From the Baron...


Unto the populace of Selviergard,

For those of you who were able to attend the Prince's Prize Tourney I thank you. What a wonderful event to spend time with family and friends and the Barony of Selviergard made a good showing in force to enjoy the event held in these lands. I witnessed many amazing deeds from combatants and gentles alike and am sure that Their Highnesses were quite proud of all.

The Barony of Selviergard is rich in both artisans and resources. It is time once again to start collecting items of Largess to showcase not only the skills of our artisans but to demonstrate the size of our hearts as well. These items will be given to visiting Royalty, used for Yule gifts to other Baron's and Baroness as a sign of good-will, and given as thank you gifts to individuals. Please make sure that your name and group, along with any other needful information, is included on such gifts so that in the event your contributions travel far the receiver can thank you personally.

It is the privilege and duty of the Baron to give awards to those gentles who are deserving recognition for their efforts and skills. However, I cannot be in all places at all times (as much as I try) and can easily overlook acts of amazing dedication to The Dream from fellow Selviergardians. This is where you come in: if you would like to recommend somebody for an award please let me know who and why you feel that they should receive such an award.

Barônos of Selviergard

Winter's Gate Michaelmas

October 18, 2014

Come one, come all to the greatest feast in all the land! Join us for our annual Michaelmas feast with an SCA-style Family Dinner!

We will be incorporating favored dishes from several time periods and many geographical areas, in a gloriously eclectic array as varied as the SCA itself. In addition, there are classes planned! (watch the list for further details).

Site Information: Walden Estates Community Center. 1108 Hampstead Ave / Fairbanks AK 99701. Directions: Make your best way to Danby Street, turn onto either Hampstead Avenue or Bainbridge Blvd. The Community Center is located where the two streets meet.

Site opens at 10AM and closes at 9PM

Site fee: $5 for members ($10 for non-members); ages 5-17 are $3, and children under 5 are free. Family cap is $15.

If you wish to join in the Feast, it is $10 per adult and $0.50 (50¢) per year of age for those 12 and under. Reservations are essential. Please contact before Oct. 6. Make checks out to "SCA Inc - Barony of Winter's Gate."

Autocrat: Margery Garret (Michele Griffin)

Eskalyan An Evening at Inverness

October 25, 2014

Welcome to Castle Inverness, legendary home of Lord MacBeth. Pay no mind to the rumours of strange happenings in and around the Castle. You will have perfectly wonderful time (scary laughter).
There will be tourneys of heavy and rapier, kilts, contests, kilts, food, kilts, dancing and did I mention kilts. Best death in both tourneys; best knees in a kilt, best use of plaid; and scariest make-up/original mask. Also Quick the Bard and other amusements await…be afraid.

Dinner will be potluck with beastie and bird furnished by the Castle. Bring enough for 8 or more – who knows what apparitions or spectral visitors may also attend. Potluck dishes are divided by your date of birth:

1st thru 7th: Bread, cheeses spreads;
8th thru 15th: Veggies, includes salads;
16 thru 21st: Pasta/ Rice;
22nd thru 30th: Desserts;
If you were born on the 31st bring what you want (Evil laugh here).

Competition for cooking is Scottish food with documentation is best; also scariest name for your dish (exp – chili con carnage).

Come, if you dare, there is nothing to fear except ghosts, and goblins and things that go BUMP! In the night.

Site Information: Castle opens at Noon and closes before 9PM. This is a dry site until further information is available.

Site fee: Adult to 13 years: $10: 12 to 3 $5 under 3 free.

Autocrat: Elspeth Bouchannane, The Mad Baroness (Jacki Frederick)


Eskalyan Feast of the Four Crowned Martyrs

November 8, 2014

Join the Barony of Eskalya on November 8, A.S. XLIX, at a celebration of the calamitous Fourteenth Century. The focus of this event will be an evening feast, prepared by the estimable Mistress Clare Elena and served within the trappings of a fourteenth century English manor hall.

Classes will be held through October to help everyone prepare!

A tentative menu is as follows:

Pottage Remove
Pork egredouce Broth Pottage of turnips

Chicken in Saracen sauce Royal Tarts Vegetable stew

Dariole Apple tart Fruit and Cheese

The goal of this feast is to have a pleasant dinner, perfect for a well-to-do yeoman or merchant family. We aim to be both frugal and perfectly period!

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Autocrat: Cynehild Cynesigesdohtor (Claire Knudsen-Latta).



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