August 2019 Edition



From the Baron...


Unto the Populace of Selviergard,

The Barony of Selviergard welcomes and celebrates Gregor and Isabella, the new Prince and Princess of Oertha! Long live the Prince and Princess of Oertha!

We had a wonderful time at Oertha’ s Summer Coronet and Investiture as together we celebrated the reign of Cruscillus and Vicana as Prince and Princess of Oertha and witnessed the selection of Their Heirs by honorable Right of Combat. It was a weekend filled with song and joy, laughter and cheer as the entire Principality made it out and celebrated the event together as one family and a Coronet that will be remembered fondly for many years to come.

In the month of August I invite all of you to the Houston Founder’s Day celebration where we will be performing a demonstration for all to enjoy. This is an important event for us as it helps let people know about the Society for Creative Anachronism and encourages newcomers not only to the lands of the Barony of Selviergard but the Principality as a whole. I look forward to seeing you all there.

As always, if you have award recommendations please let me know. It is the pleasure and duty of the Baronage to celebrate and acknowledge those who consistently give their time, who exemplify the ideals of the society, and those who create amazing things. Help me by making award recommendations so that the glory of Selviergard and her inhabitants may be known to all.

In Service,


Baron of Selviergard,
Servant of the Crown
Tyrant of the Eagle River


Houston Founder's Day Demo

ARMIES OF OERTHA! Your Prince calls you to MUSTER!!

Upon ascending the Lupine Throne, Prince Gregor granted a boon to Viscountess Margarita, Pelican and Seneschal of Selviergard…

Once again, the City of Houston, in the Barony of Selviergard, has requested help for their Founder’s Day celebration. On The eve of Saturday, August 17th, Houston will hold their annual festival with FOOD and FIREWORKS!! The folk of this quaint town very much enjoy fighting and shield bashing, and have scheduled three time slots for our fighters to display their prowess. The festival runs from 6-11pm, with FREE FOOD, music, games, and FIREWORKS!! We are looking for folks to FIGHT, Marshal, work the crowd, and sit at the small info booth, handing out flyers. Muster at the Houston City Hall/Fire Station parking lot, look for Fergus’ red/white arming pavilion.

In return for the personnel help with Founder’s Day, Selviergard is committed to lending our hands and our swords to our sister Barony of Eskalya. On Sunday morning, we will muster at….TBD

Point of Contact: Margarita di Calvi (Gretchen Thompson)




Photos from Oertha's Summer Coronet and Investiture














This Month In History...

In June of Medieval History...

1330 – Birth of Edward (“The Black Prince”), Prince of Wales and eldest son of King Edward III of England.

1381 – Death of Wat Tyler, leader of the English Peasants’ Revolt; Sir William Walworth, the mayor of London, killed Wat during a meeting with King Richard II

1096 – The crusaders under Peter the Hermit reach Constantinople.

1464 – Piero de Medici succeeds his father, Cosimo, as ruler of Florence.



Baronial Business

Upcoming Events for 2019

The following is a list of upcoming events.  List is subject to change.

August 2019
Baroness' Champion - Eskalya  (August 3)
Houston Founder's Day Demo - Selviergard  (August 17) 
Fun Run Water Point Demo - Eskalya  (August 18) 

Yule - Eskalya and Selviergard combined  (December 7)


From the Chronicler...

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