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Baron of Selviergard!

Many years for Halfdan, Servant of the Crown!



Crested Helm Tourney and Feast


Recent Event:  Bi Baronial Collegium!

Bi- Baronial Collegium

April 2nd & 3rd 2016

Thank you to everybody who attended and those who taught a class or two at this year's Bi-Baronial Collegium. This year's Collegium was amazing and once again showed that people in the Society have a lot of knowledge and are willing to share it. By teaching others our skills and by sharing our ideas with others we make the Principality and the Kingdom of the West a better place. Thank you to His Highness, Prince Shawn, for attending the event. Thank you to my sister baroness, Elspeth, for attending as well. Thank you to the instructors who made learning fun and took the time to share your knowledge. Thank you to the autocrats who put on a wonderful event and made sure we had a place to learn. And thank you, the populace, for attending and taking the opportunity to learn something new.

Baronos Halfdan, Servant of the Crown

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-Rian McCray, Webminister

(Note: Rian McCray = Husband of Yuki