May 2016 Edition


From the Baron...


Unto the Populace of Selviergard,

What an exciting month we have had. From a wondrous Collegium full of things to learn to a historical event filled with pageantry, crested helms, and a grand feast! The Barony of Selviergard continues to move forward showing all that we know how to have fun, and with another event at the end of this month, we are well into celebrating the Spring season with mirth and cheer in true Selviergardian fashion.

This month we see Spring Offensive; the longest running Selviergardian event. Spring Offensive is the celebration of the birthday of our Barony and the continuation of the ancient Troll’s celebration of Spring. This event will take place over Memorial Day weekend and, according to the Autocrats of the event, there is plenty to do for the entire weekend. This will also be our first camping event of the season so brush off your tents and pavilions, prepare you gear, and brush up on bear and moose safety.

In June I will be traveling to faraway lands to revel at the Society for Creative Anachronism’s 50 Year Celebration. I encourage all of you to attend. Pre-registration will still be open until May 15 so you still have time to make plans. Please ensure that when registering you file under the Principality of Oertha even if you do not plan on camping on site…the more people that register means the more land we as a group can acquire.

As always, if you have award recommendations please contact me and let me know the good deeds and diverse accomplishments of your fellow Selviergardians. I try to be everywhere at once but I rely on you, the populace, to see what I cannot see. You can make award recommendations in person at events or via the award recommendation site online.

In Service,


Barônos of Selviergard, Tyrant of the Eagle River, Defender of Hurricane Gulch


Event: Cherry Blossom Viewing

Said to have begun in the late 8th century, the flower viewing tradition is widely believed to have started in the Nara Period. The seasonal event was used to welcome in the new year's harvest while marking the beginning of the rice planting season. In the Heian period, Emperor Saga would welcome this time with celebratory feasts and parties under the sakura trees in Kyoto's Imperial Court. While originally limited to Japanese royalty and the elite upper class, hanami spread to all citizens by the Edo Period in the early 1600's. Join the Barony of Eskalya as we hold a Japanese Cherry Blossom Event of our own!!

A&S Challenge/Autocrats Whim: We need Cherry Blossoms for "Viewing"!! These can be done in ANY fashion YOU can think of and make. Do you Embroider? Do you Paint? Do you write beautiful words on parchment? Glass Work? Metal Work? The possibilities here are endless.

Please join us as we welcome the warm weather and Spring beauty. A potluck feast as well as a Dessert Cooking Challenge, Baroness' Tea, a Japanese Themed Fighting Tourney AND Contest for both Heavy and Rapier are also in store for the day’s enjoyment.

Site Information: Jewel Lake Parish (3833 Strawberry Rd, Anchorage, AK 99502). Site opens at 11AM and closes at 8PM.

Site fee:

Autocrat: Bella Hawke (Missy Snyder).




Event:  Beltane Feast

Come one, come all to the first OFFICIAL Hrafnafjörðr event. Huzzah! There will be time to mingle, a Roses Tournament, a Feast, the Maypole, and plenty of board games available throughout the day! There will be a bardic after the feast so please bring your songbook!

Schedule for the Day

10 AM Site Opens
11AM - 1PM Mingle, make wreathes and roses
1PM Roses Tournament
3:30PM Feast of Chicken (please bring a side dish)
4:30 Maypole
6PM Site Closes.

If you have any questions, please contact Adelaide or Siliva of Thrace

Site Information: Shrine Club of Kenai/Soldotna. Site opens at 10AM and closes at 6PM.

Site Fee: is $10 for adults, $5 dollars for children, $5 additional non-member fee, and a family cap of $30.


Event: Spring Offensive

Huuuu, Huuuu, Huuuu!  The Warlord’s Horn has sounded!

This is the rallying call for all of Selviergard to turn out for the Spring Offensive. All Fighters (Heavy and Rapier), Archers and Craftspeople, Rally to the Banner of our Barony, Stand with Baron Halfdan “Two Bears” for the glory of Selviergard.

The Barony of Selviergard invites all of Oertha to attend and show off its might in Contests of Strength and Skill, let all fighters come and show your prowess on the field of battle, Let the artisans of Oertha come forth and display your works for all to see. Come and camp with us, bring your pavilions and banners to create a true medieval spectacle. There will be Fighting, Games and Contests for all.

War Scenarios
Bear Pit Tourney
Armored Obstacle Course
Archery Competitions
Thrown Weapons – Axes & Spears
Tug of War
Beermaids of Valhalla- Obstacle Course
Offensive Garb Contest
Chess and board games
Field Heraldry Competition (Think Knights Tale) Judged by Audience
Children’s Activities

Come and join us “For the Fun of It”

Site Information: Lake Lucille Park, Pavilion C Group Camping Area (Wasilla, AK 99654).  Site will open at 5PM on Friday and close at 3PM on Monday.

Site fee: Adults $10.00, children 6-12 $5.00 smalls 0-6 Free, Family Cap $30.00.

Autocrat: Viscount Fergus mac Thomais (George Thompson).

Co-Autocrat: Lady Delfina de Granada.



Event: Barmaids

If you’re not able to make it to 50 Year Celebration, join us for the 1st Annual Barmaids event! Bring out your best bar weapon (SCA legal –“beer mugs”, etc.) Feast on Saturday night has meat provided, bring your favorite bar food…more info to come!  Hradthi is offering a calligraphy class, and there will be activities for the children

Site Information: Funny River Chamber of Commerce Community Center @ mile 12 Funny River Rd/Pioneer Access Rd. Site is discretely wet.

Site fee: $25 Adult members, $5 Youth (11-17 yrs, unde4r 11 FREE), $60 family cap.

 Autocrat: Nykor of the Isle of Oaks (Dave Eckholm)



Event: Chicken Wars V

Beware the Red Scarved Bandit, "You killed my chicken, prepare to scramble"

Come join us for an 'eggciting' weekend of fun and frivolity. Bring your banners to add color and ambiance to this the Fifth Chicken War celebration.

Activities: We will scramble on the fields both Heavy and Fence, for the Cracked Egg tourney and the Red Bandit Melee, Spear the Chicken for both children and Adults, Egg toss for Adults and children, Capture the egg (balloon stomp)- adults and children

Late Period (muskateer style) garb. Research is a plus
Red Bandit eye mask
Red Bandit Egg tale, story, or song.
Egg dish
'Egg' in any mode -- other than food

There will also be an A&S table for craftsmen to display projects they are working on or have completed.

More information will be forthcoming.

Site Information: Lake Lucille Park (Wasilla AK). Site opens at 5PM Friday and closes at 6PM Sunday.

Autocrat: Syr Viresse' de Lighthaven and Mistress Clare Elena de Montfort




In Period

We have found the perfect materials for the new garb, we spent months of time researching a documented period pattern, we have cut and sewn our fingers to the bone, but now we have a beautiful period outfit to wear and show off. We have spent years gathering all the right accessories to go with our perfect garb, we are ready to face the world now. You have packed your gear and headed to a camping event. The period pavilion is all set up with awnings and banners flying, lanterns are hung and rugs laid out. It’s been a long day, work, then the packing and driving and finally set-up. All is done and it’s off to bed with visions of welldressed ladies and knights in armor and banners flying as you see yourself in a time long past.

The sun rises and so do you, you lay there a few minutes still seeing the visions of pageantry and glory. Then you roll off your squishy air mattress and reach for you tablet or phone to check emails and Facebook, you sit down in your nylon camp chair at your plastic table and wonder where the nearest coffee shop is located. On the other plastic table are the plastic shopping bags of food that were not put away yet, next to the plastic water jug. So much for visions of living in the past.

The SCA is a unique group of people from all walks of life, the one thing we have in common is a love for history. Some people are more historical than others but all do their best to step back in time to be someone else for a few hours or days. Those of us who have been doing this a while have invested thousands of dollars into our garb, armor, feast gear and camping gear. Yet when we camp we are only playing at medieval life, we wear the clothes, put on the air’s and then surround ourselves with modern items, stoves, coolers, plastic containers and electronic toys. This allows the modern world to keep its hold on us and keeps us from truly experiencing a primitive lifestyle.

Just imagine waking up in your period camp and sitting on your period stool or bench at your wooden trestle table. For breakfast you go outside and light a fire in your fire pit and set your kettle to boil. The smell of wood smoke begins to fill the air as your neighbors do the same, while your fire is getting going you wander over to another camp that already has tea or coffee ready to drink and share a cup. You get out your breakfast foods and cook over the open fire the same way it’s been done for thousands of years.

The dream of living history is stronger for the experience of actually doing things the old way. Each person should strive to experience the past as it was lived, each to the best of their abilities. It’s time for everyone to stop and think about, “How did they live Back Then” and then strive to get as close as you can.


Collegium Again A Success

“And so go forth and learn, my young friend…go forth and learn great things.”
From Sharp Pointy Teeth and Other Tales; The Selviergard Chronicles

The Barony of Selviergard and the Barony of Eskalya once again hosted a bi-baronial collegium which had twenty-five classes spread out through two days; an event that hosted people from all over the Principality who took the opportunity to learn new things and acquire new skills that help make the Principality of Oertha a stunning place to live in. This event, the latest in several of bi-baronial events, was an amazing activity that was well attended.

Instructors from all over the Principality, and even two from out-of-kingdom, participated and taught a varied selection of classes which spanned huge sections of arts and sciences and even fighting techniques and styles. There was something for everyone with three or four classes happening at once all throughout the day.

Students learn the fine art of Illumination during one of the classes at the Bi-Baronial Collegium. April 2, 2016. Photograph by Halfdan Ôzurrson.

There was no opening court as the day started with students eager to learn new things. With the ring of the bell the classes begun; each student racing to a classroom to begin with eager instructors. As with most collegiums, many students made deals with others by promising to trade handouts from one class for another that they wanted to take that was in the same timeslot…and there were many class notes to go around. Instructors were kind enough to offer pointers and ideas even after their classes were concluded.

There was a lot of different classes to choose from; this year’s Collegium was full of diverse classes. Topics ranged from calligraphy and illumination, thoughts and ideas for running events, pottery, cooking, marionettes, camping, and even diverse fighting styles. There was truly something for everyone to partake in.

During the lunch break there was a brief court. Both their Excellencies from Eskalya and Selviergard were in attendance as well as Shawn, the Prince of Oertha. In Their Excellency’s combined court, Baron Halfdan and Baroness Elspeth bestowed tokens of appreciation to the instructors and thanked them for willingly giving their expertise; noting that the knowledge they were giving would echo into the future of the word-fame of the Principality. Additionally, their Excellencies gave the autocrats tokens, bronze rings from the Baron of Selviergard, and tokens from the Baroness of Eskalya.

Afterwards, His Highness had business in which he inducted Baroness Elisheva bint Sitt al-Sirr into the Order of the Argent Flame—a recognition for her hospitality to all—and honored Mistress Margarita di Calvi with the Order of the Sandhill Crane for her continued heraldic presence for her and her household at events. With the end of court, classes once again resumed.

The weather held very well for both days, and the unusually warm season made the outdoor Rapier classes quite popular. Teachers taught different techniques from the Masters such as Meyer, Agrippa, Fabris, and Sainct Didier. Students practiced the examples of the instructors to learn new moves and new thoughts to the art of fencing. Many new styles were taught, and students came away from the classes with new talents of which they could practice and then utilize in the next tournament.

Lord Sevastian teaches a class on his chosen Rapier Master at the Bi-Baronial Collegium. April 2, 2016. Photograph by Halfdan Ozurrson.

In between classes on the second day, His Highness Shawn called a brief court in which he welcomed Delphina de Grenada into the Order of the Ursa Major; an honor bestowed for those who guide the children of the Principality of Oertha. From there, the final series of classes began.

Fighter Practice is held towards the end of the event. April 3, 2016. Photograph by Yamano Yuki.

It seems, more often than not, that even if there is no fighter practice scheduled at an event, fighters will always find a way to squeeze a practice in. And so, during the strong, warm light of the early afternoon on the second day, the fighters gathered together to swing swords at each the other. Sir Bjorn Jorsalfar, one of the guest instructors from out-of-kingdom, took the time to practice with the fighters; offering advice and pointers along the way.

With the end of the day, the instructors gently guided the last of their lingering students out the door, tables were packed up, and many plans were made for the next event, discourse of future household project nights, or the excited discussion of a myriad of different things that people learned. The sunlight shone strong as people left to their own homes armed not with swords or daggers, but with knowledge…knowledge and plans and the acquired skills to help make the Society an even brighter place.

The Selviergard Associated Press


Crested Helms and a Grand Feast

“Did candy just explode out of that thing? I think that’s candy.”
Baron Halfdan while watching the Crested Helm Tournament

In years past the then Canton of Inbhir na d'Abhann hosted a memorable event; one that celebrated the high Middle Ages with a tournament and crests and a grand feast. This event celebrated by our Cousins was called the Boon Day Feast and, from apocryphal tales and the memories of those who were there, was quite grand. The Barony of Selviergard, wishing to hearken back to those days and relive the excitement and fun of that ancient event, hosted a Crested Helm Tournament and Feast; honoring the past while celebrating the present.

Each of the fighters that entered the Tournament were to create their own crest before the event. The wondrous crested helms for both heavy and rapier fighters were displayed upon a table so that all could see the artistic skill of the heavy fighters before the tournament started. People exclaimed over and examined the crests which included a stunning raven roosting, a fire-breathing vorpal rabbit (heraldically correct, mind you), a shooting star, a ferocious dragon, an enormous heart, and several more.

Some of the crested helms are displayed before the Tournament. March 23, 2016. Photograph by Halfdan Ôzurrson.

Before the day got underway, Baron Halfdan held a small court in which he thanked everybody in attendance, acknowledging a newcomer to his lands and offering a token of his appreciation. In His Excellency’s opening remarks, the Baron noted that he was excited to witness such an event as he had only heard about the original Boon Day Feast through historical records from the time. His Excellency also noted that he had peaked into the kitchen at great risk to life and limb and could verify that, by his observations, the feast later on that evening would be spectacular.

After the armor inspection the Gallery followed the fighters to the field, at which time the historians took the time to photograph each individual fighter with their helms before the tournament started. The goal of the tournament, done in a bear pit style, was to demolish your opponents crest without actually killing your opponent. It was a little trickier than some of the fighters thought. Several times the fighters clobbered their opponent and killed them without actually demolishing the crest or in some cases knocked off their own crest in the process. After the regular tournament, the fighters had so much fun that they decided to partake in a Grand Melee following the same conventions of the original tournament—protect your crest.

There were several fighters for the heavy tournament; Viscount Fergus mac Thomais, Lord Canute Mjoksiglandi, Lord Hraði Kǫttr, Lady Mór ingen Donnchada, Lord Sevastian Agafangelovich Golystin, and Lord Bartram Sinclair. During the tournament it was shown that Canute was the champion by being able to protect his crest from destruction at the hands of his opponents.

The Grand Melee is begun in earnest. March 23, 2016. Photograph by Yamano Yuki.

For the Rapier fighters, Donna Étaín O’Rowarke, Tiarna Bránn mac Finnchad, and Lady Angela of Eskalya. The Rapier fighters too had to adhere to the rules of the tournament—kill you opponents crest and not the opponent. While only three in number; the Rapier fighters put on a good tournament as well and they were quite enjoyable to watch. As with their Heavy counterparts, the Rapier fighters also participated in a Grand Melee. By the end of the tournament, Donna Étaín O’Rowarke was the only one with her crest still standing.

Lady Angela of Eskalya and Donna Étaín O’Rowarke duel during the tournament. March 23, 2016. Photograph by Yamano Yuki.

Three of the crests had surprises hidden inside of them. Viscount Fergus mac Thomais’s crest, when slain, released candy to the delight of the young and young-at-heart. Angela of Eskalya’s heart crest, when hit, revealed red streamers that added to the enjoyment of all and afterwards she showed that bubble wands were hidden inside as well. Lord Canute Mjoksiglandi’s crest was later discovered to be undead, and the fiendish skeleton of the rabbit was only revealed after Canute ripped the head off to show the populace.

After the tournament and the pick-up fights, Mistress Anna di Caterina Neri offered the second part to her Pinch Pot class of which she taught at the recent Bi-Baronial Collegium; the glazing of the pinch pots would be the final step to take before the pots could be taken home. Armed with glaze and paint brushes, the students completed their works that would be placed in the kiln the next day. What came out of the kiln was unique and quite amazing.

The first set of finished pots. March 24, 2016. Photograph by Anna di Caterina Neri.

Before the feast, Baronos Halfdan had court. It was there that several announcements were made about upcoming events and activities; the Cherry Blossom Festival in the lands of Eskalya and the Fighter Workshop towards the end of May. Mistress Clare Elana also took the time to announce the three winners for the crested helms themselves; Viscount Fergus mac Thomais’ crest was chosen as the Most Period, Lord Canute Mjoksiglandi was acknowledged for his Most Splendiferous Crest, and Lady Angela of Eskalya was noted as the Judge’s Favorite Crest. Before she left to go work in the kitchen, Mistress Clare Elana was given a bronze ring from the Baron’s hand; a token of his appreciation for her hard work autocratting the event.

It was also in court that Baron Halfdan recognized the hard work and effort of Lady Mór ingen Donnchada and inducted her into the Order of the Gules Claymore, a recognition of service to the Barony of Selviergard noting her accomplishments and efforts on various levels. The Baron concluded court with words thanking those who attended and who helped make the day enjoyable.

Feast was then served; three courses of magnificent food brought out to the hungry participants. The first course consisted of Salad of Greens and Pottage of Turnips. The second course was Pies of Paris and Roast Beef with Carmeline sauce. Additionally, a Gravy of Small Birds was presented on Ryse of Genoa. Lastly, and a scrumptious delight for dessert, slices of Darioles and Tartys in Applis were presented. The courses were magnificently prepared by the Chief Cook and Autocrat, Mistress Clare Elana, and her kitchen crew; offering a glimpse into a menu that would have been prepared back in the time of our ancestors.

After the toasts during feast Lord Sevastian presented his rendition of the morality story of the Orange at the request of the Baron.

Feast is enjoyed by the populace. March 23, 2016. Photograph by Yamano Yuki.

After the feast, Baron Halfdan called for a quick, informal court in which he recognized the work and skill of Mistress Clare Elana de Montfort and inducted her into the Order of the Or Claymore, an award for excellence in the Arts and Sciences, for her skill and artistry in period foods and her willingness and desire to teach others this art form.

With dishes cleared from the feast, the event was coming to a close. The day ended with people packing up their things to head back to their homes.

The event was a spectacular display of creativity and fun; effectively honoring the Boon Day Feast of the past while creating its own version for our modern history. The Autocrat of the day noted in a missive to the populace shortly afterwards that said “The helms were amazing! And the pictures show how fabulous everyone looked.” While the Baron himself proclaimed in his own missive “The artistry and skill of our fighters was readily apparent as they strode onto the field with exciting crests and worked on bashing the crests of their opponents. The passion and expertise of the Cook and her kitchen crew was obvious by the amazing food they brought out with cheerful faces.” This was definitely an event to remember.

The Selviergard Associated Press



Baronial Business

Baronial Positions Available

TThe following officer positions and/or deputy positions are currently open or looking for a replacement within the Barony of Selviergard. Please take a moment to look over the current listings and see if you would like to help our group grow.

For most cases training is available. If you would like to determine what the job entails and how you can help the Barony then please feel free to contact the officer or the baronial Seneschal.


Applicants for these positions are asked to send a Letter of Intent / SCA Resume to the Baronial Seneschal for consideration at: