From the Baron and Baroness...


To the populace of Selviergard,

Greetings and salutations! How does this day find you? Good, I hope!

This last month has been a month filled with several events for all to enjoy! If you enjoyed those events, then send a small missive to us or the Chronicler detailing the fun you had. We are grateful to our autocrats for coordinating/working such wonderful events; and to the teachers that showed up and taught the classes we all love so much and wish we had more time for. We look forward to our next several events.

To the Baroness’ Champions we have a small challenge: Does everyone know who you are? The old hats and the new people? Even those that haven’t seen you in a while? Thank you for your service! Now reap a small reward for your accomplishment on attaining that status and let you and your service be known to all in the Barony and an example to those not in the Barony of Selviergard.

As March comes to a close, we move into another phase of the new Baronage selection process. Candidates are fully established and quizzed and next up is the task of getting the ballots out to as many as can be reached. With that said--is your membership current? Are you reachable by electronic or snail mail means? Please make sure the Seneschal knows how to get a hold of you. If you have any questions/concerns, please start at the lowest level first and check with our Seneschal or the Baroness and I. A basic professional courtesy goes a long way. Please feel free to vote for any candidate so that we may give Their Majesties, the King and Queen of the West, the best data upon which to base their decisions.

Freiherr Fathir and Banbharun Étaín

Eskalya's Cherry Blossom Festival

April 12, 2014

oin us for Cherry Blossom Festival at the Jewel Lake Parish. The site will be open from noon until eight. This year’s festivities include a Go competition, with sign-up open from noon to 2pm (instructions will be provided for those who don’t know how to play the game).

There will be an exciting Rapier tourney (beginning at 2pm) followed by a thematic Broken Bridge Battle, for the heavy fighters. Afterwards, there will be time for ‘blossom viewing’, games, and mingling. Children’s A&S will feature kite making.

Our Baroness, Elspeth, is hosting a competition for table decorating, with winners announced in the evening court after dinner. Each table will be given a couple sprigs of cherry blossoms to include in their scheme how they like.

Dinner will begin at 5pm, and we will have an onigiri potluck. Onigiri are balls of rice with filling inside of them. Each person should bring enough of something that goes with rice, such as shredded chicken or pork, for at least one to two people. You can bring more, if you like, but only a couple spoonfuls of each dish will be needed for each onigiri. Be sure to bring a card listing the ingredients of the dish. Refrigeration is available on site.

White rice, gloves, and onigiri packing skills will be provided. Miso soup, mochi, and tea will also be included with the meal.

Site information: Jewel Lake Parish, 3833 Strawberry Rd, Anchorage, AK 99502. Take your best route to Strawberry Road. It is at the end closest to Jewel Lake.

Site opens at 12pm (noon) and closes at 8pm.

Event Fee is Adults: $10 Children: (ages 6-18) $5 Under 5: Free Family Cap: $40. $5 non-member surcharge applies.

Autocrats: Leonia the Mouse and Adam of Eskalya

Prince's Prize Tournment

April 25-27, 2014

Missing your armor? Have an urge to enter an A&S contest? Long winter got you down? Not to worry! Your Prince has heard your plight and offers entertainments to enliven the spring and prepare the armies of Oertha for tourney season!

Sharpen your swords and rapiers, fletch your arrows and put quill to parchment with your bardic skills; pull out your banners and prepare to dress your camp in all its pageantry. His Highness desires to see Oertha in all its finery, taste of its best desserts and brewed drinks, and play games of skill and chance. He offers prizes for many tourneys, games and contests – with feasting and bardic to celebrate it all. Join Him: attend classes, celebrate Chivalry and earn points toward a grand prize, while toasting the inspiration of your consort and the future in our small Treasures.

The festivities begin on Friday night, with Tyr’s Torchlight Tourney, and conclude on Sunday, with a Teddy Bear Tea, sponsored by Her Highness Dagmar, for the delight of the Treasures. See the list of entertainments below and plan to enter many to win points and glory.

PRIZES: A sampling of AWESOME items, worthy of gifting by His Highness, many hand-crafted by Oerthan artisans, given by His Highness to enrich the populace.

Contests and Entertainments:

Heavy fighting: Tyr’s Torchlight Tourney, Prize Tourney (with points awarded for period kit, chivalry, display of knightly virtues) and the Viscountess’ Brunch Tourney on Sunday morning.

Rapier fighting: Prize Tourney (with points awarded for period kit, chivalry, display of knightly virtues) and other tourneys to be announced.

Archery: William Tell Shoot, target shooting.

A&S Contests: Period “tourney” garb; bardic arts: original song/story/poem; brewing competitions; and Tasty Desserts competition! Other ADULT competitions on Saturday night will be announced at court.

Children’s games: Dragon Feet races, “Toss Across” and boffer spear throwing, etc. The Teddy Bear Tea on Sunday will keep them busy while adults break down/pack – snacks will be provided.

Needful information: Lunch on Saturday will be soups & breads; Feast on Saturday will be a sponsored potluck, with His Highness providing the meat, and other items potluck, by mundane last name:

A-L Vegetable side dish
M-R Starchy side dish
S-Z Breads and Spreads
Allergen Note: No Fish, No Onions, No Jalapenos

Site information: Camp Carlquist Boy Scout Camp (Edmonds Lake: 23001 Gorsuch Rd., Chugiak)

Event Fee $10/adult (over 12 years), $5 Treasures (2-12 years), Babes in Arms = FREE; Family $30

Autocrat: Margarita di Calvi (Gretchen Thompson), on behalf of His Highness Kenric.


Winter's Gate Foole's Revel

April 26, 2014

Spring has sprung and cabin fever is running rampant through the Barony! Come join us as we shake off the last bits of winter and rush forward to enjoy the warmth of summer! Wear your funniest garb creations, dust off your old jokes, prepare your silly walks, and let us bring in the new season together!

Activities will include a Fool’s Pas for both heavy and rapier fighters, a competition for the new Fool of Winter’s Gate (a best skit or recitation under 2 minutes), the Baroness’ whim of the best “You Know You’re in the SCA When” story, The Baron’s Whim of Green Pea dishes (to be judged by the Baroness…who is NOT a pea fan!), and the A&S competition of the best period looking silly garb (a florescent Viking or a Tie-dyed Tudor for example). Dinner will be aimed for 6pm and will be a traditional Winter’s Gate Potluck. Please bring a labeled dish that will feed at least 8.

Come, have fun, and let silliness reign!

Site Information: Walden Estates Community Center, 1108 Hampstead Ave, Fairbanks, AK 99701. Make your best way to Danby Street, turn onto either Hampstead Ave or Bainbridge Blvd. The Community Center is located where the two streets meet.

Site is open from Noon till 10pm.

Site Fee: $5 for adults (+ $5 for adult non-members), $3 for ages 6- 16, and 5 and under are free; $15 family cap. Please make checks out to "SCA, Inc -Barony of Winters Gate".

Autocrat: Margery Garret (Michele Griffin). Please contact the autocrat with any questions or concerns.

A Viking Raid on the English Coast

May 17-18, 2014

Following long tradition in Selviergard, it is time for the armies to gather and train for war. We will host war maneuvers using fun scenarios to challenge the warriors of Oertha. So come to Selviergard with your armor and weapons, dust off the camping gear and be ready for fighting, games and competitions in the best traditions of the land.

“The Raid on Lindisfarne”

Welcome to 793 AD, the spring tides are just right for our ships to sail the great sea and seek out new lands and riches. Let the bards sing of glory and our foemen’s despair as we head to the English coast.

War Scenarios: (Heavy and Rapier)
Viking Ship Battle: ship outlines, fight ship to ship, if you fall overboard-you drown! Bridge Battle: narrow bridge/causeway, 3 fighters wide. Gate Battle: fight at the gate into town. Village Battle: street fight to monastery and plunder. Escape to the ships: enemy troops on the beach blocking the way.

Archery Competition:
Target – Butts/ bull’s-eye: standard SCA bulls-eye targets. Target – Warriors: cardboard shapes of men w/ shields. Target – Hunt for meat: animal targets. “meat prize” (win your dinner!)

Thrown Weapons Competition:
Hand axes – block: points as shown. Hand axes – faithful wife? Balloon head with braids, cut the braids without hitting balloon. Throwing spears.

A & S Competitions and Games:
Beermaids of Valhalla: (adults) A Viking Obstacle Course (for kids: carrying age-appropriate items). Best Viking Garb: men-women-children. Offensive Garb team competition: aka GARB WARS. Bardic competition: Sagas in the Viking Style, to be performed at bardic. Viking Crafts: Viking jewelry, drinking horns, embroidery. Viking Illumination (for children). Cooking: Best Viking Sweet, Best Viking Savory – judged by the populace. Children’s Games: Dragon Feet races, ROCK, etc.

Bring your own meat to grill AND a potluck dish to share: (by mundane last name): A – G: Breads & Spreads, H – R: Side Dishes, S – Z: Desserts.

Site Information: Little Susitna River Camp Ground, Houston, AK

Site Fee: $10.00/adult (12 & up), $5/child; nuclear family $30 + NMS, as applicable Camp Fee: Separate per tent fee, payable to city of Houston.

Site opens at ?

Autocrat: Fergus MacThomais (George Thompson)

William Tell Event

August 23, 2014

The Time has come to test our Archery, Endurance, and Marksmanship as our ancestors of old used to, in games of skill that challenge our abilities. Come join us at the Ruth Arcan Park for the day.

There will be a Baroness Championship Gauntlet style tourney for both Heavy and Rapier. Tourney will be based on a point system for each contestant:

Gauntlet Obstacle Course -- engage guardian of the bridge; run the bridge and at the end throw a spear at the Troll; circle the 'lake' jumping from stone to stone, at the end of the stones shoot bow at the poisoned apple; dance one dance with the "lady of the lake". this will be followed with a 30 minute bear pit fighting one for rapier and one for heavy.
Archery Contest
Playing a game of strategy at the tables.
Your consort and family can earn you points by entering into any of the challenges as well.

There will be available for all to participate in: Archery Contest for Adults, Children's Archery Contest, Tables will be set up for Games of strategy -- 9 man morris, checkers, mancala. There will be Dancing -- note to fighters: you get points for dancing!

Feast -- your choice pot luck, bring enough to feed 8-10 people with ingredients list for any allergies.

Dress warm and in layers in the chance the weather may be contradictory.

Site Information: Ruth Arcan Park. Directions to site will be forthcoming

Site fee: $10 adults; $5 ages 10-15; children under 10 are free. $5 Non Member fee applies.

Autocrat: Syr Verica de Lighthaven


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