October 2016 Edition


From the Baron...


Unto the Populace of Selviergard,

Fall is here and the leaves have already started changing to a golden hue and have begun their dance to the forest floor. The wild animals of the wood are reading themselves with preparation for winter. With the change of seasons, we prepare ourselves as well by bringing in the last of the harvest, fixing up our homes in preparation of colder months, and brewing those ales and wines for the upcoming celebrations on the calendar. Fall is a wonderful time!

We now look forward to a full calendar in the month of October with several events and activities planned. Dare to attend the All Hallow’s Eve Masque host-ed by the friendly inhabitants of Pavlosk Gorod, eat yourself silly and enjoy good company at Michaelmas in Winter’s Gate, celebrate the turning of seasons to-gether at Hop-tu-naa in Eskalya, or visit a German tavern and celebrate Ok-toberfest in Selviergard. I encourage all of you to attend one or more of these fascinating and exciting events around the Principality this month.

The Barony of Selviergard has within its borders a diverse and talented popu-lace. Many of these good gentles are in need of awards and recognition for their hard works and efforts. If you have an award recommendation (for baronial, principality, or even kingdom level award) please let me know either by a mes-sage or at an event I am attending. Tell me of their deeds, their skills, and their good works so that all may know and be inspired by the populace of the Barony of Selviergard.

In Service,


Servant of the Crown


Event:  Hop-tu-Naa

Ta my haagh crowal lane dy astan! The time has come to celebrate the turning of the sea-sons and this year the Barony of Eskalya invites you to join them in the Isle of Man. There will be games for young and old, fighting, dancing, and traditional turnip carving. Spin your best spoooooky tale and bring some candy so the young (and young at heart) can beg a sweet. There will also be a meet-and-greet for the candidates in the Eskalyan Baronial poll-ing.

Adult Event Registration: $15, Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $10, Children (6-16): $5, Family Cap: $30

Site Information: Anchor Lutheran School ( 8100 Arctic Blvd, Anchorage, AK 99518 ). Site opens at 1PM and closes at 9PM.

Autocrat:Cynehild Cynesigesdohtor (Claire Knudsen-Latta)




Event:  Oktoberfest

Welcome Fall in classic style with Oktoberfest! Celebrate with tour-neys, fall crafts & games., and the bountiful feast of German dishes in honor or St. Martin and the harvest. Plan for a busy day of activities, contests and maybe even a little trick-or-treating between dinner re-moves. Don your best Landsknecht or other fancy garb., and remember a bag of candy for the little ghouls, who are surely about!

9:00 AM Site Opens
11:00 AM Opening Court
12:00 PM Rapier Tournament
1:00 PM Bear Pit Tournament
2:00 PM Archery and Thown Weapons
4:00 PM Bobbing for Apples, St. Martin's Lantern Making, Trick-or-Treating Bag Decorating, Costume Contest, Table Decorating Contest, Pie Contest
6:00 PM Feast (Includes three removes with roulade, wurst, spaetzli, and many more German yummies.  Time for trick-or-Treating during removes

Adult Event Registration: $20 Adults, ($5 membership discount t), $13 Children (ages 5-12, $5 membership discount), $40 family cap (with all members/ add $5 per-person for non-member)

Site Information: Lavern Griffin Camp ( 4495 W Little Cloud Dr, Wasilla, AK ). Site opens at 9AM and closes at 7PM.

Autocrat:  Delphine de Grenada (Elizabeth Thompson)



Chicken Wars A Success; Many Egg Puns Cracked

“The War of the Chicken [has] come to Oertha / Easily destroying fields and cattle…”
--from a missive by Mistress Cynehild Cynesigesdohtor

Amid a weekend of egg puns, rooster crowing, and splendid pageantry did the Baronies of Selviergard and Eskalya, alongside the entire Principality, celebrate the fifth Chicken Wars in the lands of Oertha. At this Chicken Wars; Mistress Anne of Bradford and Mistress Else Hünrvogt both led their armies against the other for the sole reason, it would seem, that both exalted ladies had a chicken as part of their heraldry. But truthfully; who needs any reason for a war!?

The two armies clashed on a pleasant field in the lands of Central Selviergard amid some sun and some rain late in the month of August. The War was met with great enthusiasm and mirth with many people attending from around the Principality and from Central Kingdom. The two Captains were in attendance as well, travelling all the way from their holds in Central Kingdom; helping to bring together a Chicken Wars for many who have never been a part of it before.

The Chickens™. Photograph by Halfdan Ozurrson. August 20, 2016.

Autocratted by Sir Viresse de Lighthaven and Mistress Clare Elana de Montfort; the event was a wonderful addition to the calendar and one of the most highly anticipated events in the lands of the Principality of Oertha this year. The autocrats worked hard to make sure that none were disappointed.

While cloudy with some rain on Friday, the sun came out especially for the event on Saturday during opening court in which the assembled royalty welcomed all to the event.

Their Highnesses, the Prince and Princess of Oertha, as well as all of the baronages in the Principality were in attendance for this spectacular event. From the South in the ancient lands of Eskalya came Baroness Elspeth with her fighters in tow, eager for battle. From the North, from the honorable lands of Winter’s Gate, came Baron Braun and Baroness Cemper with their militia eager to trade blows with any and all. And from the pristine lands of Selviergard Baron Halfdan, called the Tyrant, attended as well to lend his stalwart soldiers into the fray.

The rapier fighters took to the field first under command of their respective Captains. While small in number, the Rapier community put on a good display of heroism and valor while they vied for the coveted chicken of the opposing team. The chickens were snatched, rescued, and snatched again leading to laughter and cheers from those watching the Rapier fighters.

The Rapier fighters take to the field for honor and glory…and a chicken. Photograph by Halfdan Ozurrson. August 20, 2016.

After the Battle of the Chicken the Rapier fighters then donned “eggs” on their helms as each team worked hard to ensure that the opposition’s eggs were well scrambled. The visage of the fighters wearing large eggs on their helms was quite a sight to witness.

After the Rapier fighters it was then time for the Heavy fighters to take the field. Once again; two armies, one under the banner of Viscountess Anne of Bradford and the other under the banner of Mistress Else Hünrvogt, clashed upon the field. Each army intent on proving their valor and skill for the honor of their commanders. With twenty-four heavy fighters on the large field protecting the valuable chicken of their team, the battles were epic and worthy of great tales for many years to come.

After the field battles, the fighters donned “eggs” on their helm, dutifully attached with care and precision. The goal of the fight was to knock off, or alternatively, destroy, the egg of your opponent.

Combatants don “eggs” on their helms in preparation for part of the battle. Photograph by Halfdan Ozurrson. August 20, 2016.

After the end of the fighting; stories were passed around of epic moments in the battles as people settled down to eat or visit. There was to be a court to end the day as well as other opportunities and amusements to partake in before the bardic fire was lit.

Children’s activities took place in this lull. From “egg” stomping to spearing “eggs”; the youth of the Principality showed expertise and skill with their fun and entertaining diversions. The children’s smiles, shared by all, was quite a testimony to the fun that they had.

There was a court to close out the day. In court, Baron Halfdan recognized Lord Kolskeggr Ungi and Lady Ciara der Alcan, both members of the Barony of Eskalya with admission into the Order of the Forget-Me-Not; an award for service to the Barony of Selviergard for those not a member of that group. Additionally, the Prince and Princess of Oertha recognized Lord Colin Jak Leslie and Lady Isabella de la Haye with the Order of the Wandering Wolf; an award for those who have made a difference in the lands of Oertha but do not reside there anymore.

An All Peers Meeting with their Highnesses was held after court. The topic of Newcomers was discussed with many of the populace members bringing forth ideas speaking their thoughts in an open and safe venue. His Highness, Prince Kenric, agreed that the meeting was quite successful.

The Barony of Selviergard invited all in attendance to participate in a series of demonstrations at the annual Houston Founder’s Day activities after the meeting. There were two demonstrations provided and many of the populace from all corners of the Principality came out to help Selviergard share The Dream with those who have not yet met us. From the coordinator’s missive, Mistress Margarita di Calvi, the demonstration was quite a success.

Bardic was graced with tales and songs. Many of the songs presented were traditional and well-loved in our group. Additionally, new stories and songs were brought out alongside stories of the dread Red Bandit, which was a competition of the event. The bardic fire burned low and afterwards, people eventually went off to seek their warm beds.

The rain could not be held off forever, and on Sunday the showers came back to the lands. Unfortunately, the Archery competition and some other fun activities could not take place as it was too wet. Rumors say that the Red Bandit himself made a pact with unseen forces to prevent these activities...of which the autocrats mentioned that they might seek retribution against the foul outlaw in the coming years—for vengeance, it is said, is a dish best served cold; much like egg salads.

There were several contest throughout the weekend with many fine and excellent entries. The Late Period Garb winner was Mistress Sorcha Caraman who graced the weekend in a wondrous outfit. The Red Bandit Story held at Bardic was won by the word-skills of Drake and Gypsi Klara of Biglands and Lord Rin McCray. The Best Egg Dish was won by the skill of Lady Ciara der Alcan while the Best Eggs in Any Mode was triumphantly won by Mistress Sorcha Caraman and House Comitatus. The Red Bandit Eye Mask was won by Lord Hraði Kǫttr of Ravensfjord and the self-proclaimed winner of the Chicken Coop was Nikor of the Isle of Oaks. Congratulations to all the entrants to the competitions and the winners as well.

With another successful Chicken Wars completed there was much talk about the return of the Red Bandit sometime in the future and we can all rest assured that these lands of the Principality will surely welcome the battles once again.


The Selviergard Associated Press




In Period...Winter Projects

The winter season will soon be upon us and outdoor activities will begin to slow down as we progress into the dark time of the year. Winter is the time we spend most indoors and gives us the opportunity to work on projects that are best done inside.

One of my projects this winter is to build a portable archery backstop, my first version works well but its wood and very heavy to move around to events. This past summer I experimented with a couple of ideas and have now come up with a plan that will fit with easy transport to events. The primary construction will use PVC pipe and joints to make a light weight frame that can be broken down and put into a bag for transport. After a lot of experimentation I have found the ideal back-stop material to be quilted moving blankets, two blankets together has stopped every arrow I have shot at them including my 55# longbow, the vast majority of archers in Oertha shoot 40# or less bows and none of them had gone through both layers. I have found that a 6’x6’ Backstop seems big enough to catch arrows that miss the 30” round targets we tend to use. The required materials are found at any building supply store like Home Depot or Lowes, to build the frame you will need the following materials.

1 ½” x 10’ sch. 40 PVC pipe – 4ea, 90deg elbows -2ea, 3 way connectors – 4ea, end caps -4ea, couplings – 4ea, roll electrical tape – 1ea, 1”x2”x8’ furring strips – 2ea, Can of PVC cement -1ea, Metal Shower Curtain Rings - 12ea. Quilted Moving Blankets - 2ea., ½” metal Grommets- 24ea.

On the face of each of the up rights and cross pieces attach a section of furring strip using the electrical tape. This will protect the PVC pipe from damage if an arrow hits the frame and can be easily replaced when needed. Also on the out rigger legs, drill a 5/8” hole 2” from each end, this can be used to stake down the frame to keep it from blowing over in the wind. Only glue select components together so it can be taken apart easily, the end caps and 3 way on the feet can be glued, and all other parts should be left hand tight only for disassembly. The curtain Blanket can then be hung from the cross bar using the shower curtain rings with a couple placed on each side to hold it from flapping in a wind, it should have some play in it to absorb the impacts of the target arrows.

This is a simple way to make a portable backstop for archery and adds safety to the range as well as minimizing lost ar-rows or having them hit a rock and shatter.

Safe Shooting.




In Period...Modernism

(3) Modernism
Noun mod·ern·ism \ˈmä-dər-ˌni-zəm\
A style of art, architecture, literature, etc., that uses ideas and methods which are very different from those used in the past.

In our world of today we try to emulate a historical time and place that we would like to live in, we wear the clothing, we talk the talk and we try to surround our space with period items that we display upon our tables to create the ambiance of a “Time out of Place”. One of our greatest challenges to this is the buildings were we have events, all are modern in design, some more than others. Many of the spaces we rent have rules on putting Tacks into their walls (Can’t blame them) this makes it difficult to hang banners and wall coverings to cover the modern parts of the hall. Back in the day more effort was put forth to hide modern surroundings and create a nice medieval atmosphere, today when an event comes to a close the populace bails out as from a sinking ship, the autocrats scramble to clean up and close the site before the deadline. It’s time we all slowed down some and spent more time developing a nice medieval atmosphere for our events.

To start with each group should begin work on running wall panels that can be set up at all of the indoor events, these can be made to fit on a light weight frame that doesn’t require tacking or nailing to a wall, having “Stone Walls” surrounding the hall would go a long way to creating that medieval atmosphere we work so hard to achieve. For halls that have a lot of windows, make “Stained Glass” panels that will fit, this really improves the look of a hall and if done right can be used many times over, Autocrats and group leaders know well in advance what facility will be used and should be able to access the site and get measurements. One of the staples of Table decorations are candles and lanterns, everyone who sets a table has these, some facili-ties don’t allow real candles or open flames, we need to encourage people to find electric candles, there are many types available and even fake candles are better than none to add that air of period-ness to our tables and by using a running wall many unsightly objects can be covered up.

Running wall panels: this is a simple and fun activity for groups to do at an A&S night. To make a pan-el all that is needed is a white or light colored queen size sheet, these can come from any thrift store. Next get some light grey or sand color dye and make all your sheets that color. Take each sheet and sew a fold in the top edge and on the left and right sides that will allow a 1” pole to be inserted. Lay out the sheets on a sheet of plywood and pull tight, next use a dirty white paint and paint horizontal lines across the fabric at 8” to 12” intervals, then stagger the vertical lines at 12’ to 16” intervals, when done you now have a wall that looks like stone. Hang it up and make some watered down black or dirty white paint and using a small brush, flick some paint onto the panel to give it an aged look. You now have a panel that is about 6’ x 7’ and can cover a section of modern wall, if each family that attends events made one panel the entire hall could be covered in no time.

Frames: To make a frame to support each panel, 1” PVC pipe can be used, sections can be made to come apart easily and store in a small space. You will need 3ea, 8 foot pieces of 1” PVC pipe, 4ea. 90 degree elbows, 3 ea. Couplings and 2 ea. end caps.

At each joint section use a piece of sandpaper or a small file to smooth your end pieces, this will allow them to slip fit together easily and come back apart at the end of the day. The process of putting these up upon arrival in the hall is about 5 minutes per panel or less with practice.

Let’s make the 51st year of our Society the starting point for dressing up our spaces and making events as real as possible.




The Celtic Wheel of the Year

From central Europe, they made their start
Carrying with them all, their culture and art
Languages and civilizations both were born
From men who drank from cups of horn

The Wheel of the Year, the seasons, four
From Spring Equinox to Winter’s door
Planting, reaping, raiding and prayer,
Dates given by gods, who were housed in the air

Near hill forts they lived, traded and died
Their descendants still remember with pride
Many nations owe a debt to men of days past
Grave goods, religions, traditions-all that would last.

Summer Solstice, a feast day, hero’s portion to go
To the strongest warrior who vanquished the foe.
Praise to Lugh of the Light, for long summer’s days
To Cernunnos and the Mothers for guiding our ways.

Of wattle and daub, they built their homes,
Fenced around, so sheep couldn’t roam.
Long, warm summer days, crops grew high
Till Fall Equinox and harvest, golden moon in the sky.

Druids taught students, who labored for years
Memorizing the histories, poems praising to ears.
No government, no taxes, only kin and treaty
To trade grain wine and slaves, in a classed society.

Cold months brought snow and Winter’s Solstice –
Holly, pine boughs, praise to the land:
For the gifts of life: cattle and sheep,
For children, the forest, and crops to reap.

Deep winter’s cold, and crafts to work,
Metals, carving, verbal poems of praise:
Hunting, war practice, with axe and dirk,
Without written language, learning took days!

The arrival of Spring and Equinox light
The promise of Beltane, and marriages bright.
The Wheel of the Year begins again
For Celtic folk, from way-back-when…

Brave warriors of old brought Rome to its knees
Then disappeared, like Druids in the trees.
Many folks, many lands, religions of old
Loud red-haired warriors, your traditions we hold.



Winter's Gate Fall Captaincy Thank You

Last night, as the darkness settled over those of us that finished up the First Captaincy Camping Event of Our Baronial Office, people mingled, sang and told stories. I was thrilled and excited as our weekend was winding down. From far and wide across the Principality, Oerthans demonstrated support and attended. A huge thank you to Viscountess Violet for her allowing Winter's Gate to be the honored by her first autocrating experience! T'was a wonderful weekend and the ordering of beautiful weather, two nights of a beautiful aurora borealis and three days of camping made the event.

The Prince and Princess graced Winter's Gate with their Royal Presence who provided many awards to the Populace. After fighting, Prince Kennric, met those who desired time on the field and further training in Heavy Combat. Thank you for inspiring Our Ranks. Usually, Winter's Gate provides tribute to their Highnesses; however, Their Highnesses sur-prised The Baronial Heads with Largess! Many thanks!

A big thank you also to those who fought bravely upon the field of battle. Lord Raiden took the Captain of the Guard for his Heart, Lady Taylorc and Lord Sevastian won the Com-mander of the Cavaliers for Mistress Magda, his Light. All fighters fought amazing battles and feats of bravery! The newest Captaincy contenders have the honor of wearing the new circlets, created and made by Lady Elena and Viscountess Violet. Baron Braun and I are so pleased that the Captaincy Regalia completes the renewal of the Baronial Regalia for Captaincy!

A big thank you to Lady Elena for her feastocrating of wonderful and delicious meals and contributing to the Baronial treasure. Furthermore, she made sure that the Baroness was well caffeinated in the morning and throughout the day.

Our new Herald, Baroness Sheva provided, as a Peer stated, "A wonderful tone of ceremony and pomp" to Our Court. Thank you Herald!

Our new Court was created and thank you to: Lady Fiona, Lady Astrid, Lady Arialla, Lady Elizabeth our Water-Bearer, and our Maid in Wait-ing Cailee, Baroness Sapphira, Lady Taylorc, Baroness Ellisif, our Fairies and Baroness Sheva (once she completes her service to Her Majesty) and The Warden of the North, Fergus.
Lord Rin, entranced a Bardic Circle on Saturday and Sunday evenings with his songs about Selveirgard and Baron Braun! He also donated 6 beautiful wooden cups to Winter's Gate Largess, a big thank you for all your stories, songs and contributions!

To those who made the drive up from the south...including from Hrafnsfjord, thank you so much for your dedication to the Principality and ensuring that our Principality continues its family tradi-tion of visiting and supporting each other's events.

And finally, thank you to all who assisted in setting up camp, breaking down camp in the pouring rain, those who picked up trash and those who participated behind the scenes, especially the Treas-ures who picked up the trash and garbage.

If anyone was left out, please let me know. I look forward to our next Captaincy as a camping event!

As we gather together under the stars and away from the turmoil of life as only a camping event can provide, the fire sparks, the songs begin and no matter from where we are from, voices are raised in song and we gather as one.

Yours In Service,

Baron Braun and Baroness Cemper



Baronial Business

Baronial Positions Available

The following officer positions and/or deputy positions are currently open or looking for a replacement within the Barony of Selviergard. Please take a moment to look over the current listings and see if you would like to help our group grow.  For most cases training is available. If you would like to determine what the job entails and how you can help the Barony then please feel free to contact the officer or the baronial Seneschal.

Gold Key

Applicants for these positions are asked to send a Letter of Intent / SCA Resume to the Baronial Seneschal for consideration at:  seneschal@selviergard.westkingdom.org