyewcombe offers newly crafted regalia for Mistress Sorcha Caraman who is inducted into the Order of Defense. Photograph by Yamano Yuki. January 22, 2017.

After the ceremony; Lady Celestria Textrix and Master Gavin Woodward were called before the King and Queen of the West and received high praise for their hospitality and were awarded the Crowns Favor. Viscountess Violet Tailyeaour also received a Leaf of Merit for her astounding continued works in the Kingdom of the West. Additionally, Master Fergus mac Thomais was honored with admission into the Royal Missile Company; an honor that also bestows with it a Grant of Arms. Afterwards, Viscountess Dagmar the Red was called before Queen Zenobia and thusly made a Queens Guard, and Lady Cassandra of Winter’s Gate and Baroness Clare Elana, known for their many skills, were made Queens Artisans.

The final business in the court of the King and Queen of the West was that Tiarna Brann mac Finnchad was called before Their Majesties and offered admission into the Order of the Laurel for his amazing works in costuming. Tiarna Brann mac Finnchad asked to accept the elevation at a later date so that he would have time to prepare and Their Majesties honored his decision commanding him to prepare a suitable vigil.

After the recognitions of many of the popualce, the King and Queen of the West thanked the Principality of Oertha for their hospitality. With three cheers for the new Prince and Princess of Oertha, the King and Queen of the West, and all the other Princes and Princesses of the West the event was officially over.

While Coronets come to Oertha twice every year each one is unique and full of fond memories. Each person, no matter if Autocrat, Peer, populace member, or visitor, leave an indelible mark on these events. This Winter Coronet and Investiture will be remembered fondly by many for it was a weekend where friends were made, honor shined brightly on the battlefield, a new Prince and Princess took the thrones, a great feast was enjoyed by many, and our loved ones were recognized for their hard works and efforts.

The Selviergard Associated Press


Baronial History on Display: A Hunt for the White Stag

The White Stag Hunt was a traditional event that used to be held in the Canton of Inbhir na Da Abhann many years ago and celebrated chivalry and honor amongst the fighters and non-fighters alike. The activity is also noted for its fighting and pageantry the likes of which stories are told of. The Summer Hunt was brought back in 2014 with some updates and new ideas from Halfdan Ozurrson, the Autocrat for the event.


Baron Fathir of Selviergard (the White Stag), Lord Ulfgar Torkson (the Hunter), and Viscount Sir Gregor Hawke (the Great Bear) at the Summer Hunt. Photograph by Brann mac Finnchad. June 28, 2014.

At this Summer Hunt; a tournament was held before the actual Hunt to determine the animals and the hunters. The White Stag was chosen by the populace for his chivalry on the field while the Great Bear was chosen for his ferocity. Fighters not chosen for the animals became the hunters and it was they who had to capture or kill the White Stag without getting killed by the Stag or the Bear.

The Rapier Community was also invited with their own tournament and hunt in the woods which was run in the same way that their heavy counterparts took part in. Sir Viresse de Lighthaven was chosen as the White Stag, Tiarna Brann mac Finnchad chosen as the Great Bear, and Mistress Etain O’Rowarke and Master Breok of Whitby chosen as the hunters.
Afterwards, the populace was invited to play games, to decorate animal masks, or just simply enjoy the wondrous weather at the event. A potluck was held and there was plenty of food for everybody.

The event was well attended, but the small number of fighters in attendance made the hunt a little spare but still quite enjoyable by those in attendance.

More information on the Barony of Selviergard’s Summer Hunt in 2014 can be found on the Selviergard History Project and includes event information, photographs, and other items of note about this event.

The Selviergard History Project