July 2016 Edition


From the Baron...


Unto the Populace of Selviergard,

The Barony of Selviergard welcomes Alfar and Eilis, the Crown Prince and Princess of the Kingdom of the West! Long live the King and Queen of the West! Long live the Royal Prince and Princess of the West!

The month of July is upon us! This, the middle of our summer months, is the time that we prepare not only the 4th of July Parade in the Barony of Selviergard but also the Middle Eastern-themed Summer Coronet and Investiture in our Principality. While many of us will be returning back from the Society for Creative Anachronism’s 50th Year Celebration we too will be ready for these two exciting events held this month. Are you prepared?

I would like to thank everybody who was able to attend the Three Baron’s Renaissance Fair and helped make the demonstration in the lands of Eskalya a success. Your attendance, I am sure, have helped expand the Principality as a whole. Continue supporting our Cousins in lands both far and near and be sure to invite them to our own events as well.  Next month I look forward to the tournaments which will determine the new Warlord and the new Rapier Champion of Selviergard. Come out and celebrate our honored fighters at the Warlord’s Tournament, enter in one of the many competitions, showcase your arts and your sciences, and have fun with us in and yet another camping event in these lands.

If you have award recommendations please let me know. I know that there are many good gentles in our group worthy of awards or recognition either on a baronial, principality, or even kingdom level. Letting me know helps me to make those recommendations and ensure that our populace is recognized for their diverse efforts in The Dream.

In Service,


Protokurios of Selviergard, Servant of the Crown


Event: Summer Coronet and Investiture

Greetings unto the magnificent populace that is Oertha. Please join their highnesses as they witness the selection of the heirs by chivalrous and honorable combat. Take a step back into the Middle East where good food and good people are sure to be in abundance… Bring out your banners and lanterns, bring your elaborate decorations and shiny baubles and bring out what makes you feel prosperous beyond imagination.

Contests: There will be a Nifty Nine Derby! Submit nine items for largess and each entrant will walk away with something, documentation is a plus. Their highnesses whim is to see Oertha shine in heraldry (Sewing, Embroidery, drawing, display, Etc.).  The Autocrat’s Whim is Service to Others let's show everyone how Oertha shines in their service to others by lending a hand, a cup or a turn at the nights watch.

Tourney Information: The list will be run as a double elimination tournament, Standard West Kingdom armor conventions effect, all fights shall be best 2 out of 3, fighting conventions will weapon choice with one exception, effect, there shall be NO thrusting tips on single handed swords. The finals will be 3 rounds, the first round 9’ Spear, second 2 hand on single handed swords, and 3rd round if needed will be of choice. Our bye fighter , if needed, will be Viscount Sir Geoffrey Scott and all bye fights will be destructive. As with the last couple of Coronets, Letters of Intent will be required, the cutoff date being June 16th, 2016. Letters should include the names of the fighter and consort. We will accept Letters in person, by mail, or electronically. If you have any questions please let us know.

Let there be feast! There will be a Middle Eastern Feast on Tourney night (Saturday night). The cost for feast is $10. Please contact to reserve your feast ticket.  Please note that there will be a limited amount of feast tickets, so reserve yours sooner rather than later! Registration for Feast closes on July 8th, 2016.   If you are interested in coordinating a fund raiser breakfast and/or lunch on either Saturday or Sunday, please contact Elisheva bint Sitt al-Sirr.

There is not potable water close to our site so please make sure to bring water with you the closest potable water will need wheels to be brought back to your camp.  Please be aware that space around the eric will be reserved for period encampments. Space nearby will be available for modern tents and RVs. There is limited space for RVs. Please contact Crucillius if you wish to have yours on site.

No animals besides service animals will be permitted on site.

Site reservation for period encampments on eric and RV/Mundane tents: Crucillius (Josh Sampson)

Site Information: Eagle River Campground (Eagle River, AK). Site opens at 4PM on Friday and closes at 5PM on Sunday

Directions:  Take the Parks or Glenn Hwy towards Eagle River and take the exit toward Eagle River Lp/Hiland Rd.  From there take a slight left onto Hesterberg Rd

Member Adult Registration:   $15.00, Non-Member Adult Registration $20.00, Child Registration $5.00 for children aged 6-16, Children under 5 free. $45 family cap.   *This does not include Tourney night’s feast.*

Autocrat: Nemonna Vicana (Bobbie Sampson)

Feastocrat:  Elisheva bint Sitt al-Sirr (Sheva Corning)




Event:  Chicken Wars V

Beware the Red Scarved Bandit, "You killed my chicken, prepare to scramble"

Come join us for an 'eggciting' weekend of fun and frivolity. Bring your banners to add color and ambiance to this the Fifth Chicken War celebration.

Activities: We will scramble on the fields both Heavy and Fence, for the Cracked Egg tourney and the Red Bandit Melee, Spear the Chicken for both children and Adults, Egg toss for Adults and children, Capture the egg (balloon stomp)- adults and children

Late Period (muskateer style) garb. Research is a plus
Red Bandit eye mask
Red Bandit Egg tale, story, or song.
Egg dish
'Egg' in any mode -- other than food

There will also be an A&S table for craftsmen to display projects they are working on or have completed.

More information will be forthcoming.

Site Information: Lake Lucille Park (Wasilla AK). Site opens at 5PM Friday and closes at 6PM Sunday.

Autocrat: Syr Viresse' de Lighthaven and Mistress Clare Elena de Montfort



Summer Welcomed with Battles and Bardics

The Barony of Selviergard hosted their official spring welcome with a grand camping event. Spring Offensive, the traditional celebration of the season and the birthday of the Barony, was well attended by over sixty people from all over the Principality and even some from other kingdoms. Held in the scenic Lake Lucille Campground in Central Selviergard; the three-day event held on Memorial Day Weekend had something for everyone who attended. No matter if you liked to fight in epic battles, partake in bardic well into the night, or just enjoyed spending time with family and friends the Autocrats had you covered at Selviergard’s Spring Offensive.

Many travelers who would camp for the spectacular weekend arrived on Friday night. While space was at a premium the populace who were camping were found room around the site. Campsites and pavilions went up rather quickly with many hands making the work easier. The beautiful display of a variety of different pavilions and tents lent to the medieval atmosphere that the Autocrats had so much desired.

After the tents were set up, the bardic fire was attended by many.

Saturday morning brought the vast majority of the events activities, such as the Siege of Paris and fighting classes. The sun shone quite brightly as the fighters armored up and prepared themselves for the upcoming hours of intense battles. Three fighters took the opportunity to get authorized as well, including Baron Braun of Winter’s Gate, Lady Talorc Caer Arianrhold, and Connor Ulfsson of Eskalya.

The fighters prepare themselves the Siege of Paris by discussing strategy amongst themselves and whatnot.
May 28, 2016. Photograph by Halfdan Ôzurrson.

From there the battle began in earnest. Armed with swords, shields, and the occasional vorpal bunny spear the attackers launched out in their longboat to meet the opposing team’s ship. Two combatants on each side were given the ends of a rope which represented the ship, and the rest of the fighters had to stay within the vicinity of the rope to ensure that they didn’t fall overboard and meet a watery fate. Great battles were fought and many warriors slain before the gates of the city were even reached by the attackers.

After the ship battles the attackers moved against the gates themselves. The defenders worked hard in protecting their gleaming city, the jewel of the realm, the City of Paris. Calls for defense on one side or the other, the occasional declaration of “Good!”, and the cheers of the populace watching the battle filled the day. Some of the attackers and defenders fell off the side of the bridge, while others hurled themselves into the fray with a battle cry to distract the enemy and allow their compatriots a chance to get a good clean killing shot. The battles were numerous and fierce, and very entertaining.

Defenders and Attackers meet on the field with spear and swords.
May 28, 2016. Photograph by Halfdan Ôzurrson.

After the battle, the only two rapier fighters who showed up with armor, Donna Étaín O’Rowarke and Tiarna Bránn mac Finnchad thought about what to do. With not enough people to lay siege or to defend a great city the rapier fighters instead sported in the woods in a variety of differing locations to test their skills. From balancing on a log to sitting on a moss covered rock and to fighting with a rose bush in between them; the two combatants showed prowess in the woods as they both attempted to slay the other.

Donna Étaín O’Rowarke and Tiarna Bránn mac Finnchad battle in the woods as the only two rapier fighters for the day.
May 28, 2015. Photograph by Halfdan Ôzurrson.

After the battle there was a fighting class on Distance and Measure in the form of a circle and how fighters could use it to effectively defend from and attack their opponents. The class easily translated into Rapier for those so inclined and was an interesting class to attend.

Kubb, the favored game of the Tyrant of the Eagle River, was enjoyed as well. Many new to the game watched the fierce competition between the two teams from the sidelines or, in some cases, tried their hand at the interesting game that involves throwing sticks at pieces of wood. The game is affectionately called “Viking Lawn Bowling” by many of those who enjoy the game and is quite descriptive of the activity.

Saturday nights bardic was well attended. The campfire once again bringing those together who wanted to share songs and stories, the latter of which there were a couple of quite memorable stories to the delight of all…rest assured that no dashing debonair young squire was harmed in the bardic circle that night.

Sunday morning, with sunlight streaming and a slight breeze, sincerely promised yet another glorious day. Archery, a bear pit tournament, and closing court were scheduled for the day and there was much to do as we enjoyed another full day of activities.

Archery took up with skillful archers targeting a soldier behind the walls of Paris. Viscount Fergus mac Thomais, the Autocrat for the event, brings archery competitions like this to life, using his imagination to craft spectacular three dimensional targets that always tie into the storyline of the event. No wall could protect this soldier as Oerthan archers rained down death upon him multiple times.

In between things to do, Mistress Margarita di Calvi brought out a class designed for the youth but was so interesting and fun that many adults came over to see what was going on. If you have never made your own butter this class was a great opportunity to learn and see the process. From milk to butter was an intriguing experience and one that has many applications in this, our Current Middle Ages.

Fighters were preparing for the Bear Pit Tournaments when all of a sudden the heavens opened and let out a torrential downpour alongside thunder and lightning. The rain was quick and unrelenting, and the lightning flashes quite exhilarating. Some of the field temporarily flooded but as quickly as it had come, the storm passed on allowing the tournaments to begin.

Another class was given before the Bear Pit Tournaments on how to effectively use a great weapon. The class was well attended by many.

The three Bear Pit Tournaments, each fifteen minutes long, took place with the populace watching from the main pavilion. Many fighters took part in this competition to test their skill and mettle against one the other. With the ground slightly slick, the fighters struggled to stay within the circle while facing their opponent. Many good and solid blows were landed and the excited cries of “Out!” from the populace watching filled the site.

Lady InTalorc Caer Arianrhold dia moves in against Lord Canute Mjoksiglandi during the second Bear Pit.
May 29, 2016. Photograph by Halfdan Ôzurrson Bear pit

Under the permanent pavilion, the Baron of Selviergard held final court for the event. His Excellency again welcomed into his court the Prince of Oertha and his visiting brother, the Baron of Winters Gate. In the final court the Autocrat and his team made final announcements and announced winners.

Baron Halfdan also took the time to recognize the Autocrat and Co-Autocrat of the event with bronze rings as his tradition, thanking them for the event. He also called forward Connor from the lands of the Barony of Eskalya and offered him admission into the Order of the Forget me not, noting Connors service to not only His Excellency but many others in the Barony. Baron Halfdan also had Mistress Saphira the Navigator and Lady Talorc Caer Arianrhold, both from the lands of Winters Gate, brought forward and gifted them with amber for, as the Baron put it “you stood well in the Bear Pit—no small a task, and you showed courage and determination that is truly inspiring no matter what your gender.” He complimented Baron Braun on bringing two Valkeries down with him from those frozen lands. Last, but not least, Baron Halfdan recognized Tristan of Selviergard and, with a gift, thanked him for his tale of which many of the populace had enjoyed the night previous.

With that, court was closed and the rest of the evening was spent having fun.

Bardic was, once more, enjoyed by all. One of the competitions for that night would be Heraldry in the theme of “A Knights Tale.” Master Rodrigo de Reinosa took the circle and announced his lady, while Sir Kenric Maur would try to one up him with tales of his lady, “Dagmar the Bloody.” Both these notable worthies did an excellent job with their grandiose words and style. Other participants to the heraldry contest at bardic worked up the courage as well and gave rousing A Knights Tale-style speeches and introductions. The display was a welcome addition and wondrous competition that showed off not only the heraldic ability of many but also honored the recipients of such tales.

The event officially closed on Monday, with thanks from the Autocrats for attending. It is safe to say that the weekend was indeed a wonderful event filled with battles, vibrant colors, comradery, and fun…surly a welcome to the season of Spring worthy of the Trolls.

The Selviergard Associated Press



Photographs from the SCA's Fifty Year Celebration

The Blue Narwhal Road which lead towards the West Kingdom encampment.


Donna Etain O'Rowarke prepares for a full day of activities.


Lady Marjorie de Fferfeld enjoys the day under a parasol.


The Great Machine on display at the SCA's Fifty Year Celebration.


Equestrian activities abound at the SCA's Fifty Year Celebration.


Baron Halfdan and other members of the Principality of Oertha prepare for the grand opening ceremonies at the SCA's Fifty Year Celebration.


Wolgemut plays for the opening cermonies for the SCA's Fifty Year Celebration.


Mistress Margarita di Calvi is excited to begin at the SCA's Fifty Year Celebration.


Diana Listmaker makes an entrance at the SCA's 50 Year Celebration.

Another one of our Founders is honored at the opening ceremonies at the SCA's Fifty Year Celebration.

Duke Frederick of Holland recites one of his newly crafted songs for the opening ceremonies at the SCA's Fifty Year Celebration.

Master Rodrigo de Reinosa heralds in the King and Queen of the West during the opening ceremonies at the SCA's Fifty Year Celebration.



Baronial Business

Baronial Positions Available

TThe following officer positions and/or deputy positions are currently open or looking for a replacement within the Barony of Selviergard. Please take a moment to look over the current listings and see if you would like to help our group grow.  For most cases training is available. If you would like to determine what the job entails and how you can help the Barony then please feel free to contact the officer or the baronial Seneschal.

Gold Key

Applicants for these positions are asked to send a Letter of Intent / SCA Resume to the Baronial Seneschal for consideration at:  seneschal@selviergard.westkingdom.org