August 2015 Edition


From the Baron...


Unto the Populace of Selviergard,

Congratulations to Duncan and Violet, our new Prince and Princess of Oertha. The Barony of Selviergard celebrates alongside the Principality and welcomes you to the thrones of this great Principality. Long live the Prince and Princess of Oertha!

The Fourth of July Parade and Demonstration was well attended this year by many from both the Barony of Selviergard and the Barony of Winter's Gate. Our noble efforts and participation in the annual parade was spectacular and quite memorable. Thank you to all who were able to make it out and walk the parade with and then spend some quality time together listening to great music while answering questions about the Current Middle Ages.

There are several more events planned before the days get too cold to be comfortable outside and the sharp northern winds bring with them a new season. Let us join together and celebrate the sun and warmth while we still have it at several events happening in the near future. Which events are you looking forward to?

As always, if you have award recommendations please let me know. The Barony of Selviergard is a large place with many notable populace members that are in need of recognition for their great works and diverse efforts as we explore The Dream together.

In Service,


Barônos of Selviergard


From the Prince and Princess...


Greetings unto the populace of Oertha,

We are honored, humbled, and privileged to be in such a great position of Honor. You the people are what have allowed Our dreams to come true within Our wonderful Society. In return Our word to you is that We will do all in Our power to assist you in achieving your dreams. Our most fervent wish is that together We will all have great fun along the way.

We are new to these lands, and in true Viking fashion have established ourselves. We sought council and decided there would be no better way to meet the populace than to fight in such a noble tournament. Surprises were to be had by all. Now Our effort begins, to meet each of you, and share a smile.

To the Oerthan fighters, you are some of the most noble, honorable, and courageous opponents We have encountered. You maintained great composure in the face of danger. We salute you, now, and each time We meet. Your skill and agility displayed an intense desire to share your piece of Our dream. Few fighters get the opportunity to fight with such vigor; for that We were all victorious!

To the support We received, be you ladies, gentles, or treasures. You came from everywhere in the hours of need, when Our minds were nebulous with wonderment. Your actions are a service to Us, and thus a service to the people and The Dream. Without you everything stops; Our Society would not exist. It is you, good people, that are the life blood that flows through The Dream. Never should We forget you, the quiet ones, that allow Us to shine in the light you create for all in the Society.

In closing, We say to the people: We shall have fun no matter the cost. This lifelong endeavor of friendship and joy lives on through investment of its people. We shall spend every possible moment together laughing and learning, smiling and sharing. We will share with you Our Dream and perhaps you will share with Us yours…Together, and as a Principality, within this Great Kingdom of the West,

In Service to the Dream, the Principality of Oertha, and the Kingdom of the West,

Duncan and Violet

Prinz and Prinzess of Oertha



Event: Baroness' Champion Tournament

The time has come once again for Her Excellency Elspeth to choose her Heavy, Rapier, and Archery Champions!

She has decided to truly test the skills and stamina of the fighters. Therefore; there will be a 30 minute Bear Pit for both the Heavy and Rapier fighters; broken into three 10 minute rounds (5 Minute breaks between each round) of the following styles: Round 1 will be Fighters Choice; Round 2 will be Mass Weapons, Round 3 will be Dagger and Buckler For our Rapier Challengers the rounds will be: Round 1 Fighters Choice; Round 2 Two Swords; Round 3 Dagger and any Defensive Item of your choice.

She also feels the Archers should be challenged! Therefore; a Wreath Shoot will be had for the Archers. Archers will be given time to practice during the day, but when the tourney starts each Archer is given 2 Arrows. The Archer who's arrow lands the truest wins the tournament!

A&S Competition: Make an item to be donated to the Eskalyian largess. Her Excellency's favorite entry will gain a prize!

Youth Combat, and Youth Archery will take place as well as other fun and exciting things!

Join us as we celebrate Baroness Elspeth and the Barony of Eskalya with fun and fighting!


I urge you ALL (fighters and consorts; even those not interested in the fighting aspect of what we as a Society do...) to start practicing your deaths. This will come in VERY handy for a Secret Happening that will take place during this event!

Site Information:  Ruth Arcane Park, 3766 Abbott Rd, Anchorage, AK 99507.  Site opens at 11am and closes at 7pm.

Directions: Make your best way to Anchorage. Take AK-1 S/Glenn Hwy and Muldoon Rd; Make your way to Doctor M.L.K. Jr Ave; turn left. Drive until you come to Elmore Rd; turn left. Drive until Abbott Rd. Turn Right on Abbott. Ruth Arcan will be on the left.

Event Fee:  Adults: $8, Children: (ages 12-18) $5, Under 12: Free.  Family Cap: $30.  $5 non-member surcharge applies. 

Food:  Potluck with the barony providing the main dish. Please bring enough to feed 6-8, and bring a list of ingredients so we can properly appreciate your skills (and the allergic know what to beware of).

Autocrat:  Viscountess Isabella Hawke (Melissa Snyder)

Last year, Aldyn, acting champion, became Baroness Champion. Photo by Marjorie de ffeyrefeld



Event: Winters Finding Feast

Hear Ye Hear Ye My Good Gentles Winters Finding is Upon Us The Fall Equinox brings us to the time of year where Summer and Winter balance for just a moment But then the cold starts seeping in and Old Man Winter triumphs in battle to bring us into Winter Make ready as the days get shorter and night grow longer and we ring in Winters Finding with a feast roast meats and root vegetables are the fair along with confections of the season and will be served to our visitants as we gather for Dancing and Feasting with friends from far and wide

Site Information:  The Palmer Depot, 610 S. Valley Way Palmer, AK 996545.  Site opens at 11AM and closes at 7PM.

Event Fee:  Adults: $12, Children: (ages 5-15) $6, Under 5: Free.  $5 non-member surcharge applies. 

Autocrat:  Anna di Caterina Neri (Georgia Pfile) and Nemonna Vicana (Bobbie Sampson)




Summer Coronet

Friday set up began in a light drizzle that didn’t manage to dampen the excitement. Tents were erected, dinner was eaten, and the revelry began. In a mixture of garb and mundanes, the fun started early and lasted into the wee hours of the night. There was so MUCH fun, that not one of the four historians whose photos were widely distributed, acquired a photo of the revelry. No matter. Well after midnight, and thus technically on Saturday, Sheva was squired to Sir Gregor amid many cheers and much drinking. (Enough drinking, that in fact, the first cheer was so ill timed, that we had to start over and cheer her right properly.)

Saturday dawned early. Before the tournament, a few bits of note happened. Sevastian was squired to Sir Soren, with the approval of his Fencing Mistress, Sorscha.

Squiring Ceremony for Sevastian to Sir Soren, with his fencing white scarf, Sorscha assisting. Photo by Halfdan Ozurason.

Also, Mor inghen Donnchaid was granted an Award of Arms that she might enter the tournament as Lady Mor.

The tournament began well and was a lengthy affair. Many thanks to the list mistress, the marshals, the shield tree operators, and all others who assisted in making the 4 ½ hour tournament run as smoothly as it did.

Vicana and Violet give there blessings and last words of encouragement to their respective Lords before they enter the final round. Photo by Marjorie de ffeyrefeld.

Ineveitably, as such things do, the tournament came down to two. Sextus Valerious Crusillius v. Duncan ap Llywellyn. The final round being the best two out of three; the first round went to Cru, the second to Duncan. The ladies watching from the sidelines were on tenterhooks, as was most of the populace. The third round was closely fought, but in the end, Duncan prevailed. Duncan was crowned Lord Borealis, and with shaking hands crowned his lady, Baroness Violet Tailyeour, Lady Borealis.

Their Majesties, Hauoc and Mina, watch the tournament. Photo by Yamano Yuki.

The tournament to find successors for Prince Shawn and Princess Arabella was not the only thing that happened on Saturday. The rapier guild had several prize fights: Brann, Angela, and Adolphus ranked up to journeyman. Edward was ranked up to freescholar but unable to do a prize fight due to geography.

The evening included Food – Selviergard sponsored a pot luck. Bardic – there was singing. And a Pajama party with Cards against Humanity during which we were shushed and told we had a quiet time starting at midnight so as not to disturb the neighboring horse show.

Sunday dawned bright, early and warmly. The temperature climbed throughout the day. Eskalya provided breakfast about the time court began. Several courts in quick succession began, including Oerthan Court, West Kingdom Court, and Principality of the Mists also held court. Ambassadors from the Midrealm, Baron Max and Baroness Caroline from the Barony of Shattered Crystal brought gifts to our King and Queen as well as the new Prince and Princess.

The biggest shock of court, was when Lady Sapphira the Navigator was elevated to Court Baroness by their Majesties. Much emotion was felt at this awarding.

Prince Duncan crowning Violet Princess of Oertha. Photo by Yamano Yuki.

The Lord and Lady Borealis, were crowned Prince and Princess of Oertha. Viscount Shawn and Viscountess Arabella were able to enjoy the rest of the day’s court out of the spotlight. Their Highnesses appointed Cru as the Princess’ Champion. And thus begin their reign as the 62nd Prince and Princess of Oertha.

The Royal Family. From left to right, King Hauoc, Queen Mina, Princess Violet (Oertha), Prince Duncan (Oertha), Princess Ellis (Mists), Prince Alfar (Mists). Photo by Marjorie de ffeyrfeld

The Selviergard Associated Press


Scribal Arts

The scribes have been BUSY! Check it out:

Order of the Wandering Wolves for Ulfgar Torkson, presented at West-AnTir War. Calligraphy and Illumination by Marjorie de ffeyrefeld.


Viscounty scroll for Viscountess Isabella Hawke (backlog). Calligraphy and Illumination by Marjorie de ffeyrefeld.


Fealty Scroll from the Baroness of Eskalya to Haouc and Mina, King and Queen of the West. Calligraphy and Illumination by Sir Viresse de Lighthaven.


Silver Ulu for Cynehild. Illumination by Helene de Avebury and Clare Elena du Montfort. Calligraphy by Marjorie de ffeyrefeld. Photograph by Clare Elena du Montfort.




Business Meeting Notes - July 2015

In attendance: Clare, Halfdan, Margery, Moira, Alissa, Rolynnda, Margarita, Fergus, Kenric, Dagmar

Officer Reports:

Seneschal: Reminder that any autocrat should request funds for event sites, deposits, etc. directly from baronial accounts. We should not be paying those expenses from our personal funds as sometimes they are large amounts. Reimbursement for miscellaneous small expenses is alright. Another reminder to submit reports to your principality and/or kingdom contact with a courtesy copy to the seneschal. This is an expectation of your office. If you are not sure what to include, use the template available in the Barony Yahoo Group files section.

Arts & Science: Will be working with Sean, deputy officer, to plan regular arts and sciences activities beginning in the fall.

Herald: Nothing new to report.

Exchequer: $1,186.62 in bank account. Quarterly report has been filed. Warrant is still pending but signature cards at Wells Fargo have been updated to reflect the change in officers.

Chatelaine: No report.

Constable: Vacant. Position needs to be filled.

Marshal: Report sent in via email. Events and practices are happening. Park permit for Eagle River practices has been an issue but we need to follow the rules as we’ve been given them. Discussed once a month practices in Eagle River for next year. Official practice continues to be Saturday mornings at Wonderland Park in Wasilla.

Chronicler: As always “stuff” is needed for newsletter.

Web Minister: Position is vacant. Halfdan continues to keep website current.

Rapier: No report

Autocrat Reports: Fourth of July parade was a success as was demo afterwards.


Upcoming Baronial Events

**All autocrats, unless your budget has been approved at a business meeting at least one month prior to your event, your reimbursement may be delayed**

Event Event Date Event Copy Due Budget Due Date Autocrat(s)
Warlord Tourney August 1 June 27 July 1 Rolynnda, Marjorie, Brann
Bi-Baronial Feast September 19 July 27 August 1 Vicana and Anna Neri
Samhein October 31 August 27 September 1 Aislynn
Yule December 12 October 27 November 1 Etain and Brann


Unfinished Business: Continued discussion about fighter practices and permits. It is not anticipated that there will be any more fighter practices in Eagle River this summer, however, next summer we will work with Parks & Rec regarding fee and a schedule.

New Business

Discussion held about fund raiser ideas for the Barony. Several ideas were presented but further discussion was tabled until September business meeting.

2016 Calendar Requests

Clare will take these dates to the Principality Calendar meeting at Coronet:

Event Date: First Choice Date: Second Choice Autocrat
Ides of March March 12, 2016 March 19, 2016  
Crested Helm Tourney / Feast April 16, 2016 April 23, 2016 Clare Elana
Spring Offensive * May 28, 2016 May 21, 2016 Fergus
Wasilla Parade July 4, 2016
Warlords August 6, 2016 August 13, 2016  
Scottish Games September 10, 2016 September 17, 2016 Kenric
Samhein October 29, 2016 October 22, 2016 Moira
Yule December 3, 2016 December 10, 2016  

* Note: This date may be the same as the Battle of the Baronies (BOB)

Next meeting, Monday August 10 6:30pm Wasilla location – check Yahoo Group list and Facebook page for location announcement.



Charity Fundraising Tournament

All heavy and rapier combatants are invited to participate in the first fundraiser tournament (one of each combat style) to benefit the Providence Children's Hospital.

For a $10 entry donation you will have the opportunity to fight for the honor of your consort, help a local cause, and win a prize. Consorts are encouraged to stand by their fighter and be of utmost inspiration. Prizes will be awarded for most chivalric fighter, most inspiring consort, and highest donation, as well as the overall victor of the tournament. There will be a special entry token for each of the combatants.

Tournament will be standard style double elimination.

Contact Anna di Caterina Neri for further information or if you would like to donate a prize.



Bardic: Warlord's Song

Yearly we gather 'neath Sable and Gules,
Battle born and ever ready; warrior's tools.
To the bears we will go with swords held high,
The best are sought, a new Warlord to find.

Selviergard cries out throughout the hall,
And who among you will answer the call?

The populace do watch eager to know,
The Baron sees all from upon his throne.
A deafening clash of sword, axe, and spear
The voice of battle to sound far and near.

Selviergard cries out throughout the hall,
And who among you will answer the call?

I give all tribute to thee on the field
Your favor is with me and polished shield
For Warlord's honor to battle I go
A chance to serve all Selviergard so



Baronial Business

Next Business Meeting

The next Selviergard Baronial Meeting will be Monday August 13, at 6:30 pm at the Community Room 1910 N. Creekwood Park in Wasilla. All members of the Barony are encouraged to attend. This is where we plan stuff for our Barony, if you want a voice or a vote you must be there to be counted.

All officers are expected to attend meetings OR send reports to the seneschal before the meeting begins.


Baronial Positions Available

TThe following officer positions and/or deputy positions are currently open or looking for a replacement within the Barony of Selviergard. Please take a moment to look over the current listings and see if you would like to help our group grow.

For most cases training is available. If you would like to determine what the job entails and how you can help the Barony then please feel free to contact the officer or the baronial Seneschal.

Deputy Exchequer

Applicants for these positions are asked to send a Letter of Intent / SCA Resume to the Baronial Seneschal for consideration at:


Thanks from the Deputy Autocrat -Warlord's Tournament

Thank you to everyone who pitched in to make this event come together. Most especially to those of you who stepped up to help at constab, you have my sincere thanks. If you helped with set up, clean up, tear down classes, marshalling, cooking, cutting or gathering firewood, helping with the aftermath of the bee sting, minded children, or helped make some ones day easier, THANK YOU! Your efforts were noticed AND are appreciated.



To everyone who brought Cardboard, scroll cases and other scribal supplies to Coronet. The Stellanordica Scribe is grateful for your support, your effort, and above all your encouragement in continuing the scribal arts in our Principality.


Going Away Party for Marjorie

Everyone is welcome!!! Friday September 18 at Fergus and Margarita’s house. Japanese themed dinner, for more information please contact Marjorie or Margarita via phone, facebook or e-mail.


Historical Items Needed for Project

The Selviergard History Project is in need of many items to help define the history of this group. Photographs, stories, old newsletters, and other historical items are requested. These items will be scanned or photographed, notated, and published on the History website so that they can be seen by others and preserved for future generations.

If you haven't visited the history site lately you may want to. Simply follow the link to see what we have preserved so far.  We are always looking for more items. If you are interested in helping out, please contact the Baron of Selviergard who will assist you.



Who are you? What do you do?

I know you like to talk about yourself, and your persona, I’ve seen you on Facebook!

The Office of the Chronicler is looking for articles. Specifically related to personas and things to do in the SCA.

Write a letter of introduction, or essay on your persona and submit it to:


Baronial Progress

Wanna be a Baronial Groupie? Stalk the Baron? Explain to His Excellency why he should make a marital alliance with Eskalya? Regale the Baron with the minutiae of your Persona? Well you’re in luck! This is Where and When you can find His Excellency to interact, speak, oogle, or otherwise give him your attention.

 *Disclaimer – Schedule subject to change without warning due to, um, life*

Baronial Progression of Halfdan