May 2015 Edition


From the Baron...


Unto the Populace of Selviergard,

The Barony of Selviergard welcomes Haouc and Mina, our King and Queen of the West as they start Their reign at Beltane this month.  Long live the King and Queen of the West!

This month the Society for Creative Anachronism and the Kingdom of the West celebrates 50 years; definitely a reason to celebrate!  Take a moment to raise a glass with me for a toast to the Past; those souls who had a vision of The Dream and were willing to create it.  Take a moment to raise a glass with me for a toast to the Present; our friends and family who participate and play in the Society and share with us their vision of The Dream.  Take a moment to raise a glass with me for a toast to the Future; those who will continue building The Dream long after we are gone and are but memories written in old newsletters.

I would like to thank Domina Nemonna Vicana for her work in putting together last month's Fabric War; her event will be fondly remembered with its Fabric Melee, fun, and a feeling of a family gathering.  Fabric War was well attended by both Selviergardians and our Cousins from Eskalya…and we were able to have fun and get new fabric at the same time!

This month we have the Pas d'Armes to look forward to; so let us don fine garments, polish our helms, and finish painting our shields for a wonderful weekend camping event here in the beautiful lands of Selviergard!

In Service,


Barônos of Selviergard

From the Prince and Princess...


Unto the populace of Oertha,

Greeting all to whom these letters come, We want to thank our populous for a wonderful winter with the melting of the snows we look forward to spending time with everyone at upcoming events in the warmer weather.

Attention all fighters, if you plan on fighting in summer coronet Letters of intent should be submitted no later than June 17th 2015, Coronet Tournament shall consist of multiple qualifying tournaments each using a different weapon style, each fight shall be the best 2 out of 3 with the victor moving on to the next round. Depending on the number of fighters in the list will determine the number of tournaments that will be fought prior to the final

Tournament 1: Glaive ( 6’ to 7.5’)

Tournament 2: 6’ and under 2 hand weapon (great sword, Axe, Hammer, Maul)

Tournament 3: 9’ Spear (possibly over a barrier)

Tournament 4: Florentine (weapon in each hand, ie 2 swords, sword and dagger, inverted sword and broad sword)

Tournament 5: will be as Her Highness chooses

Final Tournament shall be weapon of choice and the number of fighters moving on to the final tournament will be determined by the number of fighters in the list.

In Service to Oertha, Kingdom of the West, and the Dream

Shawn and Arabella

Prince and Princess of Oertha



Event: Cherry Blossom Viewing

Spring has reached us once more, and it’s time to gather to celebrate it!  We invite you to join us once again May 9, 2015, at the Jewel Lake Parish.

It wasn’t uncommon for idle samurai to duel each other to settle issues of honor or prestige.  We offer a prize for the best duel challenge issued by a fighter (heavy and rapier, both).  You need not win the duel, merely deliver the challenge in the most dramatic / amazing / hilarious way.  Contest begins when the site opens, but sign-up is encouraged to be certain that no entries get missed.

We will have a Go tournament, with a prize for the champion. Sign-up will be available any time from site opening until the beginning of the tournament.

For the children there will be paper bead folding for necklace creation.  Finally, on the tables there will be provided both flowers and zen gardens.  There will be a prize for the best decorated table.  Feel free to bring your own supplies, as always, but the provided decorations should be incorporated in some way.

Site Information:  Jewel Lake Parish, 3833 Strawberry Rd, Anchorage, AK 99502.  Site opens at 12pm (noon) and closes at 8pm.

Event Fee:  Adults: $10, Children: (ages 6-18) $5, Under 5: Free.  Family Cap: $40.  $5 non-member surcharge applies. 

Food:  Dinner will be served around five in the afternoon.  White rice, miso soup and matcha tea will be provided by the hall.  The rest of the meal is potluck style.  Bring what you feel like; it was yummy last year.  Dessert of daifuku (red bean stuffed mochi cakes) will be provided.

Autocrat:  Leonia the Mouse and Adam of Eskalya


Event: Feast of St Breanainn

Word has come that Breanainn of Clonfert has stories of distant lands and it is the wish of Their Highness’ of Oertha that their subjects pilgrimage to the Shire of Ravensfjord to relive these tales. Take heed scholars and artisans for there will be classes and competition, archers prime your bows and fletch your arrows, fighters of all types brace your arms, cooks make provision, and dancers lace your gillies - for we shall Geld the Devil for sure!

Classes to be taught will include lessons on Traveling Dishes by Her Excellency Clare Elana, Painted Bird Feathers by Her Excellency Isabella Hawke and Wool Paneled hats by Mistress Anna di Caterina Neri.

His Highness’ whim is to be entertained during feast with bardic competition and Her Highness’ whim is to engage in “combat embroidery” with an emphasis towards period versions of “Minions”.

Competitions abound with Archery to slay the Sea Monster and Rapier Plank battle, Two on Two mixed weapons for heavy fighters and a last couple standing dance competition for those looking for physical exertion. For those members of the populace keen on competing using a little less sweat there will be several A&S completions. Make your best Short-bread (with documentation), Cordials (added points for Irish Creams) and period eating or drinking vessels from wood, ceramic or metal. 

Site Information:  Centennial Campgrounds (349 Centennial Park Road, Soldotna, AK 99669).  The site will open at 5pm on Friday for set up, 11am start time on Saturday and Sunday for activities and site closing at 5pm on Sunday.

*** Please note, there is no electricity or potable on site.***

Event Fee $10 for adults 18 and up, Teens 13-17 are $5 and those under 12 are free. A family cap is set $30. This is a campground and is subject to additional fees ONLY if you stay overnight. If you wish to camp the fee is $20 per CARLOAD per night.  

Food:  A lunch of soup and bread will be served for Saturday’s lunch and Saturday evening’s feast will be Potluck with grilled meat provided. Potluck will be by Society first name A-F breads, spreads and cheeses, G-L fruits and veggies M-R starchy dishes (potato goodness) and S-Z desserts. Note there is no electricity or potable water on site.

Event Steward:  Lord Aldyen of Eskayla (Tom Rheaume)


Event: Pas d'Armes

The Barony of Selviergard welcomes you to a Pas d'Armes unlike any other held in these fair lands.  Baronos Halfdan, Prōtokurios of Selviergard welcomes all, far and wide, to attend and celebrate Chivalry.  He asks that all fighters polish helm, banners are unfurled, and shields are painted fresh for pageantry is but a part of a grand Pas d'Armes!

A Quest is at hand! The Chalice of Peace is to be returned to the people!  It will be gained by the most chivalrous of champions. There will be many trials along the way. There will be many fights as well as subtler tests. The endeavors will include a lady in distress and a barrier fight with a Giant. The populace and our guests will determine the Most Chivalrous Fighter and the Most Gracious Lady by awarding ribbons for words and deeds that exemplify the best of our period values.

In addition; the Baron, the Autocrat, and the Principality Arts and Sciences Minister will sponsor a table to display the arts and sciences of the populace that represent the theme of the event: The Courtly and Chivalric Virtues.  Items may be from the past or newly created.

Site Information: France Equestrian Center; Alaska State Fairgrounds.  Please note as per Alaska State Fair rules no dogs are allowed.  Site is wet.

Event Fee: $10 per Adult, $5 per child; $5 non-member fee will apply.  Please make checks payable to SCA, Inc. - Barony of Selviergard

Food:  A soup lunch will be provided on Saturday and Sunday.  Feast on Saturday will be a potluck style with the meat provided by the Barony of Selviergard.  More information on the potluck will be made available.

Autocrat: Viscountess Isabella Hawke (Melissa Snyder)



Fabric...Fabric Everywhere!

"I have truly never witnessed anything like this before."
-Baron Halfdan while watching the Fabric Melee.

The Barony of Selviergard celebrated the Spring season with a Fabric War amid the majestic mountains and bright sunlight in Central Selviergard. The event was Autocratted by Domina Nemonna Vicana who brought the event idea with her from the Stellar Kingdom of Atenveldt where it has become a tradition. The idea of the event was to get rid of old, unwanted fabric and lawfully acquire new pieces to add to your collection. Other items besides fabric were included as well; including books, trim, and other SCA related trinkets and bits and pieces.

The site opened with several people, with boxes in tow, setting up shop for others to peruse and ogle over on. Many fabrics in all different shades, hues, and patterns were flamboyantly displayed with the hopes of catching a prospective buyer's eye. Some people were already bartering, buying, or trading off fabric before it was even set out onto the tables provided; a sure sign of a good day.

Fabric stashes, like this one, laid out for people to shop from at the Fabric War in Selviergard. April 18, 2015. Photograph by Halfdan Ozurrson.

While the event continued inside; the archery activity, run by Baron Stephen de la Bere with the assistance of Lord Gavin Woodward, began. Archers took to the field to compete in the Inter-Kingdom Archery Competition and some Royal Rounds added in for good measure. With the strong wind blowing the archers found it a bit of a challenge to hit their mark but had fun nonetheless. Many missiles hit their objective and very few made it to the backstop…which in layman's terms means that they did well despite the gusting spring breeze.

Archers rush to send arrows to target during one of the timed shoots at the Fabric War in Selviergard. April 18, 2015. Photograph by Halfdan Ozurrson.

Games of skill were present in which a couple of celebrants partook in. In addition, several fabrics were entered into the Ugliest Fabric competition to be voted upon by the attending populace. The one with the most votes as especially hideous was won by Dominus Sextus Valerius Crusillus; a fabric with an interesting blend of colors and patterns. The winning fabric will be made into a banner where it will be displayed proudly at the next Fabric War event. In court, Baron Halfdan thanked the Autocrat of the event with kind words and a gift of a bronze viking-style ring as is his custom. Additionally Baron Halfdan had the honor of giving two backlogged scrolls out. 

A scroll for Domina Nemonna Vicana, the Order of the Gules Claymore as given by Baron Fathir and Baroness Étaín was presented. Additionally, a scroll from Central Kingdom was presented to Magistra Cynehild Cynesigesdohtor for her Leaf of Merit given by King Uther and Queen Kára in AS XLV. Needless to say; the recipients were greatly pleased.

Towards the end of the day was the much anticipated Fabric Melee. Leftover fabric that nobody wanted to take home with them was placed in the middle of the room in a large pile and participants then dove in to get some more fabric to add to their collection. Rules and regulations were given by Lord Collum, an Atendveldt transplant to Selviergard, who also "marshaled" the activity to ensure safety and fairness.

The Fabric Melee commences with much glee and enthusiasm at the Fabric War in Selviergard. April 18, 2015. Photograph by Halfdan Ozurrson.

In a missive from Baron Halfdan sent shortly after the event he gave thanks to all those who participated and included "special thanks to Domina Nemonna Vicana, the Autocrat of the event, and her willingness and desire to bring a bit of Atenveldt into our lands; your event will be fondly remembered. To the archers who braved the windstorm to shoot; thank you…I'm glad that nobody blew away! To my visiting sister, Elspeth Baroness of Eskalya, thank you for attending our event. To our newcomers who attended I look forward to seeing you again soon and getting to know you better." To see so many smiling faces and to hear laughter and mirth in the hall it was quite obvious that people enjoyed the idea of a fabric war and it was easy to tell that Selviergard's version of this event went very well indeed.

The Selviergard Associated Press



Fool's Con

Sometimes, you meet someone and realize their weirdness compliments’ your own, and suddenly, it’s like coming home. So it was for the Joint event of Fool’s Con, an amalgamation of Amtgard and the SCA – Barony of Winter’s Gate. With Medieval versions of Heros, Villains, and other fandoms, a great time was had by all.

“My Site token is Better than YOURS!” Photograph by Mistress Margery Garret.


Photograph by Mistress Margery Garret



SCA Awards Demystified - Baronial Awards

Lady Marjorie de ffeyrefeld

The Barony of Selviergard has several awards. The most awarded is the Order of the Claymore. The Order of the Claymore is actually three separate orders - and can be awarded once per color.

The Gules or Red Claymore is for Service – This includes volunteering, holding officer positions, autocratting events, and other things without which our Society would not function.

The Or or Yellow Claymore is given for Arts and Sciences – This can be given for creating largesse, brewing (and sharing), costuming, calligraphy and illumination, blacksmithing, and other things which are hand crafted to give our society the feel of the middle ages.

The Sable or Black Claymore is given for contributions to the Arts Marshal. This includes any Marshal driven activities. It is for service, not just participation, in the fields of Hard suit combat, Rapier, Archery, Equestrian and Thrown Weapons.

There are currently three levels of children’s awards in the Barony.

The Order of the Sgain Dubh is awarded to Young children who contribute to our society, who show an interest in learning, helping, or otherwise get involved.

The Order of the Dirk is the youth version of the Claymore. It also comes in three colors and reflects the adult version in all ways possible.

The Order of the Nordljas or Northern Lights is awarded to those youth who have consistently exceeded expectations in their participation in the barony. These are the youth who show great promise of becoming pillars of our community as they become adults.

How do you get awards? First, it is important to understand that SCA awards are recognitions, not achievements. There is no checklist to complete to “earn” an award. Your work must be noticed, and someone has to think and act on the idea that “Hey, this person deserves an award.”

That someone could be YOU! To recommend someone for an award, there are several options. The easiest is to send an e-mail to our Baron ( Or, you could just go here: and fill out the form. Or, you could actually WRITE an award recommendation and give it to the Baron at an event, or mail it to him. If the recommendation isn’t in writing, it will likely get forgotten.

If nobody writes award recommendations, then only what the Baron sees personally gets noticed, and that severely limits the number of deserving people who will get awards.

NOTE: Just because you recommend someone for an award, does NOT mean that they will automatically get it. Several awards need multiple recommendations.

Our society is volunteer driven. It’s important to recognize our volunteers. Please submit award recommendations, and be patient.

If you want to know if someone has an award, or if you want to see your awards, please visit for Baronial Awards.  Or to find your awards: this is an alphabetical listing by first name.

If your awards are missing or not listed, please visit



Business Meeting Notes - April 2015

In attendance: Clare, Halfdan, Moira, Alyssia, Rolynnda, Isabella, Heleyne.

Officer Reports:

Seneschal: A new officer report form is available on the Selveirgard Yahoo group files page. If you are an officer and are not sure what or how to report, this form will help you.

Arts & Science: No report. Members in attendance would like to see some regular Arts & Sciences activity held, possibly at same time as fighter practices.

Herald: Court held at BiBaronial Collegium. Marjorie filled in.

Exchequer: Signature cards and address have been updated. Online access to bank statements is also setup.

Constable: Vacant

Chatelaine: No report. Both Clare and Isabella had donations to Gold Key. The belts that Isabella is donating will be clearly marked to identify them as Selveirgard Gold Key.

Marshal: Report sent in via email. Highlights: Fighter practices will be moving outside. Possibly Wasilla Lake location with more visibility. Also members in attendance encouraged a fighter practice in Eagle River area for visibility in that part of the Barony.

Chronicler: Report sent in via email. As always “stuff” is needed for newsletter.

Web Minister: Calendar fixed. Discussed possibility of an embedded Google Calendar that would be easier to update and maintain.

Rapier: No report.

Autocrat Reports: BiBaronial Collegium: 46 attendees, classes were held, court was held. Folks enjoyed themselves. NPR did a radio show about the event.


Upcoming Baronial Events

**All autocrats, unless your budget has been approved at a business meeting at least one month prior to your event, your reimbursement may be delayed**

Event Event Date Event Copy Due Budget Due Date Autocrat(s)
Fabric War April 18 February 27 March 1 Vicana
Pas May 23-24 March 27 April 1 Halfdan and Isabella
Wasilla 4th of July Parade July 4 N/A N/A Rolynnda
Warlord Tourney August 1 June 27 July 1 Rolynnda, Marjorie, Brann
Bi-Baronial Feast September 19 July 27 August 1 Vicana and Anna Neri
Samhein October 31 August 27 September 1 Aislynn
Yule December 12 October 27 November 1 Etain and Brann

The Pas will be held at France Equestrian Center at the Fairgrounds. Budget was approved. Deposit check and site rental check were issued. Contract to be signed and sent in.

Discussion held about Warlords location at Houston site (Yule). Camping area is small. Mention of possible site at Eklutna Lake where Coronet was held in Summer 2013.

BiBaronial Feast will be at Palmer Train Depot.


Words from the Baron: Looking forward to the first use of the new Baronial Pavilion at the Pas at the end of May. Reminded all that the pavilion is for all the members of the Barony and that we want to really strive to have a period look to the pavilion and what is set up. The Baron will be sponsoring an Arts & Sciences display at each event; works in progress or completed are welcome. Please write a note about the project and include your name. And don’t forget about the Nifty Nine Largess contest and largess for the Barony to have to present at Coronet.

Unfinished Business: None

New Business

Scribal gathering will be April 25 from 2 to 6pm at Clare’s house.

Discussed moving meetings to outside location with fighter practices when weather improves. For now, next meeting will be in Eagle River and then look at fighter practice dates.

Next meeting will be Monday, May 10, 6:30pm at Jitters in Eagle River.



From the Archery Marshal-At-Large

Greetings archers,
It was a blustery day but the shoot must go on, a big thank you to Gavin Woodward for helping me run the range at Selviergard’s Fabric Wars event. Archery is a team effort. I have posted scores in the Oertha Archery Face book page

At the upcoming Pas D Arms we will have a multiple lane Royal Rounds shoot for adults to be follow by a Royal Rounds shoot for the children. Archers need to bring a bow and at least a dozen arrows, wood arrows are preferred.

Depending on skill level and age the archer has a few choices:
1. Child 9 years old and younger (range 10-15-20 yards)
2. Youth 12 years old and younger (range 15-20-30 yards)
3. Yomen 15 years old and younger (range 20-30-40 yards
4. Adult 16 years old and up (range 20-30-40 yards)
*Note* an parent or guardian MUST be on the range for a child to participate in youth archery.

To check your archery scores go to and select a group or enter your name, you will see all approved scores.

To get classified in the West Kingdom 3 Royal Rounds scores shot on separate dates are averaged. To find out more go to this web site and download or view the PDF file

Any questions you can e-mail me at stevel (at)
-Stephen de la Bere (Archery Marshal at large – Principality of Oertha)



Progress from the Scribal Guild

Look at what the scribes have been doing!


Or Claymore for Yamano Yuki-San. Illuminated byHelen d’Avebury, Calligraphy by Marjorie de ffeyrefeld.


Gules Claymore for Sextus Valerius Crusillius. Illuminated by Helen Helen d’Avebury, Calligraphy by Marjorie de ffeyrefeld.

Gules Claymore for Nemona Vicanna. Illuminated byHelen d’Avebury, Calligraphy by Marjorie de ffeyrefeld.



Baronial Positions Available

The following officer positions and/or deputy positions are currently open or looking for a replacement within the Barony of Selviergard. Please take a moment to look over the current listings and see if you would like to help our group grow.

For most cases training is available. If you would like to determine what the job entails and how you can help the Barony then please feel free to contact the officer or the baronial Seneschal.


Applicants for these positions are asked to send a Letter of Intent / SCA Resume to the Baronial Seneschal for consideration to: