May 2019 Edition



From the Baron...


Unto the Populace of Selviergard,

Thank you to all who attended and taught at the Princess’ Collegium held in these lands earlier last month. It was a joy to see so many different classes offered; from fishing to camp furniture, from calligraphy to plantcraft in Oertha, and many, many more. Part of what we do in the Society is learn new things about what our ancestors did or how they thought and we, as a Principality, have moved in honored that part of The Dream with a memorable Collegium.

In May we celebrate Springtime with the Barony of Selviergard’s annual Spring Offensive. This year we take a different approach—bring your horses! This will be an ‘equestrian’ event and as such will include tournaments from horseback, races, and perhaps a game of Buzkashi…all done with stick horses! You can learn more about the event in this newsletter. This should be a fun weekend as together we welcome in the season with fun and silliness as is the tradition of the Barony of Selviergard.

June Crown is fast upon us…are you ready? This year’s June Crown will be held in the lands of the Barony of Selviergard. I wholeheartedly recommend that everybody make the effort to attend this amazing and fun-filled event. This will be a camping event so be prepared. The Baronial Pavilion will be set up for protection against the elements as a day shade so that nobody will have to worry about a place to relax no matter what nature throws at us.

If you know of somebody who is deserving of recognition for their diverse efforts, please let me know either in person or via other communications. While I try to be everywhere at once it can be difficult to see everything. Those who do great works and donate their time or skill in many diverse efforts help move our Society forward and should always be recognized.

I look forward to a fun season with all of you.

In Service,


Baron of Selviergard,
Servant of the Crown
Tyrant of the Eagle River


The White Stag and Unicorn

The elusive White Stag has been reported to reveal itself as Spring comes upon us in May.  There are also rumors that the Mystical Unicorn will also make itself known.  This auspicious occasion needs to be celebrated!

Therefore, come join us in Eskalya on May 4th AS LIII as we bring in this magical Spring Season and celebrate the revelation of these beasts of Myth that have brought forth great changes and great virtues. There will be the traditional Maypole dance to herald in the spring planting season. And, a planting station for those of all ages that wish to participate.

Games: Rock (also known as Bocce Ball), and other assorted games to entertain. Bring yours if you would like to share. Ring-a-round the Rosie, with a prize for best 'all fall down', voted on by the gallery.

Come join us for:

Heavy Tourney – watch for more posts on the fighting.
Rapier Tourney – watch for more posts on the fighting.
Children's Tourney, if there are enough to participate.

Note: PARENTS MUST BE PRESENT (rules and regulations, and how to build armor, weapons, and shields are here.  Start building your gear and practicing now!  I will have swords available for the children to use.

Thrown weapons -- Every good warrior needs to know how to throw weapons.
Bard Competition – to be performed at Feast with a focus on the theme of the event.
A&S competition: show your skills and participate in this competition! There will be prizes!
Travel accessories
Best mythical beast historical banner (to be hung around the Hall)
White Stag

There are also rumors of a puppet show, as our Selviergard artisans bring in their talents to entertain us.

Site Information: First Congregational Church (2610 E. Northern Lights Blvd., Anchorage, AK 99508)

Site opens at 10am and closes at 10pm

Feast is bring your own; however there will be rolls, spreads, and soup available during the day.

Event Registration: $17, Adult Member Discount Event Registration $12, Children (5 to 16) Registration Fees $5, Youth (5 and under) free.

Autocrat: Syr Viresse' de Lighthaven (Kathy Judge)




Principality War Practice

War is coming, are you ready?! Join your fellow wolves of war as we practice the skills necessary to be formidable opponents on the battlefield. Already know what you're about on field of glory? Come help prepare your fellow Oerthans as we look forward to West An Tir War and Great Western! Not a fighter? Join us for a picnic lunch and crafting social!

Site Information: 3766 Abbott Rd, Anchorage, AK 99507

Site opens at 10am and closes at 6pm

Directions: Take the New Seward Highway to the Dimond Blvd/Abbot Rd exit. Turn east (towards the mountains) onto Abbott Road. Head uphill on Abbott past Lake Otis Pkwy. The turn to the park will be the first right turn off of Abbott Rd. after Lake Otis. Look for the signs for Ruth Arcand Park and William Clark Chamberlain Equestrian Center.

Event Registration: FREE, donations accepted.

Event Steward: Cynehild Cynesigesdohtor (Claire Knudsen-Latta)




Oerthan Summer Coronet and Investiture

Friends, Oerthans, Countrymen,

Come don your favorite Roman attire and join us in celebrating the reign of Cruscillus and Vicana, Prince and Princess of Oertha and cheer on those who strive to succeed them.

Their Highnesses will be scouting for the winners of the whims, his Highness is Roman in any mode and her Highness is head adornments of any mode.

Soup and rolls will be available Friday evening for weary travelers.

Site Information: Tozier Track, 3500 Tudor Rd, Anchorage, AK 99507

Site opens at 5pm Friday and closes at 9 pm on Sunday.

Directions: Take your best route to Tudor Rd. and head towards Elmore Rd. If coming from the west, take a right after View Cir (almost directly across from the Wendy’s) or after the track itself if you miss the first one. Coming from the East, take a left on Elmore and the immediate right

Event Registration: Site fee will be $ 20.00; with a member discount fee will be $ 15.00 for adults.

Event Steward: Celestria Textrix (Dawn Bates)




A Royal Collegium Entices Many

The Principality of Oertha, Kingdom of the West—Princess Vicana of Oertha invited teachers and students alike to attend a full day of learning at her Collegium held in the lands of the Barony of Selviergard in early April. With the cold winters past and a full summer of planned events and activities on the horizon; Her Highness determined it was time to learn new skills and entertain new thoughts in preparation for a very full season in the lands of Oertha.

Paying the event registration provided the celebrant with a very useful site token crafted by Their Highnesses, access to all of the classes available, and a feast in the evening. There were many people from all areas of the Principality attending, both instructors and students, and the hall was filled quickly.

Classes begin at the Princess’ Collegium held in the lands of the Barony of Selviergard. April 6, 2019. Photograph by Halfdan Ozurrson.

With the main theme of any Collegium being ‘learning’, the day started without preamble and delved right into classes. There were a variety of teachers offering classes that ranged from Camping in Comfort at SCA events, Heavy Combat Fighting, Autocrating, Period Fishing, Pottery, Basic SCA Furniture, Dancing, Preserving Your Local History, and many, many more. Instructors took over two, and sometimes even three, classroom areas to teach their knowledge to excited participants. As the weather was nice some classes were also held outside.

Lady Rainna Fathirsdottir and Lady Fionnguala MacGille Finnan learn basic pottery at the Princess’ Collegium. April 6, 2019. Photograph by Halfdan Ozurrson.

Feast was served shortly after the last class ended. The feast, consisting of stuffed pork, vegetables, bread and two varieties of pies (all created on site by the talented Mistress Margarita di Calvi) and, in typical Selviergardian tradition, there was plenty for everybody to have their fill. Toasts were given and the gentle chatter of those who shared their tables with others filled the hall.

Their Highnesses held a closing court of the day. In this court, which included the Baron of Selviergard and the Baron and Baroness of Eskalya, was where the Prince and Princess thanked all those in attendance. Instructors were called forward and bestowed with gifts from the Autocrat as well as the Baronages of Selviergard and Eskalya.

Words of thanks were also given by Their Highnesses to the autocrat of the event, Master Fergus mac Thomais, along with a bronze ring from Baron Halfdan’s own hand as is his tradition to give to all autocrats of events in his lands. Before the end of court there was a performance by The Squire Choir who entertained the populace with a poem in honor of Her Highness…the first performance of the Squire Choir here in the Principality of Oertha.

The Squire Choir makes their first performance in Oertha towards the end of court at the Princess’ Collegium. April 6, 2019. Photograph by Halfdan Ozurrson.

The end of the event was met and members of the populace with minds filled with new ideas and new information made their way home. Collegiums are a great way to share information and to inspire others. There are many, many things to be interested and take part in here in the Society and Collegiums are a wondrous way to showcase just some of the options.

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Upcoming Events for 2019

The following is a list of upcoming events.  List is subject to change.


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